What Is Checked During An MOT Test?

MOT Northampton
MOT Northampton

The MOT check is the most vital thing to consider once a year to legally drive your automobile on UK roads. However, don’t think that you will avoid the care and maintenance importance of your automobile. It is necessary to have every part of a vehicle fine to avoid MOT failure. So be aware that every part is in proper working condition.

What is an MOT test?

MOT (Ministry Of Transport) is a government policy in the United Kingdom that has been in place since 1960. The major goal of the test is to ensure passenger safety, vehicle longevity, and a fantastic driving experience in any location and terrain. 3 years old or more than 3 years, you must have to take an MOT test every year. Several elements of a car are worn out as a result of the vehicle’s age or the way it is driven or maintained.

To ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy, the MOT test provides a certificate is required. If you fail the test, you must fix the parts that caused the failure before retaking the MOT. Visit Superior Cars for an authentic Alfa Romeo MOT Northampton. Your vehicle must pass the MOT test every year, whether it is a sedan, SUV, sports car, supercar, or commercial vehicle.

What Parts are Checked During an MOT Test?

Indeed, the MOT test is essential, so visit a garage that offers authentic service and has skilled and experienced professionals. Generally, an MOT test needs 45 minutes to complete. 

  • Check the VIN & Meets the DVLA

When you visit the garage, the MOT test experts verify the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or registration number against the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency). Experts must understand that they will examine the MOT for the appropriate car.

  • Number Plate

How can you drive without a number plate on UK roads? Of course, you can’t. Your number plate number has to meet the DVLA regulation, if they see the difference, your vehicle can’t go for an MOT test. A readable number plate is a must to have.

  • Tyres & Wheels

Because tyres are the most vital component of a vehicle, knowing the correct tread depth is critical. It must be greater than 1.6mm; resulting in an MOT failure, if less. Low or excessive tyre pressure, large cuts, cracks, and other tyre defects must be free from your tyre. Because wheels have an impact on the tyre, they are critical for safety.

  • Horn

A proper horn is a must thing to have while driving, so check the horn before the test. The professionals check the horn.

  • Brakes

During an MOT test, the brake pad, rotors, brake pedal, master cylinder, and other components of the braking system are examined. Hand brake also comes under the MOT test. After years of usage, these parts wear out, so it’s important to inspect them to optimise the performance of your automobile and the safety of your loved ones.

  • Steering

Steering check is best for handling, stability, and overall vehicle performance so the MOT experts check all parts of a steering system.

  • Suspension

The condition of the suspension is a must to check because the whole vehicle load is in the suspension. It offers a safe and bump-free ride.

  • Fuel and Other Lubricants

Experts examine filler caps, leaks, and other important aspects of the fuel system. Because the engine of your automobile is running throughout the emission check, it is necessary to ensure that your vehicle has enough gasoline and engine oil.

  • Lights

Headlight, sidelight, brake light, and indicator are checked for sure. The colour and condition have to be checked during the test.

  • Dashboard Lights

The dashboard light indicates the warning if something is wrong with several parts of a car, such as an engine, tyre, brakes, etc.

  • Visibility Check

The windscreen, mirror, washers, fluid, and wipers are all checked for visibility. Your safety is one of the most critical parts of an MOT test. If these parts have any cracks or damage, your car may fail the MOT test.

  • Exhaust

An exhaust check is important for the environment. Leaks and any type of damage are not good for an MOT test.

Apart from this, there are several things the experts check during an MOT test such as car frames, doors, seats, and seatbelts. So these are the parts of a car that goes under the MOT test, so be sure that every part is in good working condition before going for an MOT test. Visit Superior Cars for an authentic Mot Northampton test.


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