What If I Get Sacked For Making A Workplace Injury Claim?


Have you have been involved in a workplace accident that’s resulted in an injury? Well, then there is a good chance that you will be entitled to accidents at work claims compensation. In order to secure a pay-out, you must show that your employer is to blame for the accident. Now, you may have many reservations. So, if you need further assistance then take a look below. The information below can be of great help when filing for a workplace injury claim. 

Can your employer fire you for filing an accident at work claim UK?

Having to openly lay blame on the doorstep of your employer might sound like a scary proposition. Some people may fear that it will upset their employer and could potentially cause friction in the workplace. They may also feel that they could end up missing out on the compensation that they are entitled to. But if you do decide to pursue a compensation claim, the good news is that your employer is not allowed to dismiss you for doing so. If they did, you would then have grounds to pursue a further claim for unfair dismissal. 

Legally the making of a workplace injury claim from your employer can not endanger your ability to continue working with that company. You can not lawfully be sacked for the making of work accident claims. Should your employer actually attempts something like this it would be very unwise of them. You would then be entitled to take an action in the employment tribunal. Again, rest assured the chances of this happening are quite low. 

Will filing an injury at work claim cause tension between you and your employer?

Victims may feel that by filing a workplace injury claim against their employer that they are not being a team player. They may feel that they are taking the money directly from their employer. Fortunately, UK law requires every employer to have insurance in place for this very reason. So, if you are entitled to a payout it comes from the insurance company and not from the pockets of your employer. All employers are legally obliged to employer liability insurance. This means that your employer, in reality, is not responsible to pay the work injury claims compensation that you deserve. That is why their insurance policy is for. It is for your protection to make sure that you can obtain the workplace injury claim compensation you deserve. Therefore, this minimizes the risks of workplace friction. 

Can you leave your job after filing an accident in work claim?

Now, your entitlement to injury claims at work compensation has nothing to do with whether or not you continue to work with your employer. These days it is quite common for clients to start their claim following an accident at work only after they have left their employment. It does not have to be this way. You can carry on in your current employment. There is nothing that your employer legally have in their hands that could impact your work-life.


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