What Are Essential Items For The School Break?

What Are Essential Items For The School Break?

School break is every child’s favorite time of year, but for parents and guardians, it can be a period of stress – trying to think of engaging activities for their young ones while juggling the constant work-life balance. That said, with a few essential items and activities in the bag, the breaks can go much smoother than you’re anticipating.

Books And Entertainment

If you’ve got some bookworms in the family, it is always worth checking out what fantastic books are coming out this summer. From Milo’s Monster by Tom Percival to Just Like Grandpa Jazz by Tarah L Gear, there are plenty of page-turners for young ones looking to expand their vocabulary, ignite their imagination, and fill in a rainy afternoon.

Books aren’t every child’s cup of tea and are by no means the only way of keeping them entertained throughout the weeks away from school. Game consoles, DVDs, jigsaws, arts and crafts, and good old-fashioned toys are all fantastic ways to keep children entertained while still expanding their knowledge and creativity. 

Back To School 

Perhaps the structure and routine that comes with ‘back to school’ can’t come soon enough, and it is never too soon to start preparing for what your children will need when they return. New stationery could be in order, as well as a new size of uniform or clothes that are suitable, and a bag that doesn’t have straps hanging by a thread after a year of wear and tear. Buying the back-to-school equipment over the course of a few weeks will remove the stress of the last-minute dash that always seems to cloud those final days of summer.

If you have a teenager who is heading back to school, it may be beneficial to be in the market for a new laptop, too. Look out for offers in places like the Lenovo laptop sale that suit your budget and child’s needs and see how their motivation rises now they have a shiny new computer on which to complete their assignments. 

Sun Protection

Moving onto a very serious note, sun protection is essential for the summer months. Children’s skin is more sensitive than adult skin, and precautions should be taken when UV levels are high between March and October. Sun protection doesn’t just mean using sun cream – of which an SPF of 30 is a minimum – but also covering up with suitable clothing where possible and spending plenty of time out of direct sunlight.

Stock up on sun cream, sunglasses, sun hats, and light but long clothing to provide your young ones with protection against long-term sun-related issues. Ensure you have plenty to last you all summer long, particularly if you plan on spending a lot of time outside. 

Final Words

A combination of entertainment, foresight, and safety should ensure a stress-free summer break for you and your children. While it can seem daunting to have increased childcare responsibilities alongside work, remember to make the most of it because you will undoubtedly miss these days when they grow up and head away to work of their own, university, or travel the world.


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