What is the Best Way to Buy a Laptop ? Detailed Guide

Laptop buying guide

Buying a laptop requires a lot of attention. There are so many things you need to take into consideration, and buying a laptop just because it looks sleek and stylish is not a feasible option. One such laptop which is exemplary happens to be Dell’s XPS 15. That laptop is truly a benchmark for Windows laptops. It excels in terms of performance, build quality and even battery life. The only issue is that it costs nearly $2,000, and of course, that’s totally going to blow your budget if it’s for personal use specifically. 

Selection of Laptop Specification According to Your Needs

So what if we were to tell you that there are other laptops that are equally powerful, possessing a long-lasting battery, are much lighter and easily fit into your expense. Hence, we’re here to give you a thorough guide on how to get a laptop while keeping in mind all the important aspects so that you don’t end up splurging unnecessarily. Also, for assignment help in uk, get in touch with us ASAP.  

GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) Selection

There are two factors that decide which laptop you need; how much performance do you require and what your budget is. If you prioritize buying a high-performance laptop, then a gaming laptop would be your safest bet. Based on the fact that they have the fastest processors and are comparatively cheaper, you’d be well off. A GTX 1650 or an RTX 3050 would be perfectly fine for you. You can even go for the ASUS Zephyrus G14, as it comes highly recommended because of its 3050 Ti. 

The model of GPU that you opt for affects the cooling and power delivery of the overall laptop. You’d definitely want to avoid low-end dedicated graphics because what’s the point of spending money if the graphics aren’t remotely pleasing.

Choosing the Right CPU 

Let’s move onto your CPU selection. Why don’t you go for AMD? The bigger the number, the faster it goes. Hence, Ryzen 4000 and 5000 have exceptional efficiency that can result in a great performance. Intel is a good contender as well but also offers sky-rocketing prices. If you’re an average user, then four CPU cores are more than good enough for you. However, if you’re planning on running simulations or editing a 4K video, ideally, an 8 core would be a more suitable choice. 

Sure, the prices mean you’d be investing in more cores and eventually faster models. However, if you can make do with AMD, why bother? Perhaps, you can buy it for when you build a PC of your own. 

How much RAM and Storage You Need to Run Title Games?

Fortunately, getting RAM is quite simple. Get a 16GB one if you can. Otherwise, you can opt for an 8GB one as well if it suffices all your requirements. Another main key point to remember is to buy a machine that comes with slots so that you can upgrade your storage in the future easily whenever there’s a need. The framework allows incredible upgradability of machines thanks to their integrated ports being swappable. 

For the storage, it is recommended you get a 500GB SSD, but if 256GB is all you can get according to your budget, then just make sure your laptop can be upgraded down the line. Since Intel didn’t improve their laptops from the 8th to the 10th generation, you might think your laptop is a bit slow. But that might not be the case. Your laptop simply requires a little boost which you can provide by adding a little more storage or RAM. 

Another issue that can cause premature laptop failure happens to be overheating. So make sure you blow out the cooling system. 

Should you Get an Oled or IPS Display?

Having the fastest laptop around, though, means nothing if your screen sucks. Let’s be real. A screen is something you’d interact the most with, so it makes sense to splurge on it. You should know that there are three main panel types; TN, IPS type, and OLED. Avoid TN at all costs because it’s terrible by today’s standards. 

OLED panels look brilliant with sharp black and other vibrant colors with amazing saturation. The only downside for OLED panels are the reflections, and they drain your battery. In case you didn’t know, IPS panels are trademarked by LG. These panels offer superior image quality and viewing angles compare to alternatives.

Next thing you need to know about is the color space which can be described as to how many different colors your monitor is capable of producing. You should aim for nearly 100% coverage of sRGB as it should be able to display your applications, games and web pages easily. 

Coming towards the resolution of your screen, to be frank, it doesn’t really matter. 1080p is good enough for HD quality imaging, and focusing on 4K would only result in wasting more of your money. 

An important aspect is the display ratio of horizontal to vertical pixels. A 16:10 or 3:2 display would be suitable to work with as you can easily go through long documents or edit videos. 

Here are a few laptops that are pretty amazing in terms of screens Dell XPS, HP ENVY 14 and Surface Laptop. 

Keyboard and Trackpad

A keyboard and trackpad portray your actions on the screen, so we’d say they have to be pretty solid as well. The easiest way to figure out if a certain laptop’s keyboard and the trackpad is to check out reviews. It’s likely there’d be someone out there who’s already in possession of a laptop you want, and you can form your own opinions based on their judgments. Look up various unboxing videos and see if the laptop’s keyboard and trackpad are ideal for use or not. 

On the other hand, if you prefer physical satisfaction, head out to the nearest store and do a test run on a bunch of laptops. Firstly, your hands must fit on the keyboard and the more confident you are, your typing will be faster, resulting in words flowing on the screen in a smooth manner. Check out the J and K key specifically, as you want all of them to be soft and ease your typing. If the keys are hard to press, then perhaps it might not be the right keyboard for you. 

While evaluating the keyboard, try out the trackpad as well. Evaluate the palm rejection of the trackpad. Make sure it’s not moving around on its own while you’re typing; otherwise, it’d suck. Trackpads that have high latency depending upon the panel may not be liked by you, or it might, it’s a personal preference. 

For best laptop recommendations based on their trackpads, we’d suggest MacBooks, XPS 15 and Zephyrus G15 and M16. 

Weight and Battery Life 

The weight of a laptop depends upon your decision of buying a performance based laptop and how much you’d rather spend on it. But the thing is, as much as we can guide you about laptop batteries, they vary from one another hugely. It may last longer, or it may not even last 2 months. So, it’s truly a gamble. So, the only way to check out a battery life span is to make use of an industry-standard test like PCMark to test the battery life. If you’re lucky, it will run for 6.5 hours, which is average, but if it manages to run for over 11 hours, then you’ve definitely hit a gold mine. 

Do you Prefer Touchscreen?

You’d either fall in love with touchscreens, or you won’t. There’s no in-between. But we’d say if your laptop is not bendable or has a rotatable screen, then you’re better off without it. Even though these days you can buy a touch screen laptop within $500 but there’s the drastic difference that comes that’s incomparable with your usual laptop. For instance, the graphics chip plays a huge part. You’d be able to carry out tasks like surfing the web and watching a video or even gaming. But the graphics might not be as pristine as they’d be on a PC. 

Choose Which is Best for You MacBook or Chromebook?

Now, if you’ve finally narrowed down a laptop of your choosing, there remains the question of using the right Operating System. In the market, you’d find; Mac and Windows, head-to-head against each other. Windows notebooks have been less expensive than Macs, like $400 or less. The MacBook Air and Pro M1s are one of the lightest and thinnest machines on the market. They’re extremely snappy, feels great to use, have excellent screens, and the battery life is unmatched. 

But of course, there are certain hindrances. Such as you can’t fully install the x86 Windows. Nor you can run professional programs like that of SOLIDWORKS and Altium and also games. Gaming is sadly a no-go on the Mac M1. 

On the other hand, Chromebook comparatively is similar. It can carry out nearly 95% of all tasks you’d like to work on; however, at one point your there’d be certain software that you won’t be able to run or install on this machine, and it’d be some crucial work. So yes, any assignment writing service will say if you’d like to take your chances, feel free to do that. 

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