What does it take to claim my real YouTube Video Promotion Channel?

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You can also claim your YouTube channel directly. Instructions on how to do so can be found on the OAC page in their Help Center. What methods should I use to optimise my YouTube channel and videos? Now that you’ve created a channel, it’s time to make the most of it (or logged in to an existing one). Optimisation is the term for this. There are several strategies to boost your YouTube channel. Even while they aren’t all essential, they can all help your channel attract more viewers and grow its fan base. We’ve put together a beginner’s checklist for real YouTube Video Promotion Channel.

Choose a channel name — This name CAN be altered because the channel name differs from the URL. However, it’s critical to pick a name and stick with it for consistent channel branding. Choose something that is both short and memorable (like your band or artist name) while also informing viewers about the content on your channel. Go here and click the edit button to make changes.

Upload a square, high-resolution (800800) image that is immediately recognisable and looks great at smaller sizes to choose a channel icon (so use text sparingly). This image will be used as your channel’s icon across all of YouTube.

Upload your channel art – Channel art is the banner or header that appears at the top of your channel when viewed on a desktop. Upload a large image (25601440) with the most important graphic components in the inner 1546423 region (to ensure they appear when scaled for mobile and tablet). Keep in mind that channel art can be viewed on a variety of devices, including smartphones and smart TVs, so make sure the image is high-resolution to guarantee that it appears sharp and clear on all screens. See the figure below for a visual representation of various display sizes.

Select “edit links” from the upper right corner of the channel art section to write a description for your channel. Make sure to highlight the most important content you create, use relevant keywords, and specify your upload timetable to build expectations for your audience.

Include connections to your social media accounts on the About page. the symbols for your website and social media profiles will appear as overlays on your channel art. Links to your company’s main website, store or product pages, social media accounts, newsletter subscription form, and promotional campaign sites should all be included.

Set “Featured Channels” – Your channel’s “Featured Channels” header is on the right hand side. Add any channels that are related or analogous, such as your record label, other creative projects you’re working on, and so on.

Enable browse view and conversation — Hover your cursor over the channel name and tab names in the right-hand corner of your YouTube channel site until the pencil icon appears. After that, click “change channel navigation” to enable both the browsing view and the chat settings.

Choose or upload a channel trailer video once the browse view has been activated. A channel trailer will automatically play when an unsubscribed viewer views your channel, providing you the opportunity to hook them and get them to subscribe!

Your trailer should be informative and consistent with your real YouTube video promotion channel’s tone (did we mention it should be brief?). You should also invite people to subscribe to your newsletter. The trailer will automatically display a card with a simple option for viewers to subscribe at the end of the video.

Sections are a great way to organise videos (by subject, style, series, genre, and so on) and provide viewers with an easy way to browse your content from the Home/Browse page.



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