Web design within your online marketing strategy

Web design within your online marketing strategy

The design of a web page does not always receive the treatment and attention it really deserves. In many cases, the design of a web page does not have greater functionality than the mere fact that a company can have an online presence, leaving it at the expense of the owner or manager of the company to make decisions about the distribution of content and services, the visual design and other items. of website designing in Lahore.

However, a web page forms a crucial part of any marketing strategy, and must always be align both with the objectives that are intend to be achieve at a general level (get more leads, improve online reputation, etc.), as well as with the different tools marketing plan (Web Positioning, Google Ads, Content Marketing, etc.).

Your business doesn’t need a website

Web Design - Conversion Funnel

Your business may not need a website, but a coherent, effective and 100% personalize online marketing strategy . A web page only represents a part of this plan, and without having a strategy focus on clear and measurable objectives, you will simply be able to have a website without traffic, without potential customers.

Let’s look at the upper diagram, which represents a conversion funnel between visitors who come to our page and those who end up being loyal customers who recommend us. We can see how website designing in Lahore is found as one more tool within the “Convetir” area. And, although it is a fundamental and inalienable part of our strategy, we have to be aware that the web is not the end, but one more part, although crucial .

You need a strategy website designing in Lahore

Seville web design in online marketing strategies

Above this funnel is a layer that is always present and that we call “ Strategy Consulting ”. This layer is what really makes the difference between a campaign that achieves results according to a previously design plan and one that does not.

Quality strategy

A quality strategy consulting allows knowing not only the objectives that are intend to be achieve in the online channel (for example, number of budgets request via the web), but also the global objectives of the company and how the online leg will contribute to the global growth of the business.
It makes no sense to make a web page if we do not know what objectives we are pursuing, if we are not clear about the demand for our services on the internet (how they search for our services on the internet and what real demand they have), what tools are we going to put to work to achieve it (SEO , Google Ads, etc.) and how we are going to measure it (Google Analytics, heat maps, receive forms, etc.).

The website is the catalyst for (1) our traffic acquisition campaigns, whose objective is to constantly feed our portal with traffic, (2) the conversion elements, which seek our visitors to take a certain action (a call, that they complete a form, that they subscribe to our newsletter), and (3) the sales teams (that will manage all those contacts of potential clients).

Static pages do not exist

Web design in online marketing strategies

This is another axiom that must be taken into account. The belief that a website is a static support that shows our services, who we are and a contact area is common. A website is that, but not only that.

A website, both in its mobile and desktop version, is part of an ecosystem of tools with the aim of making your business grow , either through contact forms, calls or any other means. As such, the web must adapt at the same pace that your business does through campaigns. Let’s look at just a few examples to illustrate this point:


Adapting to your services:

Normally the services, and the way of presenting them, tend to change over time. It is possible that in your sector there are new improvements or that you incorporate some new features that allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition. These news may be suggest by your marketing team when doing demand studies or that you simply be aware of it in your day-to-day life. Well, all these new features must be integrate both in the traffic capture campaigns and in the website itself. Thus, our web platform will collect all those new demands, no matter how subtle, that appear in the market, and that will make us stand out from the rest of the competitors.

A / B tests to improve:

What happens if, for example, on a service page we detect that there are many users who abandon navigation after a few seconds? This information that we obtain from web analytics can be translate into A / B tests, to try to identify where the problem may be and find the appropriate solution. This type of action allows us to improve our pages both responsive and desktop to increase their conversion rates. Every day our page will be more effective getting new leads.

Growing at the rhythm of your business:

A campaign with a certain filming will have a good basis to carry out concrete tests. For example, we can give prominence to secondary services, change the focus when presenting a product that we have already been working with successfully, or work on a new segmentation to see if an improvement in ROI is possible.

Expanding the demand:

Except for very specific cases, the demand is not usually the problem, the objective lies in the opposite, in how to get all that potential traffic identify in the search studies. There are specific actions such as the creation of a landings page policy in accordance with our campaigns or the involvement of a content marketing strategy.

Web design that really works focuses on concrete and measurable objectives

Seville web design in online marketing strategies

Our vision about website designing in Lahore or anywhere in the world is simple: A website that works is one that has been design with specific and measurable objectives in mind and achieves them . Taking into account that web design is an integrate tool, along with others, within a global marketing plan.

If you think you need a website, remember that it is only the basis for the growth of your internet business, and that without a strategy it will be of little use to you. Give it the importance it really deserves and grow your business.


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