What is the answer to the Dordle 141 puzzle for today?

What is the answer to the Dordle 141 puzzle for today?
What is the answer to the Dordle 141 puzzle for today?

The answers to today’s “Dordle” 141 can be found below with with some helpful hints and solutions.

The solutions to today’s Dordle word puzzle, number 141, were published on June 14, 2022. Here they are.

Players of Dordle, a game that is similar to Wordle but slightly more challenging, are tasked with determining not just one but two five-letter words in order to solve the problem. Once you’ve made a guess, the tiles will change color to indicate whether you guessed a letter that appears in the word and whether you correctly placed the letter. At first, there are no hints as to what the words could be, but once you’ve made a guess, there are no hints as to what the words could be.

Wordle demands players to make six guesses before they can correctly predict a single word, whereas Dordle asks players to make seven guesses before they can correctly guess both words of the day. This makes it more challenging since instead of getting six guesses if you correctly guess one word, you only receive one extra guess if you correctly guess two words.

You are free to play the game as you like, but if you want a good solid foundation, we suggest that you try to predict the vowels for the words in as few guesses as possible. Playing the game this way will give you a good solid foundation.

Dordle Words Hints Today (June 14, 2022)

We realize that some of the Dordle puzzles may be trickier to solve than others, so here are some clues that will perhaps assist you in working through the Dordle #141 challenge. Today’s Dordle words have no common letters.

The first word has just one vowel, but the second word has two of them. This is the second hint.

The first word begins with the letter F, and the second word begins with the letter C. This is the third hint.

The first term in this clue refers to an absence of common sense or folly. Second Dordle phrase: rolled tobacco.

What is the answer to the Dordle 141 puzzle for today? (On the 14th of June, 2022)

The following are today’s answers for Dordle 141:

  • 1st Dordle 141 Word – FOLLY
  • 2nd Dordle 141 Word – CIGAR

Online word game Wordle is popular. Even went viral, and just lately, Google honored it with a fun Easter egg of their own creation. Some people enjoy the fact that you can only play it once per day, while others wish there were more opportunities to do so. Enter Dordle, a new word game that is more difficult and has the potential to become your next addiction.

It should come as no surprise that Wordle has already inspired a number of imitators. People have hacked the game to uncover its word list and predict the next day’s problem. You might be wondering what sets Dordle apart from other services.

To begin, the game now provides you with two Daily Dordles on a daily basis rather than just one. The caveat is that you have to input your predictions for each of them at the same time. When you write in your guess, the puzzle shows whether letters are correct, incorrect, or misplaced for both words.

You’ll have seven chances to predict two words instead of the usual five. Zaratustra Productions’ Guilherme Tows describes his game as “wordle + wordle.” Other products published by Zaratustra Productions include a browser game that plays Tetris in reverse, other puzzlers, browser-based platformers, and even more games of this genre. If you guessed either term, bravo!


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