VShare For IOS For iPhone Share Photos and Videos


If you are looking for a way to share music and video files on your iPhone and iPod Touch, then vShare for iOS is the perfect solution for you. It is highly similar to the old Shareware software from years ago but with better features and capabilities. For those of you who have no idea what shape for iOS is, let me explain it briefly. It is an application which allows you to upload files to your phone using your Wi-Fi network, either by Bluetooth or EDGE. With this feature, you can easily transfer your video clips to your phone.

vShare is amongst the best apps:

vShare is amongst the best apps of this kind in the market and it lets iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users to install paid and free iTunes apps as well. Prior to share, users had to use the Compile app to do so. It used to work flawlessly on the apple iOS devices, but was found out to be quite unsuccessful on the new and shiny Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone SE, and other brands of iOS devices. With the removal of Compile app, vShare earned huge popularity and interest among the apple iPhone users. Its popularity increased when it was announced that vShare would also support Android phones with the release of v5.

Developers of vShare for iOS:

The developers of vShare for iOS have made it a point to cater to the needs of users from different devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. vShare is compatible with most of the popular apps available in the appstore including the Google Maps, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, LinkedIn, and many more. It also has a widget feature which allows users to access the website directly through their iPhones. The widget also enables users to share their websites and other apps via their social networks easily.

vShare for iOS is a modified version:

The vShare for iOS is a modified version of the normal share software which has been adapted to work properly on the iPhone and other iOS devices. The major changes that have been made on the vShare for iOS are its multi-orientation interface, which enables the content to be viewed in all the three orientations. This is similar to what the iPhone’s multitouch feature offers, which makes it easier for the users to interact with the computer mouse or the touch screen of their phones. The modified apps have also made it compatible with the Google Android apps, which is another reason for its popularity.

With the vShare for iOS:

With the vShare for iOS, you are sure to enjoy all the latest apps even when you are away from your gadgets. The media server uses the secure Wi-Fi to connect to your mobile device and stream all the content from your iPhone into your iPad. The only thing that you would have to do is to sign-in to the cydia network and access the network without jailbreak. All the files that are downloaded from the media server will be automatically transferred to your iPad.

Alternative to jailbreak:

The vShare for iOS is a great alternative to jailbreak for the iPhone and iPad users, who do not want to have to deal with the problems that come with the installation of additional applications. If you have an old version of the iOS operating system and are thinking of buying a new one, then you should consider using the share for iOS instead of going for jailbreak. jailbreak has been illegal in many countries, especially in the US, which means that even if you download pirated material on your IOS devices, there is no point of doing so since it will not be approved by Apple. This has been a huge issue with the launch of Apple IOS devices, as well as the jailbreak community.

iTunes app store:

However, Apple has made things a lot easier for the developers and consumers alike by developing the app store on their website. The app store, which was previously known as the iTunes app store, has a much larger database than the older version and offers a lot more options for the user. While it is still possible to jailbreak your IOS devices and install illegal apps, this no longer applies because you can only install apps that are approved through the official app store. This is probably one of the main reasons why vShare for iOS for the iPhone and iPad has become so popular in such a short time.

Social networking:

In addition to being able to download apps that you may want and need, vShare for iOS also allows you to manage your social networking account and send and receive emails through the web interface. If you are looking for a solution that will allow you to enjoy all the great functions that you have grown to love from your IOS devices but without having to resort to jailbreaking, then vShare for iOS is a great alternative. Not only does it work on any version of the Apple device, but it doesn’t require a computer in order to use it either. All you need is an internet connection and your device will be up and running.

 iPod Touch and iPad:

For those who love to share and exchange files on the Internet, vShare for iOS is a great option. This is a website platform that is compatible with most mobile devices including iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad. Sharing photos, videos, music and documents is easy and simple as you can simply share them by clicking on the share button. You can also access various options for editing your files. This website comes with an online community forum and an advanced editor. The website provides lots of features that will allow you to easily upload, download and share your files.

 Sharing and storage features:

Aside from the easy and simple sharing and storage features, VShare for iPhone and iPad also offers several other exciting features. One of the most impressive features available in this website is the iPhone app. This app allows the users to share their documents or images with their friends and other users all over the world. You can also use the iPhone app to transfer files between your iPhone and the PC or Mac via Air Transport Services. The website also offers other exciting features such as online games and sports that you can play with other people from around the world.

Advantage of using this website:

To get the full advantage of using this website, you need to use it properly. As a member, you will be able to use the different features available. There are many tutorials available in the website which will help you set up your PC or Mac as your Apple device and learn how to use all the functions properly. You will also learn how to convert your video and audio files into popular streaming video formats.

Upload and share:

You can also upload and share your documents through the interactive whiteboard. For a better experience, you should always try to share your work with someone who understands your needs and situation. Through the interactive whiteboard, you can present anything you want to present without worrying about the technical aspects. It is also possible for you to create documents and PowerPoint presentations using Vshare for IOS for free.

Sharing your work:

Sharing your work with others is easy. When you are finished, you can simply submit your video or photo to the website. You will be able to do this immediately after registration. If you want to share the documents you made, you can send them through email. You will also be able to receive comments on the documents from other users.

 Contribute to the development:

The website is maintained by many developers who contribute to it daily. In order for you to contribute to the development, you simply need to post your application in the marketplace. You will get plenty of opportunities to make your application known among many users. You can also become a developer, if you feel that you’re capable in creating something special.

Available for your iPhone users:

The applications that can be shared on the website can cater for different purposes. You will be able to make a calendar for you iPhone users. This calendar will be very useful for you when you are traveling. You can also make bookmarks for many users. These bookmarks will be very useful for browsing different websites. There are also video players available for your iPhone users.


Many of the applications on the website are free. All you have to do is to download the software and then you will be ready to share your work. Your friends can also view your work and can decide whether to download it or not. There are also other features like a help section which can provide you with any kind of help. Thus, it can be seen that the share for IOS for iPhone is an ideal website that you should go for.


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