What is Hair Transplant ? Know The Procedure and Techniques|

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What is Hair Transplant ? Know The Procedure and Techniques|

With us, this is more than just a statement; it is a religious belief. Our team works extremely hard to meet the ever-increasing needs and desires of our patients and their families. Our centre is equipped with the most up-to-date facilities and the most advanced infrastructure to ensure the best possible results. We put forth tremendous effort to achieve excellence in all of our services, particularly Hair Transplant. This is the reason that all of our standards are on par with or better than the highest standards in the entire world. In Indore, we provide the most effective hair transplant treatment.


The process of hair growth and development is a cyclical one. Once a person reaches full maturity, taking into consideration their length and thickness, their hair naturally falls out and is replaced by the growth of new hair, and the cycle continues. Hair loss caused by excessive shedding of follicles is known as Alopecia, according to medical terminology. As a result, there may be complete or incomplete baldness, which may be patchy, irregular, or regular in appearance, and may follow a specific pattern. Loss patterns and frequency are typically different in men and women, as is the frequency of loss. There are a variety of factors at play, and they vary from person to person:

The root cause of hair loss is as follows:

  • Genetic factors (also known as inheritance)
  • Androgenetic and other hormonal issues, among others

Infections and diseases of the scalp, such as dandruff, high fever, and fungal diseases, amongst others

  • Chemotherapy and prescription medications
  • Nutritional deficiency is a problem.

Using inferior hair care products such as shampoo, dye, and hair gel (amongst other things).

Treatments and combing practises that are harmful to your hair, including your hair-styles


It is the most effective and long-lasting treatment for baldness. During the procedure, the grafts are taken from the back of the head, which is known as the donor area, and then transplanted to the balding area of the scalp to restore hair growth. In order to achieve proper and permanent growth while maintaining a natural appearance, this surgical procedure is performed by super specialists with great care at the correct angle, correct distance, and orientation. In both men and women, this hair transplant surgery is extremely effective, and the patient can return home the same day without experiencing any problems or complications.

In men, hair transplantation is performed.

Hair loss is never pleasant, and while most men would believe that this is not something that would happen to them, hair loss can occur in anyone at any time and for any reason. The average person sheds between 60 and 100 strands of hair per day, and this is considered normal. It is only after this limit is exceeded and exceeded again that there is trouble in paradise and that this is where the onset of hair loss occurs. However, thanks to advancements in modern science, it is now possible and relatively simple to grow a full head of hair.

What is Hair Transplantation in Men and How Does It Work?

The demand for hair transplant has been popular in recent years, owing to increased awareness among the general public that a hair transplant is neither a difficult nor an extremely expensive procedure to undergo. When done correctly, a transplant can provide you with results that are both natural-looking and long-lasting. In its most basic definition, a hair transplant is a procedure in which hair is harvested from the scalp or any other part of the body and then transplanted into the areas of the body where hair loss has occurred. Aside from covering the bald spots, the donor site also begins to grow hair, giving the appearance of a healthy and ‘hairy’ head within a short period of time.

The following are examples of situations in which a female organ transplant can be performed successfully:

The presence of female pattern baldness that has not improved despite the use of standard treatment

For at least twelve months, the alopecia is scarring and has remained stable.

  • Alopecia as a result of trauma, burns, or surgical procedures.

The alopecia areata (tight hair)

In addition, eyebrows and eyelashes can be restored.

What is the procedure for hair transplantation in men?

On the surface, the process of a hair transplant appears to be extremely straightforward – hair, also known as follicular units or grafts, is extracted from the donor area and then transplanted into the area where there is balding.

Before a transplant procedure can be performed, it must first be determined whether or not the candidate is a good candidate for a transplant. Our doctors will be able to determine whether or not a person is a candidate for a hair transplant based on the degree of baldness, the quality and extent of the donor area, the density and thickness of the hair in the recipient area, and the results of the hair analysis test. These considerations will also aid them in determining which type of procedure will be most appropriate.

Men’s Hair Transplantation Procedure: Steps to Take

  • The removal of grafts from the donor site The idea is that grafts should be extracted with as little transection as possible, and that the donor area should not be damaged in any way. Both the quality and the quantity of grafts are critical, and in the hands of a skilled surgeon, both should be near-perfect in appearance.

