What Are The Advantages Of Buying Commercial Real Estate In Turkey


What Are The Advantages Of Buying Commercial Real Estate In Turkey

Commercial property for sale is a good chance to start your own business in Turkey. Moreover, many investors just use the buildings to rent it. According to the data, the investment income can reach 6% per year. Moreover, the cost of building is always increasing. The average price increase is about 45% per year. It makes people purchase commercial property in Turkey.

Reasons To Buy

If you are still thinking about the reasons to buy a commercial object in Turkey, you should read the arguments for doing it below:

  1. The minimum cost of the owner for repairs when renting out. As a rule, most tenants of office and retail premises make repairs at their own expense in the Republic of Turkey.
  2. Unlike Turkish housing, commercial areas do not have additional costs for Aydat (monthly payment for maintenance of the residential complex).
  3. Commercial properties are very popular among local and foreign investors, as they are considered a reliable investment tool. There is no oversupply of offers on the market (in comparison with large Turkish cities). Therefore, every good object is valuable and in demand here.
  4. You can launch your own business in Turkey at any time by opening a store, beauty salon, cafe, restaurant, or any other type of commerce. The Turkish government provides benefits for foreign businessmen who want to work in the country.
  5. Investing in commercial real estate in Turkey guarantees high payback in a short time from rent or resale.
  6. If the amount of the property is $ 400,000 or more, it provides an opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship for investments.

Is it interesting for you? So, let’s check what is possible to buy.

Investment Schemes

Investors use the following schemes while buying commercial property in Turkey:

  1. Investing in the construction of commercial buildings. Investment projects are available from the moment of purchase of the land plot until the completion of construction work. The depositor receives a ready-made object at a favorable price with the possibility of its further resale or rental. It’s possible to contact Stay Property developer to get the commercial building in compliance with your demands.
  2. Purchase of ready-made non-residential facilities. The main advantage of the purchase is the opportunity to immediately use of the building for your own business or receive stable rental income. Just read the law demands about starting your own business in Turkey to avoid some problems.
  3. Rent of the commercial property. The real estate agency will help you choose office and retail premises in Alanya for rent with a favorable location, which is interesting from the point of view of opening your own commercial activity.
  4. Buying a ready-made business. It’s perfect for experienced investors and businessmen who have information about commerce in Turkey. There are a number of interesting offers in Turkey for the acquisition of ready-made businesses (restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, etc.).

It’s possible to purchase commercial real estate with the help of credit. Turkish banks are ready to give the loan even to foreigners.


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