What Are SSL Certificate Error: Causes & Best Methods on How to Stop and Fix Them


Anyone who receives SSL errors from a website will feel annoyed because you can’t get the information you are looking for. Read on to understand how you can get rid of SSL certificates error.

Safety is paramount when visiting a website or accessing any information from the internet. Therefore, you need to make sure that your credentials and private data are kept safe. That is where the SSL certificates error comes in handy. SSL means standard socket layer. This security level is set to ensure that the communication between two parties via the internet is secured. It is a common form of security that protects any data transmitted between the web server and the browser. Cybercrime has lately been on the rise. That is why websites need to prioritize the security of their users. They can do this by ensuring that the data is encrypted on both ends of the communication, especially if sensitive personal and financial information is involved. 

TLS or transport layer security is an advanced security protocol compared to SSL. Many websites are now shifting from SSL to TLS because it is more secure. However, since SSL is a popular term, TLS is still referred to as SSL. This article shall look into the various kinds of SSL certificates error and how you can stop or fix them. Read on for a better understanding. 

What Causes SSL Certificate Error? 

When a user uses a particular website with HTTPS protocol, the website browser needs to verify the SSL certificate error to secure it. The connection process will continue once the browser confirms or verifies the shared information is secured. However, there are instances when the browser is unable to verify SSL certificates. This will prompt the browser to warn the user that the connection is not protected or is not secured. It will do this to inform of a message that may vary depending on the type of SSL certificate error. Typically, the type of browser will determine the kind of message that will display on the screen. If Chrome is the type of browser that you are using, the kind of message that you are going to get will display this way “Your Connection Is Not Private.” If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser, the SSL certificate error that you are going to see is “Your Connection Is Not Secure” and “This site is not secure” for users who are using Microsoft Edge browser. 

How to Fix SSL Errors 

You need to ensure that you have used the right method when trying to stop SSL certificate error messages. Failure to use the right method will make the entire process futile. If you want to succeed in bypassing the SSL security message, you have to ensure that there is a valid reason why you want to do that, and you need to do it in the right way. You must understand that once you are able to turn it off, it means that you won’t receive warning messages from your browser. This means that your connection won’t be secure at all. If you are about to enter an unsafe website, you won’t be able to get any warning. Your information or device will be vulnerable and prone to potential malware or cybercrime threats. 

How to Fix SSL Errors in Google Chrome

When the browser that you are using is Chrome, what you will need to do to fix the SSL is copying and pasting chrome://flags into the address bar. When you are done, click on enter. You can type if you don’t know how to copy and paste. On the next page, you will see #allow-insecure-localhost displayed. Click on it, and the “Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost” option will be shown on the screen. Once you have enabled this option, you can restart your chrome browser. Now that you have chosen this option, you need to understand that your device and private information are no longer safe. If you happen to open an insecure site, Chrome will just open it without issuing any warning. 

How To Remove SSL Certificate Error In Mozilla Firefox

Since you are using a different browser, the method of fixing and removing the SSL certificate error will also be different. These are the steps that you need to follow if you want to completely remove SSL errors. If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser, what you need to do is head over to Mozilla Firefox’s advanced configuration preferences. You can do this by copying about config and pasting it into the address bar. You can go ahead and press enter once you have finished copying it to the address bar. The following step is to click on the Accept the Risk and Continue button. This message will display on the screen once you click on that: “Changing advanced configuration preferences can impact Firefox performance or security.” The next thing that you need to do is go to the search box and look for browser.ssl_override_behavior. The moment you locate it, adjust its value from 2 to 1, and you will be through.

How to Prevent SSL Errors 

  • Use an Online Tool to Find the Problem  

If you keep receiving SSL errors, you need to find why the message keeps appearing. You can do this easily using effective online SSL certificate error diagnostic tools. These types of tools will help you get to the root cause of the problem quickly. Fortunately, there are several tools that can help you to do that. Some of these tools include SSL Certificate Checker, SSL Server Test, and SSL Checker. 

  • Installing Intermediate Certificate on your Web Server

Another way to get rid of the problem for good is to get at least one intermediate certificate authority installed on your web server. That is, if the issue keeps on happening due to an untrusted web server. Intermediate certificates are great because they usually help you to know if the SSL certificate on your site was issued by a valid root certification authority.

  • Create a new Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

If the ‘Certificate not trusted error’ keeps appearing on the screen, it may be due to a wrongly installed SSL certificate. The only way to get rid of this kind of error is to create a new CSR from your server. Once you do this, you can go ahead and reissue it from your certificate provider. The steps that you are going to create a new certificate signing request will be determined by the type of browser you are using. 


SSL certificates error are very important because they help you to keep your information secure. Therefore, you need to have a genuine reason why you want to go through with this process. Once you bypass this security protocol, you will render your browser insecure, and this may expose your device and private information to security threats. With cybercrime on the rise, this may not be an ideal thing to do unless you really have a good reason for doing it. If you have done this to one particular browser and you feel like your information is not safe, you can switch to another browser to keep your communication and connection safe and secure. 


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