People from all around the world consume different kinds of diets, based on their cultures, geography, vegetation, climate, physics, and so on. Some include lots of meat and end up being referred to as meatatarian whereas some strictly focus on eating only vegetables and end up being referred to as vegans. Some love to include egg and animal-based products like cheese and yogurt complimentary with their regular plant-based diet and end up being referred to as vegetarians. But have you ever heard of the word “semi-vegetarian”? Well if you haven’t yet heard about it or if you would love to hear about it, this context would exactly do the same for you.


A semi-vegetarian diet (SVD) consists of a diet that often centers around a plant-based diet, with the occasional inclusion of meat. Such a diet is often known as a flexitarian diet. Flexitarian is a portmanteau of the words- “flexible” and “vegetarian” that signifies the diet pattern of semi-vegetarians. The flexitarian diet was created by dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner so one could grip more benefits of a plant-based diet, without having to cut off complete ties with the delicacy of meat and fish.


Semi vegetarians are those people who consume a plant-based diet, yet sometimes include meat and fish. They are partly vegetarians and partly meatatarian. Semi vegetarians are known to consume meat once per week. They are quite similar to omnivores; the only difference between semi-vegetarians and omnivores is that semi-vegetarians eat more vegetables and less meat and fish. Other words used for semi-vegetarians are demi vegetarians and reduce tarians.


As mentioned above, a diet of a semi-vegetarian consists of more plant-based food with very little inclusion of meat and fish. Some might not even include meat and fish in particular, but would rather focus on the inclusion of proteins and vitamins obtained from animals. If you consume a plant-based diet as cereals, green veggies, pieces of bread for almost a whole week and include meat and fish once or twice a week, your diet can be considered as a semi-vegetarian diet.


The answer to this question is a definite yes. A semi-vegetarian diet is in fact very much healthy. Plant-based diets are already considered to be of many benefits. A semi-vegetarian diet consists of benefits from both plant-based food and meat and fish. Moreover, consumption of meat in a large amount is not considered healthy. With high consumption of meat comes the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiac disease, cancer, and so on. Hence, with a little change in your diet, you can get rid of such illness. A plant-based diet is numerous in numbers and is indeed healthy. To sum up, a semi-vegetarian diet might be the perfect diet that people are in search of. With a semi-vegetarian diet, you can get hold of benefits from plant-based food as well as the delicacy of meat and fish. Hundreds of people have already realized this fact and have transformed them into semi-vegetarians. According to research, plant-based food sales increased by 31% since 2017.


Turning vegetarian does benefit you and some other creatures. A semi-vegetarian diet includes more plant-based food by which means that the demand for vegetables will rise. So who will this rise in demand for vegetables benefit? Certainly, the one who cultivates it- the underprivileged farmers.

There is one more creature who will be benefited if half of the population of the world would turn semi-vegetarians. It is none other than those animals that are slaughtered just to fill our bellies.

So by going semi-vegetarian you can say that on one hand you are helping the yourself-your body and on the other hand those farmers and those innocent animals.


Definitely yes. If you want to eat more vegetables but don’t want to cut off ties with meat and fish, going semi-vegetarian might be the best choice for you. It is no doubt, to a large extent healthy. Perhaps you can enjoy the delicacies derived from both plants and animals.

Why a healthy diet is important for our health?

  • Eating wrong food can lead one to cancer which is a very dangerous disease. Colorectal cancer ,
    pharynx, larynx, breast, kidney, liver are some types of cancer which can be caused by ill
    consumption of food. Research study has proved that 30% of people suffer from cancer due to
    wrong habits of diet.
    Basic requirements which a healthy plate of food demand is:
    Hydrated: One must take the food which keeps the body hydrated. Any fluid can be taken but the best source is water and coconut water.
    Energy and nutrients: Food must provide you more and more energy and the nutrients which are required by the body for daily consumption.
    Protein: Protein is a basic necessity that must be included in your diet take as many pulses as you can and also include nuts in your food.
    Calorie-rich food: Eating calorie-rich food must help you in fighting cancer. But remember that calories must not be taken from processed or fast foods.
    Nutritious fats: Fats are also needed by the body as it is also a part of the good plate. But you must take care of healthy fats only going into your body.


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