What is a Nakiri knife used for?

Nakiri knife
Nakiri knife isolated on white background. View from above.

This cleaver is designed to be used for slicing, dicing, chopping, and chopping fruits, vegetables, and other delicate food ingredients. Some Nakiris are versatile and you can use them to slice meats. You can also use these blades to transfer ingredients from the cutting board to a cooking pot.

How to Choose the Best Nakiri Knives

Buying the best Nakiri knife requires you to undertake detailed research and identify the dos and don’ts of buying these knives. So that you find a blade that offers the best performance, reliability, and durability. Some of the considerations to take into account include:

Blade material 

The best Nakiri knife should be made of high carbon steel with stainless and rustproof properties to ensure durability and longevity. Low carbon steel blades wear quickly and dull easily due to their softness. High carbon steel is easy to sharpen and retains its sharpness for a long time.


The price of any knife is a crucial consideration and there should be no exception when it comes to paring knives. Have a budget that will guide you on how much you can comfortably spend on a paring knife. Quality knives are more expensive than lower quality knives and so you need to take this into account when looking at the price of these knives.


The handle of a Nakiri knife is one of the aspects that should not be overlooked when buying these blades. A premium handle provides great comfort and firmness when holding the knife in your hand. Look for a curved handle, as such handles form a nice grip that is also non-slip, ensuring your safety.

Blade length 

Blade length is another key consideration when looking for the best Japanese nakiri knife. The ideal blade should be at least 5 inches for practical knife use. Short blades can make tasks like chopping and slicing nearly impossible.

Quality of finish on the blade 

It is necessary to assess the quality of the finish on the blade. This is because food pieces tend to stick on poor-quality blades. The blades with a high-quality finish ensure clean cuts and ensure that no pieces of food stick to the blade.

When and why should you use a sharp knife?

Nakiri is effective in cutting, chopping, and chopping vegetables and fruits. These knives provide speed and accuracy when cutting fruits and vegetables.

The Nakiri knives

The Nakiri knives have a thin, hollow blade for cutting vegetables and making leaves. When cutting with these blades, move the blade horizontally up and down without pulling or pushing. The smooth cutting edge makes it easy to maintain uniform thickness when cutting fruits and vegetables.

The blade of a Nakiri knife is sharper

The blade of a Nakiri knife is sharper than other knives. Similar matching knives are made of high carbon steel. It is more durable and stronger than the Asian knife.

The width of the blade provides the strength and durability of the blade when cutting hard foods such as bananas, however, lighter blades provide greater control and accuracy when cutting into thinner pieces.

The Nakiri knife has a Granton blade

The Best Nakiri knife has a Granton blade that is hollow enough to make an air pocket between the groove and the edge. This will prevent chopped fruits and vegetables from sticking to the blade. This way, a smooth and clean cut is guaranteed and the product you cut will not be damaged. There is usually no risk of secondary bacterial contamination.

Another important feature of the Apple Knife is its complete stainless steel construction. This design is a piece of steel that runs from the tip of the handle to the tip of the blade. The three-rev polymer handle on these knives prevents moisture from accumulating between the handle and the blade.

In addition, the handle prevents bacteria from forming between the handle and the steel. If you are looking for a blade that cuts salads and vegetables while minimizing cleaning, to the ultimate accuracy. A sharp knife is the best blade.

Important things to know

The most common difference between a navy and a fluffy blade can be seen on the bevel. The Hiller has a two-way beveled blade that is sharp on both sides. A thin blade has a single beveled blade that is sharpened only on one side. The Nakeri blade is thin and durable. And the thin blade is very thin and beautiful, especially for cutting.

Naqiri is suitable for the right-hand and left-hand people, but a thin blade is useful for right-hand people. As far as the knife is concerned, it is suitable for both the right and left hand, and the neck handle is very small and easy to reach. Thinner handles are more expensive and longer.

The Santoko knife

The Santoko knife, on the other hand, is a very versatile knife that can be cut, sliced, and cut into pieces. The blade is smaller than the blade but the edge of the blade is as flat as the blade.

However, there is a clear difference between the two types: a lambrequin knife turns Nagiri 60 degrees, and the front handle allows it to swing back and forth like a chef’s knife or a straight knife. You will be limited. Santoko knives do not have ridges, but most have a Granton blade that ensures a permanent thickness from edge to blade.

In principle, the difference between Santoko and Naqiri is mainly in personal taste and practicality. Chefs and cooks use Santoko knives to make basic kitchen pieces but specialize in pickled fruits and vegetables.

Another thing to consider about both types of knives is that the Santoko is the perfect blade for chefs who prefer a rocking cutting style. The blade can be fully rotated to make it longer.

The benefits of using a sharp knife

Most cooks wonder why they should buy nakiri when they can cut vegetables with a regular kitchen knife. Knives are rarely used to cut other vegetables.

The biggest advantage of this blade is that its design resembles a cutting knife. Cutting edge and cutting edge are flat. This allows you to cut fruits and vegetables in a straight line. Instead of cutting and moving like a normal kitchen knife, it ensures a clean, smooth cut.

Another advantage

Another advantage of nectarines is that the food does not stick to the blades or edges. In fact, polished hollow blades ensure that fruits and vegetables are separated during cutting, but conventional blades have powerful blades. Therefore, it is more likely that fruits and vegetables will stick to the blade. This makes it difficult to make smooth, clean cuts.

Black knives are lighter than other blades. Most of them are used in the kitchen. This allows easy control of the blade during precise cutting. Also, it does not put pressure on your hands or wrists. So you can use the blade to make a lot of salad and vegetable pieces.

Napkins are beautifully crafted and look especially beautiful. It will enhance the decor and appearance of your kitchen. It also holds the edges well. You don’t have to sharpen it whenever you use it, and most cuts can be sharpened manually. So you don’t have to pay for professional acceleration.

How to use Nakiri knife?

When using a sharp knife, you must follow a certain pattern. When using this blade, just move it up and down. Do not push or pull horizontally. Maintains a stable position on the handle to increase accuracy and precision.

How to sharpen a knife?

There are many ways to sharpen a sword, but the best way to sharpen this blade is to use a sharpening stone. You can also use an electric razor specially designed for knives and knives.

Is a sharp knife suitable?

Probably the most useful knife in the kitchen is the Naqiri knife. Especially for vegetarians, Blade can cook, chop, chop and chop fruits and vegetables to your liking.

Why are Japanese knives so expensive?

The main reason why Japanese knives are generally more expensive than other blades is the quality of Japanese knives. What’s more, these blades are made from the finest materials and designs used. Real work with great jobs.


Investing in Nakiri knives is one of the best decisions you can make to improve your kitchen. These blades are useful in making salads and other fruits and vegetables. There are many such blades in the market. So, you just have to choose the brand that suits your style.

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