What are the top 10 vaporizers?


Alongside smoking, vaporizers are the fastest way to feel the effect of your concentrates immediately. Many vaporizer users prefer them to smoking joints because they help eliminate the smoke that can choke your throat. This article reviews the top 10 vaporizers you can get from vape stores.

  1. The Mighty.

The  Mighty vaporizer has been in business for over four years, and it still reigns among the top vaporizers. The quality of the vapor produced out of the best portable vaporizer can match that of numerous high-end desktop vaporizers. You will get smooth and flavorful hits out of the vaporizer. 

Another great feature of the Mighty is its great ease of use. The vaporizer features a screen that displays any information you need and up and down button controls to help you choose the appropriate vaping temperature. 

  1. Kandypens Rubi.

Kandypens is one of the air-activated vaporizers which do not require a power button. To turn air-activated vaporizers on, you make a hit/ draw through the mouthpiece. This feature adds to the safety profile of the vaporizer as there is no chance that the vaporizer will accidentally activate and cause severe burns while carrying it in the pocket. It also makes it easy to use the vaporizer.

Other great features of the Kandypens Rubi include OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology and Dual Airflow Air Carb which ensure you the best vapor quality. It also has a leak-proof pod design that has no spit back.

  1. Pax Era Pro.

Pax Era Pro offers you more predictability, potency, and control than you can find in many vaporizers. The vaporizer comes in four distinct colors, including Black, Red, Jade, and Grey. all its designs are discreet and very attractive. 

Pax Era Pro also has multiple temperature settings that allow you to personalize your experience. You can even take a draw immediately after activating the vaporizer.

  1. Arizer Solo 2.

Arizer Solo 2  makes it into the top 10 vaporizers as a result of its fair price and exceptional battery life. When fully charged, the battery can be continuously used for three hours without needing a recharge. 

The vaporizer also has a stainless steel/ ceramic hybrid heating system that creates thick and delicious vapor. Arizer Solo 2’s long glass airpath ensures you the vapor is cooled down enough before it reaches you ingest it.

  1. G Pen Nova.

G Pen Nova comes with three voltage settings and an extended draw mode that allow you to find your ideal vaping experience. It utilizes a ceramic atomizer that makes certain that the distribution of heat is uniform. Thus, G Pen Nova consistently delivers high-quality vapor.

  1. Clean Vaporizer – AIRGRAFT.

Aircraft’s Clean Vaporizer is new in the market but it still is among the top 10 vaporizers you can buy. The vaporizer is very intelligent as it takes a reading of how much of the concentrate you need per draw and automatically heats to your ideal vaping temperature. You don’t need to manually vary the controls 

  1. Firefly 2+.

Firefly 2+ relies on convection heating to vaporize your dry herb concentrate; thus it gives each hit/ draw a heating and cooling cycle. Despite the convection heating system, the vaporizer has a heat-up time of 3 seconds.

Compared to previous Firefly 2 vaporizer versions, the Firefly 2+ is much lighter, smaller, and has more improved battery life. It also offers 6 different temperature settings that lie within 338 and 437 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  1. PAX 3.

The best offering of the PAX 3 vaporizer is its size and design which makes it easy to carry in the pocket or hand. It weighs about 93 grams yet it has one of the best technologies you can find in vaporizers. 

The PAX 3 vaporizer utilizes lip sensing technology to detect whether you are using it. Once you activate the vaporizer, you can take your first hit after 15 to 20 seconds.  


IQ DAVINCI vaporizer features a super sleek design which you can not find n any other vaporizer. It not only has captivating aesthetics but also pleasing performance. Its ceramic heating chamber, which is based on conduction, creates flavorful vapor out of the dry herb concentrate. The vaporizer also features a flavor chamber that allows for vaporization of the concentrates without grinding them.

  1. Arizer Argo.

Arizer Go (ArGo) vaporizer features a retractable mouthpiece that makes it fully portable. Its heat up time is pretty quick. The vapor from the vaporizer is magical. It also features a screen that makes it easy for you to use it.

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