Want Extra Income? Top 5 Easiest Side Hustles in 2021


Although there has been an improvement in the world of jobs during the second half of 2020, there’s still a little worry about the uncertainty of our today’s situation as we move forward into 2021. Some sectors of the economy are visibly improving, others are not moving and have done layoffs that are increasing. This is the reason why many people nowadays are looking for side hustles. It’s the answer to earning additional income while keeping your primary job on target.

In addition, they also provide financial security, broadening your income. Therefore, if you are looking for more ways to make money on the side this year, don’t worry! We’ll be sharing with you some of the easiest side hustles, such as explaining what they are and which side hustle jobs may be suitable for you. 

Understand the Basics 

Okay, let’s explain what a side hustle is first before we discuss the ideas below. In simple words, a side hustle is a job or gig you can do in addition to your full-time position. The best side hustles you can take out there come in a flexible form of employment, such as freelancing or project-based jobs. Aside from that, you can find side hustles that will focus on enhancing your passion or your existing talents. 

A side hustle is a helpful way to earn extra money and diversify your salary, especially during uncertain economic times (waving to COVID-19), these type of jobs can bring in some cash even if your full-time work changes or ceases. 

#1 Tutoring kids 

Tutoring is an original niche with school shutdowns due to pandemic. Since COVID-19 hit the world, education has been in an unstable state. Children are going to school in an online way. Most classes are now online from home. In most cases, they’re even changing back and forth between the two, depending on the rate of COVID activity in the local school district. 

This type of setting places a bigger burden on both parents and teachers. A lot of teachers don’t have the capacity and enough time to give plenty of one-on-one support to students. So, this is why parents may be the ones responsible for filling the empty space with the subject matter they don’t completely know about. 

This has created an opportunity for tutors. If you think you excel in a particular subject area, such as math, science, or writing, you can help a student who’s having a hard time keeping up with the alternating school situation. 

Meanwhile, the great thing about tutoring is that you can set your own price and schedules. This means that you are in control of how much you’ll earn. 

#2 Freelance Writer 

Do you have excellent written communication and research skills? Then freelance writing will be a piece of cake for you. It would be a great side hustle for you. If you want to take the freelance route, this is very flexible. You will work on crafting social media posts, write articles, or reports, and make sure that you submit them on a due date. 

You may be able to earn about $30.39 per hour once you start. Also, there are numerous platforms that can support you to find work, such as Fiverr and Upwork, which are great options. It’s not really required to have either a journalism degree or previous writing experience, although they can help. However, if your writing skills are above average, and you have either one or multiple areas of expertise, you are capable of writing content for websites with that niche. 

#3 Delivery Driver 

COVID-19 has increased the reputation of food delivery since everyone doesn’t want to go out to eat or buy some things. In 2021, you may take advantage of it. There are so many food delivery service apps that can help you earn extra income, plus it’s easy to sign up. You can try being a driver for Instacart, GrubHub, PostMates, or Uber Eats. Plus, you don’t have a specific schedule to follow. You may get on it while working only when you want. 

Of course, how much you earn as a delivery driver varies and depends from one area to the next. Most likely, you can make $15.00 per hour, which is not too bad.

#4 Transcriptionist

Do you have clear ears? Are you a good listener? Can you type fast? A transcriptionist is one of the best online side hustles you can try exploring. All you need to do is listen to audio recordings and type what’s being said. It’s so easy! With this side job, how much you can make depends on your niche too. For instance, let’s say you have medical or healthcare expertise, having knowledge on this can snag you a position as a medical transcriptionist. Most likely, you can earn around $16.05 per hour. 

#5 Question Answerer

While you may not call it a formal job title, it’s actually a fair description of the work. There are sites like JustAnswer, which claims that its users can earn an average of $2,000 to $7,000 monthly by answering questions posed by users. 

Commonly, you will need an area of expertise to begin and you need to prove it to them. But this expertise can be about any subject, making it an option for many people. 

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