What Are The Different Types Of Online Events?


One of the few good things about the pandemic is the robust growth of virtual events.  Google Trends confirms the rise of such events from single digits to hundreds and thousands now. From education to high-level military meetings are now online due to the deadly virus. It has opened a floodgate of opportunities to use the internet to conduct different types of events online. 

Benefits of online events

Modern technology enables online events with the same effect as in-person events and with more benefits.  For participants to visit the event in a particular place, these virtual events make them attend the events at their comfort of the office or even home.  It has broken the geographical barriers and travel troubles for participants from anywhere and anytime to take part in such events.  Apart from being cheaper than conducting real-time events, virtual events are measurable also to improve further in the future.  But to avail all its benefits, utmost care is essential in all aspects of virtual events to be on par with actual events to make it a grand success.

Different types of online events

There are a plethora of virtual events now happening around the world.  But it is pertinent to know the type of virtual event suitable for a specified business or other purposes.  Only then the online visitors will unlock the many benefits of virtual events with a few clicks. It needs a lot of expertise to conduct virtual events, which now focus on many video speaker platforms.  

The following are a few types of online events, among others. 

  • Webinars are the most common and entry-level online event using Zoom, Crowdcast, among others. The rapid growth in the usage of Zoom in the last few months is enough proof of virtual events taking the world by a storm.  
  • Webinar + is an extended version of the webinar being sector-specific and additional content.  It is more of a series of webinars with cross border collaboration supported by content hubs and in-depth reports. Webinars reach a larger audience with interaction over chat or audio and with downloading facilities. 
  • Online workshops & training where participants ranging from students to professionals of all sectors learn skills for certification
  • Online conferences and summits replace the traditional conference with a virtual environment with better visitors’ participation.
  • Online music concerts is for the audience to enjoy the show from the comfort of their home
  • AMAs or ask me anything will solve the participants’ queries by an expert in the field online
  • Fireside chats engage the audience like talking to a close friend and is popular among the startup community
  • Many online shows for trade, housing, promoting, marketing, opening day, alumni, and for many other purposes are popular now

With the virtual revolution underway now, it is crucial to avail of the best online events services to reap all its benefits.


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