What is a VPN?


The main purpose of VPN is to allow you to act online with your computer as if you were in another place. It connects your computer to a network of computers located on a server somewhere else.

This will give you a different IP number and thus appear to be in a different location.

When VPNs first came into being, their primary use was to help employees access workplace networks.

This was a convenient solution as people might not always be in the office but needed to access the company’s network and the information there.

When the traffic from your computer, that is, your online activity, goes through specially selected servers and the data you send and receive is also encrypted, you will be protected from a lot of sad things that go on online.

It’s not just that you don’t want to share your information with curious authorities and search engines.

You may actually have special reasons for protecting yourself and your network, such as against hackers.

You can do that with the best VPN services!

Where is a VPN needed?

Today, VPN services are needed in several contexts. This is actually quite logical. If you think about it for a while, you realize that you often need better protection when surfing.

Not to mention all the times you find yourself on blocked services online because you are connected to the “wrong” server.

Examples of situations when you need a VPN are:

  • You are at work or school and connect your mobile phone or laptop to a free network via Wi-Fi.
  • You are sitting in a coffee shop and want to chat with friends on WhatsApp or read the news on your mobile phone via the coffee shop’s WiFi.
  • You are abroad and do not want to miss the next part of a series you watch on SVT Play.
  • You are in a hotel and want to surf without anyone unauthorized seeing what you are surfing about.

It is possible to make a long list of situations where you will be happy to have a good VPN service for mobile and computer. Basically, it’s about protecting your information and accessing material that for various reasons is blocked for the country you’re in.

Therefore, you need a VPN both professionally when you work and privately to access more entertainment, for example.

It is well known that services such as Netflix have a greater selection for those in the United States.

When this happens, you can change your position virtually and find what you seek!

Why should you use a VPN?

There are two main reasons why you should use a VPN:

  • You want to remain private . If you think it feels completely crazy that so many different organizations, companies and authorities can keep track of you, you can do something about it. It could be as simple as that you are tired of receiving advertisements for things that no one should reasonably understand that you are interested in.
  • Of course, even surfing with a VPN can lead to tracking, which means, for example, that you get advertisements for hair loss pills when you search for information about early baldness. But with a VPN, you can reduce the amount of information that normally leaks to various actors because you have no protective wall or encryption between you and those who fish out the data.
  • You want to access content . For most people, it’s about entertainment that is blocked for those who surf on servers from another country. In Sweden, this applies to streaming services such as SVT Play, which are free but only for those in Sweden. In England, it may be the equivalent of the BBC; otherwise, you often want to access Netflix because there can be a huge difference in what is available in different countries.

In addition to entertainment, you may want to see information and what is presented to a person in another country.

For example, if you are working with an Internet project for a country like Italy, you want to know what Italians who surf and search see when their results are presented.

This becomes possible with VPNs that make it appear that you are actually in Italy as you have set up the service on an Italian server.

Are there free VPNs?

Yes, it is possible to find free VPN but this is not recommended if you want to get a secure and smooth service. Firstly, it is quite common that the free versions do not have as many server choices.

They may also have a set that causes their IP addresses to be periodically blocked. Then you as a user will get a lot of trouble and you may have to go through re-registrations.

What should you get from the best VPN service?

There are a few main points to look out for when choosing a VPN:

Flexibility and the countries you are looking for

There should be access to plenty of servers. The best VPN services do not get bottlenecked due to many users.

In addition, you should take a look that the countries you need a server in are included and that they work well for these countries.

Read reviews by other users to confirm!

Smooth and fast

There should not be a long waiting time when you log in. If you have to wait many minutes to be connected to a server, it can feel slow. The best services are fast and easy to use.

Also, you won’t be kicked off the service every now and then.

Extra security

You can also get help with anti-virus software. This can be a big advantage for you who choose a VPN precisely because you are concerned that uninvited people can enter your computer and access sensitive information.

Good price

Even if you are willing to pay for good VPN, you may not pay anything.

Find out if there are packages that allow you to pay only for what you really need. Tex Nord VPN price is often affected by promotions.

Perhaps there is also the possibility to test for a week or month for free before signing a subscription and paying per month or per year for the VPN service.


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