What Are The Benefits Of Safe Lock Service?

safe lock service

It’s pointless to keep guns, important documents, or other valuables in a safe if you can’t access the contents. The accessibility of a safe should be one of its most crucial features. In most cases, paying for regular maintenance and ensuring the longevity of your safe lock service is a far better investment than forcing it to wear out and replace it.

If you can’t access your safe, you’ll probably need to hire a locksmith to break into it, which can be a time-consuming and costly process. Once the safe is opened, it must be replaced or fixed, which can be a costly task if you have a mid to high-end safe.

As you know, replacing your safe’s dial lock can cost you upwards of $400. If you have a large safe with a complex locking system, that price could soon increase or even triple.

Yes, with proper care and maintenance, a whole lot of drama can be avoided. If properly maintained, a high-quality dial lock safe can last for more than a century to meet the needs of you and your ancestors.

Safe Maintenance Protect Your Valuables

Like any other machinery, keeping your safe in working condition requires regular maintenance. This is true regardless of the high-quality safe you bought. Some maintenance, such as lubricating bolts, requires a little extra attention.

Other maintenance tasks may not include working on the safe lock service all the time. Instead, they’re checking to make sure things like the locking mechanism, door bolts, and fire seal are all in working order.

How Often Should You Get Your Safe Lock Servicing?

Safe lock service maintenance should be done every one to four years depending on the safe. While some manufacturers advocate a yearly safety inspection, we’ve found that this is usually overkill.

In fact, Commercial or government safes are the target of this mission. These safes are not only accessible frequently (daily or several times a day), but they also serve an important function and must be maintained on an annual basis.

At the four-year mark, for example, we can usually detect faults with the mechanism, relocker, and lock. Liberty safes come with a five-year warranty, which means any problems can be fixed while the safe is still under warranty.

However, the manufacturer’s lock warranty will play a part in determining how often we recommend checking out the safe. If your warranty is out in four years, we will suggest a maintenance check in two years.

Additionally, the amount of safe achievable use can increase the frequency with which maintenance checks are required. Safes that are opened multiple times a day can take a lot more abuse than safes that are accessed only once every three days.

What is Involved in Safe Maintenance?

If your safe is heavily used, such as being opened and closed several times a day, it is recommended that you have it serviced once a year. Even if you don’t open or close your safe very often, it’s still necessary to maintain it regularly.

Your safekeeping specialist or locksmith should open the wheel pack, clean the internal parts and wheel, replace any particularly worn components, properly lubricate the lock, and replace it with standard, regular maintenance. Must be reassembled as part of planned safe lock maintenance.

There are also signs to look out for that may suggest your safe needs servicing:

  • The safe isn’t closing or opening anymore.
  • Unlocking the lock is challenging on the first attempt.
  • The locking mechanism appears to be sloppy.
  • The combination of locks changes over time.
  • The safe makes a strange sound when you dial the combination.
  • The combination dial is stiff, crooked, unstable, or retracts in the wrong direction.
  • The doors are stiff to the touch and difficult to open and close.

The Benefits Of Safe Lock Service

  • Address Accessibility Concerns

The main purpose of the safe is to keep important documents, jewellery, guns, and other valuables safe until they are needed. If the dial is loose or warped, it can be problematic to open the safe door to bring the contents in or to close it securely afterward.

Yes, this type of access problem can be avoided with regular maintenance. Technicians will remove lock parts, clean and lubricate components, replace damaged mechanisms, and reinstall the lock to make sure it continues to function correctly and protect your belongings.

  • Money-saving Formula

Investing in preventive maintenance today will save you money in the long run. Since a well-maintained safe is less likely to malfunction, you won’t need to call a locksmith to open it up and pay for more expensive replacement parts and safe installation services. Consider how often you open your safe and use that to determine how often you should bring it in for servicing. For example, if it is used for everyday schedule maintenance every two years. Equipment that is rarely used can sometimes last five years or more without the need for maintenance.

  • Safe Failure Treatment and Prevention

If a digit in the combination falls out or the combination resets to factory settings due to a problem, it may be simple for someone to get entry to the safe without permission. This may put the safety of your belongings at risk. If unauthorized individuals are able to unlock a firearm-safe combination lock, the results can be disastrous. To avoid these complications a specialist will re-align the combination with the numbers on the dial. This prevents digits from slipping and jeopardizing the safe’s security. If you suspect or want to prevent a security breach, a technician can reset the combination.

  • Convenience for Better Performance

The way you lock and access your safes becomes more convenient as you servicing and updating to the more inventive lock function. In order to keep track of the activity of your safe, some modern safes keep track of the times you have opened them.

It’s even better if your safe incorporates an override access control mechanism in case you forget your passcode.


If you have suffered a break-in and your safe has been breached, it is crucial that you have it looked at by an expert so that it can be restored to full working order. Even if the intruder didn’t manage to penetrate the safe, it could have sustained damage that may not be outwardly obvious, so always call in a specialist to have it checked over.

If you are buying a second-hand or reconditioned safe, maintenance and servicing are doubly important. As you will not usually be in receipt of any guarantee for a second hand safe and will not be aware of its history; whether or not it has been well maintained or regularly serviced and what it may have been subjected to, it is vital that you get it expertly checked so as to put your mind at rest and ensure it is in good working order and ready to protect your valuables.

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