This procedure entails placing the grafts in the recipient area. It is imperative that the grafts that have been extracted are meticulously placed in the recipient area, which has been prepared with small holes or slits. This will be evident in the way the grafts are placed, which will demonstrate the doctor’s skill and knowledge. When placing the hair, the direction and angle at which it is placed are critical because they will determine how natural the hair will appear in the end. The final result will be influenced by the density of the material used.


Asking people what the benefits of getting a hair transplant are, the majority would say it is the restoration of their lost self-esteem and confidence. Nevertheless, there are several other advantages, such as the ones listed below:

  • You can be confident that your hair will appear natural after a successful hair transplant.

In addition, the hair that will be transplanted will be permanent, so you will no longer have to deal with bald spots.

  • The donor area will always be a permanent zone, which means that even if hair is extracted from it, hair will regrow in the same location as before.
  • Hair transplants these days are so powerful that you can do anything you want with them, including dance, play, and swim, without a care in the world.

If you wait until your hair has reached a certain length, you will be able to cut and style it in any way you desire. If you have had FUE done, you are free to cut your hair as short as you want after the procedure.


The fact that we are the leaders in this field should be sufficient to assist you in making your decision, but here are a few additional considerations that will help you in the right direction:

  • Because our team of surgeons has decades of combined experience, the chances of anything going wrong with your transplant are extremely low.
  • Even though we have the best hair transplant doctors in the world, they are able to achieve success on a consistent basis because their support staff is equally as good.
  • The operating rooms are up to date with the latest technology and are extremely hygienic.
  • We have state-of-the-art equipment and tools that are extremely sophisticated.

All of these factors combine to make it the most effective hair transplant centre in Indore.

Our distinguished dermatologists diagnose the condition that needs to be treated and then determine the treatment plan that is most appropriate for the patient. The patient is counselled prior to the procedure in order for him or her to make an informed decision.


No matter what type of procedure you are having done, you must keep in mind that there will be a cost associated with it, and the majority of medical procedures are quite expensive. For the most part, people have the impression that a hair transplant procedure will cost a lot of money. However, it is important to remember that high-quality hair transplantation, extensive experience, and a high level of professionalism will all cost money.

However, at our facility, the final cost will be determined solely by the type of procedure you choose and the surgeon who will perform it. Choosing a non-invasive treatment option will not be expensive, but if you decide to go through with the process of a proper transplant, you will have to spend some money. Hair weaving may be less expensive in the short term, but in the long run, most people opt for hair transplants or discontinue the use of hair patching.

Always remember that when you come to us for hair transplant in Indore, we will provide you with a procedure that is minimally invasive, and our team will make certain that you have the most natural-looking results possible while experiencing the least amount of discomfort possible. We will be using instruments and equipment that is state-of-the-art, and our team is well-versed in how to use them in the most effective way. Add all of these factors together and you will see that the money you spend will be a wise investment in your future!


There are several factors that influence the creation of the final billing, the most important of which are as follows:

  • The number of hair follicles that are grafted and transplanted during the procedure.

the specific area of the scalp that will be undergoing the transplantation

  • Whether you are undergoing a single transplant or a series of transplants
  • The presence of hair or skin conditions that are bothersome.
  • If there are any other irregularities in the shape of the area that will be transplanted, they should be noted.
  • The area where the transplant will be performed – for example, the distance between the donor site and the recipient site, the distance between the donor site and the recipient site, and so on.


FUE Hair Transplantation

FUE is a type of hair transplantation that uses follicular unit extraction.Because of its complexity, this is a more advanced version of hair transplantation that should only be attempted by those with substantial experience. The concept behind the procedure, on the other hand, is quite straightforward: individual grafts are removed from the scalp using a suction-like method. Because there are no cuts involved, there is no need for sutures to be used. There are no scars as a result of this as well. However, this is a slightly more time-consuming method, which is why it is not preferred by a large number of doctors.

It is most appropriate for cases in which only a small area of grafts is required or in which only a small number of grafts are required to complete the procedure.

It is critical to understand that hair transplantation is not the only treatment option for hair loss. If the amount of hair loss is minimal, you may be able to achieve the same results with other methods such as hair extensions and weaves.


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