What Are HEPA Air Filtration Systems Ireland


HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air and HEPA air filters are used in a wide range of different appliances and devices in and around the home and office to reduce the number of pollutants in the air. Experts say that a HEPA filter will eliminate up to 99.97% of particles that are airborne and are 0.3 micrometers in diameter. This size of particle is thought to be the most difficult to filter and are known as the most penetrating particle size or MPPS. Any particles that are either bigger or smaller than this size are filtered with a better efficiency HEPA Air Filtration System Ireland.

A HEPA filter is made up of a mat of fibers that are randomly distributed across each other forming a mesh of different sized fibers all placed on top of each other many times to form a filter. Air that passes though the mat is filtered as particles are trapped within it and the filter, after a certain period of time can be changed and all trapped particles are disposed of. A HEPA filter targets small particles and sticks them to fibers by one of three methods:

-Impaction: This works by the larger particles being unable to pass through or swerve past fibers even when using air stream contours. The higher the air flow and lower the fiber separation the more particles will stick to the filter.

-Interception: This happens when particles are airborne and follow the stream of air and stick to a fiber when they come into close contact with it.

-Diffusion: This works by the smallest particles colliding with gas molecules, which in turn will slow them down, making them stick to the filter and not pass through it.

Together this mixture of methods means that the majority of particles from 0.1 micrometers upwards will adhere to the filter and be taken out of the air. HEPA filters can be used in different ways such as in generating nuclear power (they are used in the housing filters to eliminate contaminants from getting in to the air), air conditioning units (which when used to eliminate airborne bacterial can be up to 99.995% effective) and vacuum cleaners (to rid the air of dust mites, pet dander and other irritants).

Using a HEPA filter can drastically cut down on the amount of pollutants that are in the air and today their use is not just limited to commercial ventures. You can easily have HEPA filters put into your air conditioning or ventilation systems both in residential and commercial properties. And using a vacuum cleaner with a removable HEPA filter can vastly improve the air quality in the home and can make all the difference if you suffer from allergies.

To make sure that you have HEPA filtration working for you make sure that you change your filter at the recommended time and only use filter appliances that can use a HEPA filter. If you would like more information on installing HEPA filters into your air conditioner or ventilation system speak to your local HVAC professional who can assist you with all your filtering and air conditioning needs.

Utilizing air filtration systems may be a matter of choice or may be mandated by federal, state and international regulations in order to provide clean air and work setting. There are many businesses that need to filter and remove particles from the air as well as eliminating the materials that are sent back out into the exterior environment. There are some businesses that may need to exhaust smells and odors from their building, including restaurants and other types of services. Other industries may have additional regulations governing how they remove odors and particles from both internal and external areas. Many times, these types of establishments will have to monitor and test both the internal and external air as well as the filtration process.

There are numerous types of air filtration systems, which may be needed. There those that will exhaust the internal air, and those units that will purify the error and return it back to either outside or continue to recycle it within the facility. A makeup air system will also need to be balanced. If fresh air is not being utilized, you can create health issues including allergies and the spreading of bacteria and germs. Hepa filters will help to decrease the amount of bacteria and germs in the air and will remove dust and other particles. This type of filter can also be used with some of the others, including carbon filters, ionizers, UV filters and ozone Filters Air Purifier Systems Ireland

Carbon filters will remove many types of chemical smells, as well as other particles found in the air using materials that will help to trap the chemicals. This type of filter will work for fumes, smoke, and dust. An ionizer filter will assist in collecting molds, dust and other smells. It utilizes a process where these materials are trapped on a glass plate. The magnetic charge will trap odors and allergens to the glass. This type of filter is even portable enough to place in offices and in hotel rooms to remove a variety of smells. The UV filter will also assist in destroying bacteria and other germs, before getting into a facilities air. The ozone filter will help to destroy bacteria and other mold spores. Both these can also be used in conjunction with a hepa filter.

Having an air purification system in closed places can protect you from allergens and respiratory problems. Air purifiers also remove offensive odors like cigarette smoke and stale food or drink smells. Air purifiers keep homes and closed spaces free of molds, particulate matter and harmful bacteria

To identify the correct type of air filtration system is important. You certainly do not want to use a system that may not be adequate for your setting. Most important thing is to be able to protect your employees, and the workplace. It is best to determine what types of materials you need to filter and choose the system accordingly.



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