What are Industrial Electrical Services?


It’s time to seek out modern improvement choices from an industrial electrical contractor with knowledge in Industrial Electrical Services when your systems become dated, flawed, or no longer cost-effective. When you upgrade your facility or machinery to meet rising electrical demands, you’ll also need to consider new electrical solutions.

Energy-efficient Industrial Electrical Services can cut your electricity expenses dramatically and help you save a sizable portion of your operational budget. Large amounts of energy are used in factories. According to research, manufacturing uses more than a thousand times the amount of energy as other businesses. With this level of energy use, the costs of electrical upgrades can be recovered quickly. Electrical upgrades also raise the facility’s value, with a stated average of a dollar invested in energy efficiency increasing the asset’s value by three dollars.

Companies in specialized industries:

have a wide range of needs. Regardless of whether your company specializes in manufacturing, assembly, mining, or horticulture, Laser Electrical needs to be your go-to electrical contractor. Your premises will always be kept in good condition and in compliance thanks to our highly skilled employees working across the country.

We are aware that regular maintenance and servicing are essential to keeping your workplace safe and operating at peak performance. We make sure that all of our contractors are knowledgeable about current Health & Safety procedures, and we try our best to make sure that all work sites are secure before starting any work.

Laser Electrical is delighted to offer any guidance on the newest technology in your sector and is continually undergoing training in new ones. Contact SAS Powertech if you need help with new installations, planning a solution, or scheduled facility maintenance.

Regardless of whether your company specializes in manufacturing & assembly, mining, horticulture, or agriculture, SAS Powertech will have the correct industrial electrician for your demands and ought to be your go-to electrical contractor. Your premises will always be kept in good condition and in compliance thanks to our highly skilled industrial electricians and other electrical teams across the country.

We are aware that regular maintenance and servicing are essential to keeping your workplace safe and operating at peak performance. We try our best to make sure that all locations are secure before beginning any electrical work, and we make sure that all electrical contractors are knowledgeable about current Health & Safety procedures. Our industrial electricians are equip to handle both little and large works, as well as routine maintenance and servicing as well as any problems that may arise between visits. They are also excellent at offering guidance on brand-new initiatives and upgrades.

Services we offer:

You require consistent power that is available everywhere you need it in each of your structures. Extended and costly downtime can result from a power outage in the manufacturing industry. Equipment or gear that was in use could shatter if it were to unexpectedly lose power while performing an operation. When power is lost for an extended period of time, items like refrigerators that require power to operate can spoil or suffer damage. We are therefore available for emergencies and complete the job correctly the first time.

Electrical Manufacturing:

A technician in electrical fabrication performs a variety of tasks relate to fabrication, including installing wiring, welding, and machining electrical and electronic projects as well as producing planning drawings that help project managers understand the work that has to be done. Property owners and project managers will be interested in the many advantages of electrical and fabrication, including significant labor savings and decreased project time.

Utilizing pre-fabricated parts and working with an electrical contractor who offers that service is also safer. Because the dangerous pre-fabrication process is being carry out elsewhere, project managers and supervisors may concentrate on the workers who are there. Among the many prefabricated things we offer are light fixtures, junction boxes, and control panels.

Electrical Instrumentation:

What do video games, water filtration systems, spacecraft, and automobile production have in common? They all depend on electrical equipment. These electronics either enable the functioning of certain processes, such as production lines or collect data from sensors. Electricity theory, motor controls, and relay logic are all areas in which electrical instrumentation technicians excel. They receive instruction through programmable logic controllers as well (flow, pressure, temperature process control).

Low  Voltage:

Low voltage systems are devices that consume 50 volts (V) or less of power. 48 V, 24 V, and 12 V are the three most typical low voltages. These systems still have a small shock danger, but the chance of an electric arc forming in the air is significantly smaller. Low voltage systems, also refer to as low voltage cabling or structured wire, are use in a variety of locations, including residential houses. The system differs in a commercial or industrial setting. There are additional intricate networks that require wiring, including phone, computer networking, and wireless cabling. You might also have wiring for your HD video and audio systems.

  • Systems for closed-circuit television
  • Telephone systems
  • Intrusion detection systems and motion sensors
  • Access management systems (card readers, biometric scanners)
  • Systems for widespread alerts
  • Fire suppression and alarm systems

Importance of  SAS Powertech:

In the event that you encounter any electrical difficulties, the team SAS Powertech will work quickly to get you back up and running. We offer commercial, residential, and industrial electrical services. SAS Powertech offers comprehensive services for any industrial electrical job, including:

  • Visual designs and drawings
  • Shop drawings
  • Conduit layouts and light renderings
  • The job layout

One of the things that our clients prefer about working with us is the way we communicate. We think that regular communication is essential to the success of every project.

Power Savings:

We are here to assist you as you continually examine your operational budget and look for methods to save costs. Electrical solutions from SAS Powertech are cost-effective, easy to install, and energy-efficient. We also offer modifications for your industrial electrical system so you may use less energy and pay less for utilities. It offer a range of services, including the installation of new outlets, site illumination, service and panel upgrades, and electrical service for manufacturers. Power Savings also offer industrial facilities emergency repair services.

Which segments of industry do we serve?

SAS Powertech offers services to a variety of businesses regardless of their industry or economic area.

Customers of SAS Powertech POWER FACTOR CORRECTION AND HARMONIC ANALYSIS services come from a variety of industries, including food, plastics, steel, textiles, paper, printing, automotive, air conditioning, glass, furniture, wood, tobacco, metal, wind power, rubber, and multimedia.

SAS Powertech also provides services to clients in the tertiary sector of the economy, which includes businesses like refrigeration, telecommunications, transportation, banking, and insurance.

Industries that need to maximize the performance of their electrical installations are the target market for our services. companies looking to cut costs associated with operational continuity loss and its detrimental impact on quality.

Why us?

Trust, reliability, and project support.

Information about the equipment’s current condition and any potential problems to which it may be subject is available to our customers.

We offer innovative approaches and guidance on energy-efficiency problems in the industrial and commercial sectors, which boost productivity, lower expenses related to electronics, and lengthen their useful lives.

It provide continuous guidance to our clients as well as a warranty on finished projects.

We evaluate the state of your electrical installations and equipment as part of our efforts to minimize and control power outages.

We lessen electrical risks in your equipment, reducing the need for expensive repairs or replacements of electrical components brought on by unforeseen failures or energy problems.

Through proactive, preventative, and corrective maintenance, we offer solutions for electrical system issues.


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