VNO License in India, why it is better?

VNO License

When it comes to providing internet, India is not a slouch anymore. From the doors that Jio has opened for us to the services that Airtel has blessed upon us, we have many internet options. Among those options, there are service providers that while small scale, provide some of the best internet services out there. They are the holders of the VNO License.

A VNO or a Virtual Network Operator is a new way to provide internet services. It’s a way to provide internet in a cost efficient way. It has given many players of internet services jump into the competition and become the best one in India. Through this article, we are going to look into why is it better to go with UL VNO License in India.

VNO License: Comparatively cost Effective

When you compare a VNO with a standard ISP, it can easily be seen that a VNO is a more cost effective way to provide internet. When you sign a unified license agreement for a VNO, you don’t:

  1. Need your own hardware to provide internet services
  2. Need your own design to resell internet services

All you’re going as a VNO ISP is buying an reselling the internet services using the hardware provided by the telecom service provider who is selling you the bandwidth. This particular factor makes it getting a VNO License in India more cost effective.

Less Complex Network in VNO License

One of the things that conventional ISP struggle with is the overly complex nature of its network. One mishap in the wiring and depending upon the topology, the whole service can be shut down. This is not the case for a Virtual Network Operator. As a signer of unified license for VNO, you’re merely providing a virtual network, a digitized pathway for the networks to connect with each other. And you know that it’s easy to manage a software than a hardware. It makes the network that VNO is working with much less complex.

Not much time required to market your services

As you have merely paid the VNO license cost and have setup a Virtual Network, you’re merely a conduit that provides services given by the bandwidth producing telecom companies. If you have established connection with a good telecom company, you can use the name of that company to market your VNO company. As the telecom company’s name is already and established brand, you won’t have to wait longer for customers to reach out to you.

Reduced Capital Expenditure in VNO License

Everything about VNO license is less. Whether it’s the VNO license fee or it’s the cost of setting up the infrastructure. As hardware is rarely required, your capital expenditure is low. When you combine this with the higher ROI you’d get from customers who come to you believing in the product you’re selling, you know the starting a VNO is a better option.

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Enhanced Flexibility When providing Services

One of the greatest issues that the standard ISPs face is the complexity of the network. When an ISP has to scale up its services, it has to bring in more hardware, and do the needful to provide the best quality internet to the subscribers. However, other than the need of new connections, a VNO doesn’t have to do much. All it takes is a click of few buttons and the virtual network scales up its process to accommodate new subscribers. When it comes to flexibility, this is the greatest perks of signing a VNO license agreement.

Less Barriers in The Market

Those with the Unified License DOT for VNO face no competition in the market. The primary reason for that is lack of knowledge surrounding this particular license. There are neither many applicants nor many takers for this license. It severely reduces the market barriers – giving you ample of room to grow your business.


In the battle between VNO license vs. ISP License, most side with the one that can provide them most profits. While ISP is an option for those who can afford it, to get VNO license apply online is an option chosen by the start-ups – the underdogs. So, if you are indeed a startup, you choose to get MVNO license.


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