What Does Slack Cost and How Can You Save Money?

Slack Cost
Slack Cost

Slack is a popular messaging application that is being used all across the world. Stewart Butterfield’s company Tiny Speck used Slack as an internal tool during the development of Glitch, an online game. It was released to the general public in August of 2013. According to Butterfield, “SLACK” stands for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge,” and was chosen in 2012 to replace the original codename, “linefeed.”

The application, which started as an internal tool in the United States, has now expanded to every corner of the globe and established itself as a popular office chat software, with an estimated daily user base of 10 million+. However, other popular apps, such as Troop Messenger, Microsoft Teams, and others, have encouraged some users to look for alternatives.

Many businesses have become reliant on Slack’s features. However, when comparing Slack pricing to other popular chat applications like Troop Messenger, which is less expensive, and Microsoft Teams, which is slightly more expensive, offer more features than Slack.

Slack Free Plan

The free version of Slack includes a limited set of features. After reading this, you must be held in thoughts of contemplating is Slack free to use? Yes, it has a free plan like any other application, has a free version, but it has limited functionality; to receive all of the benefits, you’ll need to subscribe to Slack’s subscription plans.

The free version of Slack is more of an introduction for users who may want to subscribe to paying subscription options in the future. The free version has no time limit and allows you to invite as many users as you like by creating several Slack channels.
Unless you are utilizing the free plan for personal use or a fresh startup, it is not an ideal plan to use if you are a growing, medium-sized business because it will limit your functionality and compel you to change.

As previously stated, certain features will be limited, such as

  • Your team’s ability to access up to 10,000 messages.
  • File storage is limited to 5GB
  • Only 10 apps integration
  • One on One audio & video calls
  • Preceding is the more in-depth view of the free Slack plan.

10,000 Messages

As previously stated, your team will only be allowed to access up to 10,000 messages. This implies that when your team reaches the 10,000-message limit, the oldest messages will immediately get deleted, and you will no longer be able to access them.

Let me remind you that a smiley, GIF, or a simple “Hi” will be considered a message. If you misinterpreted the information to mean that each user will be limited to 10,000 messages, you are completely incorrect. This restriction applies to your entire team; someone may send 2,000 messages every week, while others may send fewer or more. After deletion, you won’t be able to view any essential messages, files, videos, or other content, and you’ll have to upgrade to a premium account to get access to such communications.

Files Storage

Your team is limited to a 5 GB storage limit. Just imaging, what if there is a need for sending a file that is +/- 5 GB, the team can’t access the previous files.

Members will not be able to access the archived file in channels, search results, or direct messages because Slack will begin archiving the oldest files to generate space for new ones. And, once you upgrade to a paid subscription, all of your archived files, such as messages, will become viewable again.

Apps Integration Limit

Slack, which is famed for its ability to integrate with over 2500 apps, is limited to only 10 for the free plans. Universally if some tool is allowing its users to integrate with other needful apps is to make its tool compatible and offer maximum facilitation. Since the Slack free plan offers few features with a limit you may be compelled to integrate more than 10 apps based on your requirements.

Whenever you want to add an eleventh app to the platform, you’ll either have to uninstall one of the existing integrations or you have to adjust compromising on your daily operations maintaining the limit.

One-on-one Audio/ Video calls

One of the most inconvenient aspects of the Slack free plan is one-on-one audio/video calls. Before choosing Slack, especially its free plan, any startup or small business must assess its needs. Because your team meetings, phone conversations, and business meetings must include numerous people, you may need to choose an alternative tool to have the meeting. For example, during the pandemic few companies that chose the free Slack plan had to use Zoom to host their meetings. As a result, the team or members were forced to split their attention between the user interfaces of two different applications.

Slack Subscription Plans’ Cost

For small and medium-sized businesses, the Pro and Business+ memberships include a single Slack workspace.


Small and medium-sized businesses will benefit from the Pro plan, which costs $2.67 per month.


The Plus package is suitable for larger businesses or those with more administrative needs. The first month’s price is $5.

Enterprise Grid

For extra-large businesses or regulated industries, the Enterprise Grid plan is recommended. You shall have to reach the sales team to obtain a tailored estimate.

There will be no restriction on message history with paid plans, and you will be able to integrate up to 2500 apps. File storage limits will range from 10 GB to 1 TB, and each plan will allow up to 15 individuals to participate in audio/video conversations.

With the paid plans, you may receive extra features like screen sharing, custom sections, custom user groups, limitless work-spaces Enterprise Grid subscription, among others.

How can you save money?

The following points may serve as a guide for you if you are trying to save money or stick to a budget.

  • You can adjust with a free or low-cost plan by restricting access to the app to specific members of the teams.
  • Choose a free plan, integrate with necessary apps, and use other tools to meet your needs.
  • Yearly plans tend to offer bigger discounts for tools that offer subscription plans, so if you’re confident in Slack, pay for the annual plan.


Whatever tools you use, it is your primary obligation to evaluate your requirements and select the best tool for the job.

Given the present state of the digital world, prominent office chat apps like Troop Messenger, Microsoft Teams, and others are empowering their users by providing more functionality than Slack. Slack, for example, lacks voice and video conferencing capabilities, which have proven to be more important during pandemics due to the enforced remote work culture. So, to make an informed conclusion, it’s a good idea to compare Slack to other apps.



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