What is an Entrepreneur and Winning Formula

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What is an entrepreneur?

In 2021, Entrepreneurs are those people who have great ideas and skills. by using these two factors they start their own small business in order to generate profit mostly they work for the public future demands they are also self-employed.

they start the business by taking the risk in order to make profit and continuity growth but the reality of this site is much small business start and close every day in order to make a big amount of money but some are also successful as you can see your daily life many companies just started and they are doing good in their fields. for example Flipkart, Ola, Paytm, and many more…

You can see in all these companies one thing very common is that they have a unique idea in the market.

He has to manage like:-

1. Create a business plan

2. Hiring human resources

3. Acquiring financial and material resources

4. Providing leadership

5. Being responsible for both the conditions success or failure

6. Risk Aversion

History of Entrepreneur

if we just talk about the history of an entrepreneur so would like to say the first president of the U.S was the also first entrepreneur in the world

By the changing, in time there so many successful businessmen are there in India very popular was Dhirubhai Ambani now there is a lot of more new entrepreneur who changing the world by his/her capability it’s like supply and demand and who came with new idea market always give them great support but nowadays we see lot more change in the business world most of the people are going toward only in information technology basically in India in need to grow in other fields as well

Types of Entrepreneur. what type of Entrepreneur

Do you want to be?

There are so many ways to categorize the Entrepreneur but we divide them in a standard way to help you understand in a better way.

Hard worker Entrepreneurs

Most of the time we see the people are putting lots of effort into his/her work in the initial position but there are also some other people who put a lot of countless time in their business to convert their business into million dollars. Those people know only hard work more than technical work.

Idealist Entrepreneurs

Like the shows, those are those who love their business and idea of what they are doing in the market. They do something meaningful in the market and also want to enjoy their work.

Optimizer Entrepreneurs

those people who love what they are doing but they mainly focus on their personal satisfaction in terms of their idea, work and logical way of thinking. they just want to be satisfied with what they are doing.

Juggler Entrepreneurs

These are those who like to do the work for them self-everything for his/her business. Those people have a lot of energy for everything on their own, even making bills for their business. They also like to handle pressures.

they learn the things for his/her business.

Sustainer Entrepreneur

As the name suggests the sustainer Entrepreneur don’t want to grow their business on a large scale they just want to survive with that capital and they just want to be a sustainer also we can say they want to live a balanced lifestyle. They love their personal lives most, that is a way they no believe in meetings on big ideas.

Famous Entrepreneurs the Winning Formula

When do business people become famous entrepreneurs? Enough people know about them and talk about them.
When do people decide to talk about any given business person? Generally speaking, it is when their accomplishments are noteworthy.
What is noteworthy? Money, or high net worth, and reputation, are the usual measures of success.
So. What does it take to be considered as one of the most famous entrepreneurs, when you do business exclusively on the Web?

How Success Is Measured On The Web

There are many highly successful Web entrepreneurs who are not talked about much, or at all, in the media. Yet, they are very successful, by any measure, and famous within their ranks.

Traffic Volume

You measure a given Web entrepreneur’s success by measuring the number of people going through their Website(s). Many own more than one business Website, collectively pulling in thousands of new visitors … each day!
The official way to measure a Web site’s traffic ranking is with Alexa.com. Here is a sample of some of the top Web entrepreneurs in the world. Alexa.com ranks them in the top 1% on the Web.
What’s remarkable about this group of famous entrepreneurs? They are ordinary people. What sets them apart? They have a passion to share, and they share it with passion! Period.
Well, admittedly, passion is not enough. They do use a time-proven method to make it all happen! Read on.

Web Presence

Another simple way to measure the success of a given business person is to look for the business owner’s name on Google. For example, if you look up my name “Claude Jollet” (using quotes to ensure accuracy), Google will return about 3000 pages on the Web that mention my name! (Mid-October 2007).
That is a measure of my Web presence in the world.
If you own a business, and perhaps even a Web site, look up your name (between quotes) on Google. Of course, if your name is “John Smith”, the search will not give true results, because it will bring back countless other unrelated “John Smith”!
The difference between my “Google score” and yours, should be enough to prove my point. I only startup a business on the Web in December 2005, with my first Web site, the one you are on now.

How Do These Web Entrepreneurs Do It?

Have a look at the traffic my Web sites get. As you can see, there are other indicators than net worth, and press time, to identify famous entrepreneurs of the Web.
There are more than 100 million active Web sites out there, on the Internet.
When Alexa.com ranks your business Web site at a position less than 3,000,000 … your Web site is considered to be in the top 3%, on the World Wide Web!
Here are a few examples of ordinary people whose business Website(s) made them famous, throughout the world!
Like these famous entrepreneurs, you could build your own reputation and brand name on the Web – the World Wide Web.
The more traffic goes through your business Website, the higher your chances of making a sale. The business building and marketing process that I use ensures that my Web sites are engineered to bring in a continuously increasing flow of traffic to my business … and my bottom line.

What must an entrepreneur do after creating a business plan?

Making a business plan is the first step as a young child, which is difficult to take. But once you take that step, the next steps are easier than the first. Most people fail to put their plans and ideas into a real business. So the most burning question is, what should a business person do after making a business plan? We will help you in this matter.

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that traffic is “potential” money.
It’s your job to turn your incoming traffic into money, with useful information, designed to help your visitors make an informed decision. You are tipping the scales your way by being informative and helpful.
Search engines and word-of-mouth make you famous on the Web … when you do what it takes to deserve it! The good news is that you can learn what you have to do.


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