What are the most common POS systems for retailers?

What are the most common POS systems for retailers?

Owning or managing a retail store necessitates a significant amount of effort. Advanced Point of Sales Payment Solutions can help you ring up customers, manage inventory, obtain reports, and do various other tasks. When picking POS systems, there are multiple aspects to consider, including monthly pricing, hardware, payment processing choices, integrations, and more. We’ll look at the top-rated POS providers for retail businesses, highlighting their benefits and limitations. As well as the types of customers they’re most suited to. We’ll also look at the POS systems for storage costs and what aspects to think about before purchasing.

Use of Best Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

Our goal is to help shops make well-informed decisions when selecting a point-of-sale system at Merchant Solutions. We recognize the importance of this decision, which is why we investigated popular options critically.

The top point-of-sale system for 2021 is Square.

Square POS is ranked top in our list of the Best Retail POS Systems for 2021. It’s an excellent option for new establishments because there aren’t many upfront expenses for Merchant Solutions of small businesses. Square is a company that provides free retail point-of-sale software. There are also paid plans with features like vendor sales data, exchanges, and inventory history. Get a quote for Square’s most expensive retail POS package, including specialized payroll and credit card processing.

You’ll get a free magstripe reader when you sign up for Square Merchant Solutions. And there are more affordable hardware options, such as a $169 iPad-compatible stand. In addition to monthly fees and hardware costs, Square charges a fee for each credit card transaction. Swipes cost 2.6 percent plus 10 cents in person and 2.6 percent plus 10 cents online. Businesses that process more than $250,000 in credit card sales per month are eligible for special processing rates from Square Merchant Solutions.

Many business owners will welcome Square’s pricing transparency. Because of transparent pricing, retail pos system owners may plan and budget their operational expenses. You can also add on more services like payroll management, e-commerce capabilities, and retail pos other business software for an all-in-one business solution. Having so many aspects of their firm on one platform may be advantageous for busy small business owners attempting to streamline their management process. Alternative Point of Sales, suppliers with specialized enterprise-level solutions may be more suited to the needs of large enterprises with several locations.

Lightspeed is a company that sells products.

Vend by Lightspeed is ranked second in our list of the Best Retail POS Systems for 2021. This is an excellent option for Point of Sales, retailers with one or more locations, albeit it is on the pricey side of our POS suppliers, with annual plans starting at $99 per month.

Vend Lite’s most basic option is designed for enterprises with only one location and monthly sales of up to $20,000 per month. It’s a great software solution for retailers wishing to expand because you can quickly increase your bundle. For Vend’s Enterprise plan, you’ll need to request a quote. A dedicated account manager, advanced reporting, and onboarding are all included. According to professional reviews, Vend has many features, including customizable permissions and inventory management.

POS (Point of Sales) works with various tablets, receipt printers, cash drawers, and barcode scanners, making it a viable option for retailers with existing hardware. Point of Sales also offers hardware on its website. Point of Sales does not provide its payment processing, but it does interact with several third-party services such as PayPal and Square. Vend is a good alternative for mid sized firms seeking a credit card processor to compare. Point of Sales can be a good option for mid sized businesses looking to shop around for a credit card processor. While small companies may prefer the convenience of an all-in-one POS and payment processing solution. Point of Sales can be a good option for mid-sized businesses looking to shop around for a credit card processor.


In our Best Retail POS Systems rating of 2021, Epos Now is tied for third place with Shopify. Epos Now offers a variety of software products for hospitality and retail businesses. Its retail POS system includes automated stock counts, reporting, and barcode management. Epos Now POS also integrates with over 100 third-party apps.

According to professional evaluators in merchant solutions, Epos Now’s POS software is simple to use and install. It also works with a variety of devices, including Apple iPads and Android tablets. Industry-specific configurations are available from Epos Now, or you may be able to use existing equipment.

With monthly options starting at $39, Epos Now POS is appropriate for several business sizes. However, Epos Now does not provide the most transparent price compared to some of the competitors in our rankings. To find out how much your firm will have to pay, get a quote from Epos Now. It would help if you chose your payment processor with Epos Now, which may or may not be beneficial to your business.


Shopify POS and Epos Now are tied for third place in our Best Retail POS Systems rating of 2021. Your monthly membership begins with a Shopify account rather than a POS system, unlike the other POS systems in our evaluation. The most economical choice is the Shopify Lite plan, which costs only $9 per month. All Shopify plans feature Shopify POS Lite, allowing shops to sell online or in-person using the POS software.

Upgrade to Shopify POS Pro, the company’s more complete POS solution. If you require more than Shopify POS Lite’s basic purchasing capabilities. This software can be added to Shopify plans starting at $89 per month as an add-on. This payment Solutions system gives you advanced staff and inventory management tools, daily reporting, and online purchase options with in-store pickup and refunds.

Payment Solutions Shopify, the company’s in-house processor, is likely to be the best option for payment processing. Shopify’s processing fees vary depending on the subscription you choose, and you’ll have to pay an additional fee if you don’t utilize Shopify as your payment processor. Shopify offers a variety of low-cost hardware options and even rents out equipment.

If you have a larger budget, consider using Shopify to run multiple aspects of your business from a single platform, but view that costs might add up quickly. Because of its extensive e-commerce capabilities, Shopify is an excellent choice for online stores. It also charges per location rather than per register for its payment Solutions plans, making it a good choice for in-person businesses with several records.


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