What Is The Difference Between PayPal And Venmo?


When it comes to digital payment what should be the best option PayPal or Venmo? It is a very confusing option because both are good options for payment. However, both provide different advantages as well as cons. Let’s discuss what should be your preference and why. 

Have you ever wondered why businesses and merchants prefer PayPal over Venmo? However, customers prefer Venmo Direct deposits. Venmo is more used for personal use like paying money to maids, paying for yoga or gym class, giving money to your nephew, etc. which shows Venmo is very easy to use and has complexity. Paypal may be a complex option but it is definitely more trustworthy for business. 

We know it’s a very hard choice to pick among the two best options. But, don’t worry we are going to solve your issue by providing you with a comparison between Venmo and Paypal. 

Sending Money, Venmo vs. PayPal 

The criteria for sending money are almost the same in both digital payment options. Both provide an option to choose from with the option you want to send money. Venmo Direct deposit is one of the most likely features Venmo provides. Direct deposit is a feature that allows qualified users to electronically add all or part of their salary to their Venmo account. By setting up a direct deposit, you can avoid the hassle of waiting for a paper check to monetize. On the other hand, PayPal provides High transaction limits which seem a likable feature of PayPal.

The procedure of activating the card on both the platforms

How to Activate a Venmo card? Or how to activate a PayPal card? This is the question every user asks who wants to use a card facilitates. Many users prefer cards to online transactions.  

There are some steps that help you to Activate Venmo card.

  • Open the Venmo app.
  • Open menu.
  • Select the Venmo card option.
  • Select “Activate.”
  • Type your debit card’s expiration date.
  • Type your debit card number.
  • Type your debit card’s CVV code.
  • Enter and reconfirm your PIN. 
  • You will receive a text that your card is activated.

There are some steps that help you to Activate your PayPal card.

  • Visit www.paypal.com/activatecard.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Enter your card’s expiration date.
  • Click to “Create a PIN.”
  • Create 4 digit PIN for your card.
  • Press enter.

Cons of PayPal and Venmo

Most of you must hear “Failed Venmo payment” or complex PayPal payment. Well, these all come under the cons of digital payment. It is very important to learn about cons before choosing anything. 

No doubt both the payment app is best in their own way. Both provide the best service to millions of valuable customers. But still, there is one individual preference. Let’s discuss all the disadvantages they have. 


  • For complicated transactions, PayPal provides a more complex fee structure than Venmo.
  • PayPal charges up to 1% when you transfer to your debit card or external bank.
  • PayPal has a right to hold your fund. 


  • No global transaction is available. 
  • Made for use in smartphones.
  • PayPal charges up to 1.5 % when you transfer to your debit card or external bank. Which is comparatively expensive than PayPal
  • Complex privacy setting. 

Requesting Money on PayPal vs Venmo 

It is very possible to transfer money from both. Venmo provides you a platform in which you can request money from another person or you can also set a reminder to pay someone. This facility is very useful for a person you have to pay a monthly fee to a particular firm. Unlike Venmo, PayPal does not provide the requesting option. PayPal provides you a platform to transfer money but doesn’t have the option to set a reminder or request. 

Accessibility on the different devices provided by Venmo vs PayPal

The accessibility of the device directly refers to the audience you are targeting. Both provide desktop-based versions. Paypal has an option to transfer even from a website but venom only provide application-based transaction. 

Paypal even provides a rich environment for merchants by providing them QR code facilities and global reach. On the other hand, the venom does not provide anything like that which made it less attractive in a business person’s view.

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