Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Make Money on Instagram

I will talk about the ways to make money from Instagram, especially for those who want to make money from home.

1. Sharing a Sponsored Post

You can earn money by sharing a sponsored post because referrals between people work very well. For this reason, companies want people with many followers to create a post about their products by contacting them.

For example, if you have an account where you share beauty tips, you can make an agreement with any company that sells beauty products and prepare one or more posts about a particular product or several products of that company.

You can set pricing per shipment or per item. In this way, it is possible to earn additional income in a simple way. If you have an average of 1000 followers, it is possible to earn money from Instagram with this method.

2. Being an Identifier of a Company

By making an agreement with a certain company, you can only promote the products or services of that company.

Compared to the method I mentioned in the first place, this method has the logic of working with a certain company in the long term.

You can work for the company you have agreed with on a monthly salary, or you can work with variable wages to earn the value of the promotional work you will do. This depends on the agreement between the company and you.

Even if you have no followers or no Instagram account, you can start making money with this method. Because you will open your Instagram account after contacting and agreeing with the relevant company. Thus, you create the account content and all its details to promote that company.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Thanks to the affiliate program, it is possible to earn money from Instagram. You can find the “affiliate program” link on the websites of many companies. When you click on this link, you can see the terms of affiliate marketing, apply to join that program and access the panel.

In the affiliate panel, you will see various products and links created for those products. What you need to do is; get the link of the product you want to market. When you include this link in the post you will create on Instagram, people will click and reach that product. If they buy that product, you make money too.

4. Selling Your Own Products or Services

It can be digital or physical, it doesn’t matter. You can sell your own products. You may also be providing a service, not a product. In this case, you need to sell your services.

For example, you are an expert on a particular subject and you want to serve others on the subject you are an expert on. You can use Instagram to do that.

Likewise, a special item, clothing, etc. that you produce. has. You can also use the Instagram account to promote and sell such things.

5. Serve Tourism Agencies

If you like to travel and about the places you visit; If you take photos and videos that promote and show those places in the best way, you can earn money in this way.

What you need to do is to increase the number of your followers by sharing such images and videos on your Instagram account, and then to communicate with tourism agencies to express that you can gain customers. You will even be able to earn regular money with the agreements you will make afterwards.



6. Become an Instagram Creator

Some companies want to post regularly from their Instagram account, but they do not have a specific staff or a budget for this staff. For this reason, they look for someone to work free-time. You, as one of these freelancers, can serve and earn money for such a company.

Doing this kind of work will allow you to earn 1000-2000 USD per month easily because you can work with several different companies at the same time, and you can prepare Instagram content for these companies.

In order to do this job, you must create your own advertisement by becoming a member of Fiverr and Peopleperhour sites. In this way, companies will see you and you will be able to negotiate.

7. Instagram Graphics

Some people and/or companies may want to add text or images to this photo in an impressive way while sharing a photo in their Instagram posts. Sometimes they may need an extra filter or regulation.

If you have a good computer, you can make money by downloading a useful graphic editing program to your computer and doing this kind of visual editing that people or companies need.

For this method, you can find customers by using sites such as Fiverr and Peopleperhour.

8. Find Customers Related to Your Business

If you have a business, you can use Instagram effectively to earn more money from this business.

For example, tostçu erol is one of the entrepreneurs who use social media in this way and become quite successful as a result.

You can reach customers and earn money by making constant, regular and impressive posts about your profession.

Do not forget that it is important to use the right tag so that your shares can reach the right target audience.

9. Sell on Instagram

Selling is one of the best ways to make money on Instagram because it has a much lower risk and a higher chance of earning in the long run compared to other methods.

But selling is an entrepreneurial model, and therefore, just like other entrepreneurial models, there is a possibility of loss or no profit in this venture model.

That’s why I suggest you do some research on this before you start selling.

When it comes to selling on Instagram, it is important to know that; There are multiple ways to sell. I recommend that you first learn what these methods are and then choose the most suitable one for you.

10. Making Money by Advertising on Instagram

You enlarge your Instagram page and you can receive advertisements from various companies to be compatible with your page content.

You receive a fee for each ad. This fee varies depending on the content of the ad and the way it is published.

If you can express to the company that you can present your advertisement to the target audience in a better way, it will be possible for you to make an agreement with high advertising costs.

In order for you to receive ads, your page must meet certain criteria. Otherwise, it will not be easy for you to get advertising.

Some of these criteria are;

– Your page or profile must have at least 1000 followers.

Because no one advertises easily on a page with a low number of followers, but even if it does, it gives a low budget.

become popular on social media

– You must be making up-to-date posts.

Because companies look at the last time a post was made. Because companies always want to advertise for an up-to-date page. That’s why I suggest you take 1 hour every day to share.

– About section of the page is very important.

They look at the About section because you can tell from the about section how stable and serious your page is about appealing to the target audience.

– The engagement rate of the page.

How many likes, comments and expressions are left by the users who follow the page, these are important details.

– Your statistics.

You should tell the advertiser about your statistics in order to convince them and increase the price they will advertise to you. If you are using a business account, statistics information can already be viewed. You can share this information with the advertiser and receive advertisements.

– Past ad experiences.

If you have received an advertisement on your page before and you have evaluated this advertisement project in the best way, you can talk about this past experience to the company that is considering advertising to you, and even show your past experience as an example.

– Creating an updated Instagram post every day

Using the right tag in the description of these posts will enable you to reach more followers in a short time.

These details are not only for those who want to make money from Instagram, but also; These are very important criteria for those who want to make money from Facebook and even make money from home via social media in general.

Once you meet these criteria, all you have to do is find advertisers.

There are different ways to find advertisers.

1. Researching companies that provide affiliate marketing through Google. You can join the affiliate program of these companies.

2. You can use intermediary sites such as Fiverr.com and Peopleperhour.com.

3. You can contact the companies directly from the contact information of the companies. Especially, an e-mail prepared in a respectable language and with a solid content allows you to get a response from that company.


– If you don’t have a page or the number of followers is very low, you can make an advertising deal on another page that appeals to the same target audience as your page, instead of wasting time on growing that page.


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