What Are Stink Bugs Most Attracted To?

What Are Stink Bugs Most Attracted To?

Stink bugs are not just attracted to any surroundings. When you discover them in numbers around your home, then there are specific things that attract them. They are more prominent in some areas like the eastern coast through the midwest. There are different species of stink bugs with distinct characteristics.

Except for their annoying smell, they do not hurt humans or pets. However, they can be a significantly frustrating nuisance if they invade your home in their numbers. Pest control company can help you exterminate them before they overwhelm you.

  1. They Pick A Scent From Your Home

Scent trail is an interesting fact about stink bugs that many don’t know. They are always looking for a good spot to shelter, and when anyone finds it, it leaves a scent trail (a pheromone) that would invite other bugs to the newfound location. This scent can invite stink bugs in large numbers to your home.

  1. Signal Of Lights From Your Home

It is believed that stink bugs naturally love lights, lots of lights. Since bright lights are their favorites, your home could be their next target if it’s brightly illuminated. Leaving your exterior lights on at night could also attract them to your house. You may want to put off your exterior lights and pull your blinds before going to bed.

  1. Diapause Drives Them After Shelter

The shelter is an essential factor for living things to survive. Diapause (the inactive period) is a factor that drives them into your house when the temperatures drop and they require shelter. Contrary to the general belief that stink bugs seek warmth during this period, some experts believe that it’s a way of slowing down metabolism and remaining dormant to survive the period when there is no food.

  1. Loose Entry Points Sending Invites

If there are multiple entry points like cracks, gaps, holes, and crevices in your house, it becomes much easier for stink bugs to invade your property. They could also get into your house through door frames and windows. Blocking every entry point possible may help prevent their entrance into your home.

  1. Rural, Green Space

If you have large rear gardens, orchards, trees, shrubs, or agricultural fields within your surroundings, your house is likely an easy-to-reach target for them. They are often fond of congregating in the places mentioned above because they’re herbivores. If you have a house close to an agricultural field, sting bugs might see your house, ants and interference, or a place of abode. As a result, they can easily make their way into your property unknowingly to you.


Since stink bugs are herbivores, mainly feeding on plants, your house might be in its way if it’s situated nearby. If you want to keep them at bay, ensure to block all entry points and reduce exterior illumination when they’re prevalent. Check out here to connect with professionals that would help you control stink bugs and their activities.


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