What is Dubai Land Department And What Does It Do?



The Dubai government established the Dubai Land Department to maximize the use of land for economic and social development. It serves as the national land registration authority, overseeing land sales, leases, and allocations.


Before going further, let’s just understand the meaning of DLD.

What is Dubai Land Department?

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) is a government agency that was founded on January 24, 1960, to handle all matters relating to the legality of real estate transactions in the Emirate of Dubai.


H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, issued Law No. (7) of 2013 Concerning the Land Department on September 18, 2013, which defines DLD’s objectives as the government entity responsible for real estate property regulation and registration, as well as the promotion of real estate investment.


The department also works to design the required regulations to help Dubai’s real estate business grow and disseminate real estate expertise.

What is the organizational structure of Dubai Land Department?

Organizational of Dubai land development include,


  • Real Estate Registration (the registration arm) documents and maintains real estate rights in the land registration system.
  • The regulatory arm of RERA is the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), which regulates the real estate sector in the emirate.
  • The Real Estate Investment Management & Promotion Center (the investment arm) assists national and international real estate investors, promotes direct and long-term investments, and enhances the real estate investment environment.
  • The Rental Disputes Settlement Center (also known as the Rental Committee) is the judicial arm of the Rental Disputes Settlement Center (which deals with rent disputes originating between people involved in the real estate rental sector and other connected sectors).


What does DLD DO?

DLD delivers exceptional service to all of its customers and works to build the required regulations to help Dubai’s real estate sector grow by organizing and encouraging real estate investment and disseminating industry expertise. In addition, with the help of its active sectors, such as Real Estate Registration and Services, Real Estate Promotion and Investment Management, and Corporate Support, as well as its active organizations, such as the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, the Dubai Real Estate Institute, and the Rental Dispute Centre, DLD, seeks regional and global real estate innovation.


Documenting property sales and purchases, issuing real estate ownership, organizing and promoting investments, and spreading knowledge and culture relevant to a well-trained and skilled national cadre in the real estate sector is the most significant of these services. In addition, the department tries to give the greatest services to its clients and to make customer interactions as simple as possible, a culture inspired by the Emirates 2021 plan’s competitive and productive vision. 

What type of services does Dubai Land Department provide?

DLD  provides the following services 

  1. Real estate regulatory agency

DLD creates legislation to govern the interaction between all contracting parties and organizes the property exchange process. In addition, the department provides a wide range of services to clients in Dubai, including planning, organizing, and evaluating operations. Related to real estate licenses, as well as the organization and development of real estate activities, as well as a commitment to financially and technically monitor projects to protect investors.

  1. Real estate promotion and investment management sector

DLD aims to assist national and international real estate investment firms. And expand the real estate investment environment while promoting direct and long-term investments to increase traffic. It also contributes to the creation of a green economy to promote sustainable development. By fostering a stable and secure environment.

  1. Emirates real estate solutions

ERES seeks to find solutions to the e-real estate market based on real estate knowledge in DLD and RERA registration. And has completed over 300 transactions of best organization practices in real estate regulation and registration. It was founded in 2008 as part of an Emaratech Group government endeavor to help and facilitate the real estate industry community.

What is the vision and mission of DLD?

DLD aspires to make Dubai the world’s leading real estate destination in terms of innovation, trust, and happiness also wants to develop the best community in Dubai. Dubai Land Department has transformed Dubai into the happiest city in the world. By providing an innovative and sustainable real estate environment. Which would provide open access to investors anytime, anywhere, under this ambitious objective. It also makes use of all of its financial, human, and professional resources to achieve its strategic goals.


The formulation, publication, and implementation of clear, transparent, and integrated real estate laws. That help protect the rights of real estate investors and other connected parties have been key practical achievements for the department in the real estate industry.


To promote Dubai as the world’s happiest city by creating an innovative and sustainable real estate environment that includes


  • Smart services
  • Human and financial resources that are professional
  • Real estate legislation that is integrated.

What are the achievements of DLD?

DLD won the Idea of the Year Competition in 2014 for the Ejari program in the Technology category. And the Dubai Real Estate Institute in the Productivity category (DREI). The department also won a Silver Stevie Award in the ‘Best New Product or Service of the Year. – Consumer Services’ category (New Service Initial Resale Registration Process) 


The Dubai Sustainable Cities Summit was inaugurated in December 2015, under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In collaboration with the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) (DSCS). The summit is a prominent worldwide event that brought together 30 international speakers. And 500 dignitaries, government leaders, business executives, and industry professionals to explore urban sustainability and the future of smart cities.


In 2015, the Tanmia project won two more top awards from Ideas Arabia. In the ‘Idea of the Year’ category for customer happiness and the ‘Productivity’ category for Registration Trustees.


The International Property Registries Association (IPRA-CINDER) and DLD co-hosted the 20th World Land Registration Congress in Dubai in 2016. The award of hosting the event was given to Dubai based on three primary criteria. Transparency, investor confidence, and legal protection of investors’ rights. The event drew 500 attendees from more than 50 nations and 50 expert presenters. Who gave their perspectives on 18 of the most hotly debated real estate topics.


DLD  provides exceptional services to its customers and also maintains transparency among the customers and brokers. In addition, they establish required regulations to help Dubai’s real estate growth to organize. And promote real estate investment and disseminate industry expertise. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency, the regulatory arm of DLD, the Real Estate Investment Management & Promotion Center, the investment arm, the Dubai Real Estate Institute, the educational arm, and the Rental Dispute Center, the judicial arm, all work together to seek regional and global real estate innovation.



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