What are the Best Places to visit in Seattle?

Best Places to visit in Seattle
Best Places to visit in Seattle

The most common mistake you will have to avoid is to consider it a secondary city of the United States: Seattle is a marvel in full evolution, a mix between Portland and Canadian Vancouver and a landmark of the American Northwest! Not just computer nerds and grunge musicians, Seattle is now much more because from industries and chimneys we have moved on to glass skyscrapers, and artfully redeveloped areas. Let’s find out what are the best places to visit in Seattle. You may make your flight bookings using Air Canada Reservations options for the best flying experience. 

List of Best Places To Visit in Seattle:

Seattle Center: Welcome to the Future

Displaced from the other skyscrapers, Seattle’s Space Needle was built in 1962 when the city hosted the World’s Fair of the Expo: as we have said, this is the symbol of ultramodern verticality, the futurist manifesto of Seattle. What can you admire from this incredible rocket-shaped skyscraper? All tourists aspire to conquer the top of the “Seattle tower”: at the height of 160 meters (out of a total of 184), there is an observation point from which you can dominate the skyline of the Downtown and see, in the distance, the massive profile of Mount Rainier.

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Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum

Before talking about Downtown and the artists’ districts, we want to briefly describe one of the most talked-about and famous buildings in Seattle after the Space Needle: the Experience Music Project (a located museum dedicated to science fiction and popular music), with the annexe Science Fiction Music. If all praise the content of this splendid music and science fiction museum – and in particular by lovers of Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and grunge in general, as well as by fans of Star Wars and Sci-fi – the same cannot be said. Of the bizarre, hyper-futuristic external structure of the building, which arouses some perplexity to visitors.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market

As soon as you arrive near Pike Place Market, you will feel the sea breeze, the smell and the atmosphere of Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, and indeed this beautiful Seattle neighbourhood can be reminiscent of the San Francisco waterfront, with a pinch of cosmopolitanism and more recklessness. Wander among the triumph of colours and scents of the market stalls and, if you like, find the first Starbucks in history or one of the many inexpensive restaurants in the area.

Seattle Waterfront, one of the Best Places to visit in Seattle

From Pier 55 (Pier 55) of Seattle Waterfront, boats depart that offer the opportunity to enjoy the Seattle skyline by sailing in the cold waters of Elliot Bay, on the Strait of Puget Sound. There are various itineraries, but the most popular and cheap is the one on the Harbor Cruise, which takes a scenic loop, without reaching Blake Island or Washington Lake.

Seattle Art museum

Leaving the Waterfront, we can decide to reach one of the main cultural attractions of the city, the Seattle Art Museum, located in an architecturally avant-garde building. Inside the building, there are works of ancient, modern and contemporary art from all around the world and a collection of art and non-art items from local native tribes.

There is a branch of the museum on Western Ave, by the sea: it is called Olympic Sculpture Park and is an experimental open-air museum space that houses works of contemporary art. It comes in the list of the best places to visit in Seattle. If you are planning to visit Seattle and make your flight booking, try using the Spirit Airlines Reservations options for the best deals and discounts. 


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