What Is The Equipment Used In The Physics laboratory?

physics Lab equipment manufactrur

Physics lab equipment manufacturers lay a huge emphasis on manufacturing a complete range of high-quality physics lab equipment. The need to have advanced quality physics equipment for the physics laboratory is a must for students of all age groups. The curiosity of young minds must be satisfied through experiments, research, and analysis to understand the experimental aspect of physics.

Physics lab equipment manufacturers

Physics laboratories are an integral part of a school’s infrastructure and curriculum. Physics laboratories are needed to understand the structure of the matter in the universe and how they interact with each other. The Physics lab equipment manufacturers provide almost every physics laboratory equipped with ace quality physics lab equipment. 

Significance Of Physics Laboratory

Laboratory work is essential and almost indispensable in the understanding of physics. The current impetus for changes in laboratory instruction stems from new research on student learning and technology and changes in the overall goals of physics instructors.

  • The Importance of experimentation:

The foundation of every laboratory lies in the experimentation conducted by teachers and students. The teachers must engage the students in vast experiments with physics lab equipment to give them significant experiences with experimental processes. 

  • Enhance Experimental and Analytical Skills: 

We should introduce the physics laboratory and its equipment to young minds early. The early exposure shall help the student develop practical and analytical skills, and with this motto, Atico Export has emerged as the leading physics lab equipment manufacturer.

  • Supports Conceptual Learning: 

The mastery of any subject happens when concepts of it are understood with depth. A well-equipped physics laboratory that excellent teachers supervise can go a long way in helping students master basic physics concepts.

  • Exploring the World Of Hands-On Learning:

In the real sense, every physics laboratory can showcase to the young minds how the simplest things around us work. This observation and learning help them distinguish their understanding of inferences based on theory and the outcomes of experiments. The practical aspect of physics can be understood the most by Doing, Experimenting, Observing & Analyzing, for which we need physics lab equipment.

  • Developing Cognitive Learning Skills

Lifelong endeavors need a strong foundation at the nascent stage. Physics laboratories equipped with world-class physics lab equipment ensure that the children develop cognitive skills from the start. 

Atico export has now gained the leading physics lab equipment manufacturer after extensive research and development. It is the sheer efforts and dedication of the R&D team to create the best and unmatchable range of physics lab equipment. 

Physics Lab Equipment List 

The physics lab equipment supplied by Atico Export has an unparalleled quality that is widely provided to a wide range of schools, colleges, and all kinds of research laboratories. Here is the complete physics lab equipment list that Physics lab equipment manufacturers provide. 

  • Vacuum Pump
  • Multimeter
  • Fire Extinguisher (Powder Type)
  • Tangent Galvanometer
  • Stirrup For Physics Lab Exporters
  • Physics Simple Galvanoscope
  • Magnet for Floating Ring Magnet Apparatus
  • Magnetic Needle with Stand
  • Vibration Box For Physics Lab
  • Steel Rod For Physics Lab
  • Magnetic Needle Jewel Bearing
  • Magnetic Needle Brass Bearing 
  • Stirrup For Physics Lab Exporters
  • Magnetizing and Demagnetizing Solenoid
  • Magnetic Field Chamber
  • Iron Filings for Physics Lab
  • Induction Coil Demonstration
  • Force on A Conductor Balance
  • Electromagnet For Physics Lab Educational
  • Deflection Magnetometer
  • Deflection Magnetometer Compass
  • Thompson Indicator Straight Line Motion
  • Crank and Slotted Lever
  • Electrophorus Brass N.P.
  • Copper Plate
  • Conductor Set 3 Brass N.P.
  • Acrylic Block Rectangular
  • Semi Circular Acrylic Block
  • Balance Weights
  • AC Moving Coil Meter
  • Compound Bar 
  • Anchor Ring
  • Tellurium Earth Moon Sun Model
  • Collision In Two Dimensions
  • Electrical Ohm Meter
  • Linear Air Track Experiment
  • Capacity Box Dial Type
  • Solenoid Inductor
  • Elliptic Trammel
  • Loci Board
  • Crank and Connecting Rod
  • Whitworth Quick Return
  • Scott-Russell Straight Line Motion
  • Peaucellier Straight Line Motion
  • Claw Mechanism Science Labs
  • Slotted Link (Scotch Yoke)
  • Toggle with Single and Double Action
  • Stand, Board, Clips and Collet Pencil
  • Ackerman Steering Gear
  • Simple Pantograph
  • James Watt Straight Line Motion
  • Digital Multimeter Model
  • Cut Sectional Model of 2 Stroke Engine
  • Hysteresis Curve Apparatus
  • Different Impellers of Pumps and Turbines
  • Young Modulus Apparatus Searle’s Pattern
  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand
  • Four Stroke Diesel Engine Model
  • Digital Electronic Circuit Trainer Breadboard Model
  • Convex Mirror Glass
  • Concave Mirror Glass
  • Linear Air Track Experiment
  • Carbon Electrodes Mounted
  • Analog Lab Trainer Breadboard Model
  • Autosampler Vials for Chromatography HPLC Vials
  • DC Regulated Power Supply Dual Output
  • Physics Lab Kit
  • Traveling Microscopes
  • Archimedes Principle Kit
  • Aepinus Condenser
  • Boots Conductor
  • Periscope
  • Pendulum Bobs
  • Optical Pins
  • Optical Bench
  • Newton’s Color Disc
  • Newton’s Ring Apparatus
  • Nichrome Wire
  • Navigation Compass
  • Bar and Gauge
  • Demonstration Gear System Model
  • Electric Whirl
  • Electromagnetism Coil
  • Analytical Weight Boxes
  • Fractional Weights Set

To view the entire range of our Physics lab equipment list

Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturers

Atico Export is striving its best to provide its clients worldwide with more than 30 nations. Every product manufactured and supplied by us adheres to the highest quality standards that will prove to be the best investment for the future of young minds.


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