What Are The Advantages Of On-Site Nitrogen Gas Generators?


There are many applications of nitrogen (N2) critical to a large number of manufacturing processes. Although fraught with many issues from price fluctuations to delays yet many manufacturers continue to obtain nitrogen gas supplies from gas companies through cylinders.

Before going ahead with the discussion of various advantages of onsite nitrogen generators, I will give you a snapshot of nitrogen, its role and importance in our atmosphere and industries. This will help you understand various applications of the gas in the organization of human life.

Nitrogen: Biological & industrial importance

Nitrogen is a nonmetallic element which constitutes around 78.09% of Earth’s atmosphere by volume and 75.51% by weight.  Industrial production of the gas is driven from atmospheric nitrogen.  Constituting around 15% of complex organic compounds called as proteins, nitrogen is found in all living organisms.  However, it comprises of 0.3 part per 1,000 of Earth’s crust. In the cosmic context, it is said to constitute between three and seven atoms per atom of silicon.  Production of nitrogen for industrial purposes is done by cryogenic distillation of liquefied air. Cryogenic distillation is used by most of the gas companies supplying liquid nitrogen. Boiling temperature of nitrogen is −195.8 °C, which is 13 °C below that of oxygen.

Nitrogen (N2) is used for providing inert atmosphere for exclusion of oxygen and moisture. In the food & beverage industry, nitrogen is used for preventing rotting of food through oxidation, insects and mold. On the other hand, liquid nitrogen is used in refrigeration systems and freeze drying. In biotechnology, liquid nitrogen can be employed for preserving semen, bone marrow, tissue, bacteria and blood. Nitrogen is used in electrical industry for pressurizing cable jackets, shielding motors and for prevention of oxidation and other chemical reactions. In the chemical industry, it is used for putting a stop to oxidation or acting as carrier to remove heat or chemicals. The gas can also be used for preventing explosions. In the metal industry, nitrogen finds applications in welding, soldering and brazing for prevention of decarburization, oxidation and carburization.

Benefits of onsite production of N2

Now that we know what nitrogen is and how it is important in our life and industries, it will become lot easier for you to understand industrial production of nitrogen through nitrogen generators. There are number of benefits of installing nitrogen generators discussed below:

Unlimited N2

This is the most important benefit of installing an onsite nitrogen system as it allows you the luxury of producing as much nitrogen as you want limited only by your requirements. There is no need to worry about upcoming nitrogen supplies not being delivered on time. This will help you in saving time and money as nitrogen cylinders are subject to frequent price fluctuations. Time saved will be used to increase the productivity of your business.  Onsite production frees up space occupied used and unused cylinders.

Makes manufacturing cost-efficient

Installation of onsite nitrogen generation will immensely increase productivity of your manufacturing operations. Does not matter which industry you are from onsite production of nitrogen will exponentially increase the efficiencies of the business. Moreover, your operations will continue unhindered with continuous and smooth supply of nitrogen. Compared to delivered nitrogen, nitrogen generated onsite is very cost-effective & will help you a great deal of money which can be spent elsewhere for improvement of the business. Furthermore, initial investment and subsequent maintenance costs (fixed) can be easily accounted for in the annual budget because there will be no price fluctuations.

Simple installation & maintenance

Mostly nitrogen generators manufactured and supplied by reputed liquid nitrogen plant are easy to install. In fact, they ensure that the entire process from installation, commissioning and starting-up at the client’s site is easy and hassle-free. They also provide training for operating the machinery and carrying out maintenance from time to time at recommended intervals for a long life of the generators. Normally, generators have a life-cycle of over 25 years.

Customized to requirements of customers

Every business has different requirements of nitrogen depending upon the size of their operations. It goes without saying that will prefer buying onsite nitrogen solutions that are perfectly configured to the size of their manufacturing operations. Besides, local conditions must also be factored into the manufacturing as they have significant bearing on the production of nitrogen with high purity. Look for trusted manufacturers having demonstrable expertise in delivering customized nitrogen systems.

Fast return on investment (ROI)

Getting nitrogen cylinders from a gas company is expensive. And, you do not get the amount of nitrogen labeled on the cylinder as a lot of gas is wasted in leakages during transportation and actual usage adding to your cost of running the business. On the other hand, installing N2 generator will not only save up on the cost running the manufacturing operation with nitrogen but will allow you to break even within 18 months. This is amazing for reaping long-term profits.

Fully automated with easy to touch screen control

Onsite nitrogen systems are fully automated with controls situated in the control room from where the operator can control the system. In fact, it requires minimum human intervention and continues to operate automatically. The generator will start producing nitrogen when the sensors detect a downstream demand.  The screen control will let the operator set purity levels and view working status of the system. It also allows you to troubleshoot any diagnostic issue besides keeping tab on maintenance schedules.

World-class after sales service

All reputed N2 generator manufacturing companies offer world class after sales service. Whenever there is a breakdown or need to replace a component, the manufacturer is bound to have it resolved at the earliest possible time because of the contract you signed with them at the time of the purchase. All kinds of spare parts are also available with the manufacturers that you can order whenever the need arises. It is better to have your staff trained from the engineers of the manufacturer so that routine issues in the machine could be sorted out at your end without feeling the need to call for after sales service every time something goes wrong.

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