What kind of doctor to see for Hernia?


Hernia occurs when any internal organ pushes right through the weaker spot in the tissue or muscles. There are different kinds of hernia that can be experienced by a patient, such as hiatal hernias, umbilical hernias, femoral hernias, and inguinal hernias. Timely treatment is a must in order to address and treat this health issue. But do you know which doctor to go to in order to treat hernia? Read on to find the answer to this question and to know more about hernia.

The diagnosis of hernia

Usually, it is possible to feel or see a bulge, through a physical exam, in the place where the hernia has surfaced. During a physical examination carried out for inguinal hernias in men, the doctors start feeling around the groin and testicles, while the patients are made to cough. In certain cases, soft-tissues images like CT scans help to precisely diagnose the issue.

What kind of doctor to see for hernia?

When you or someone close to you has hernia, the treatment starts with the primary care provider, who is also a hernia specialist doctor. In case you need to surgically repair the hernia, you will get referred to a general surgeon. As a matter of fact, ventral hernia surgeries are among the most common surgeries performed by the general surgeons in the country.

In case you notice the symptoms of hernia, do not wait to get help. A hernia that is not treated in time grows larger and becomes more painful. It might lead to possible emergency surgeries and complications. Early repairs are more successful, less riskier, and ensure better outcome and recovery.

How does the doctor treat hernia?

Typically, hernias do not improve on their own, which means surgery is the only way available for recovery. But a hernia specialist doctor will suggest the best therapy to address the condition before referring the patient to a surgeon. In case the surgeon agrees that repairing the hernia is necessary, they will choose the repairing method that meets the patient’s needs the best.

In the instances of the umbilical hernia in the kids, surgery might be suggested when the hernia is large or when it has not completely healed by the age of four to five. Children can usually avoid surgical complications till this age.

Is it possible to prevent hernia?

Taking a couple of precautions can go a long way in preventing hernia:

  • maintaining the right body weight by exercising and having a healthy diet
  • including enough whole grains, vegetables, and fruits in the diet to prevent constipation
  • using the right form while lifting heavy objects or weights. It’s best not to lift anything that’s beyond your capacity
  • seeing a doctor when you are and have persistent sneezing or coughs
  • do not smoke because it can cause coughing fits that trigger the hernia

Now that you know about which doctor to see for hernia, do not wait any longer to get your treatment. As mentioned earlier, hernias tend to get worse with time.


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