Video Analytics Solutions


QuikieApps Video analytics solutions use video surveillance systems to extract accessible, usable, and measurable information from live or stored video footage. Video analytics solutions use artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and remove particles in the video, identify each object using a professional Deep Convolutional Neural network, and classify each object for innovative surveillance analysis, such as search and filtration notifying, and aggregation of data and visualization. For industrial automation, intelligent cities, green systems, and other sectors, QuikieApps


 Video Analytics Solutions (VAS) product range speeds video analytics pipelines to provide meaningful business insight from video streaming. Built on QuikieApps are analytics platforms with AI+ acceleration utilizing GPUs or FPGAs, QuikieApps Video Analytics Solution provides system integrator and standalone software providers with the best score and adaptability.

Our Video Analytics Services 

Video analytics’ primary purpose is to autonomously distinguish spatially and temporally occurrences in videos. The services we’re providing are

  • PPE Detection 
  • Face Recognition 
  • Smart Attendance System 
  • Social Distancing Monitoring 
  • Crowd detection 
  • Object Tracking 
  • Indoor & outdoor People Tracking 
  • ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition 
  • Parking Management System 
  • Smart City Solutions 

PPE Detection 

It is critical to guarantee personnel safety on a commercial factory or construction site. Managers have a tough time ensuring that all employees wear their PPE correctly. QuikieApps is an AI-powered video analytics solution that addresses PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) related danger and risk detection situations as well as violations. This process can also be used to search for and easily detect non-compliance instances in which employees are not wearing required PPE, such as headgear, overcoat, protective clothing, or eyeglasses. Customers in the primary industrial, process, chemical, and construction sectors may install it in their shops, building sites, and production facilities. QuikieApps AI technology collects data straight from webcams, does Machine Learning and Neural Network research to verify protective equipment, prohibited zone invasions, and other breaches, and displays the violations as reports and warnings on panels and even on smartphone Apps. PPE detection consists of


  • Safety helmet detection 
  • Safety vest and harness detection 
  • Face-Mask Detection
  • Contactless Temperature Checking
  • Contact-less Attendance Monitoring
  • Worker loitering and crowd gathering analysis
  • Gloves and shoe detection 
  • Proper Eye safety wear detection 
  • Dress codes/Uniform Monitoring

Face Recognition

Facial recognition gives powers for safety, protection, and administrative efficiency. As a seamless integration aspect of its expandable Video Analytics solution, QuikieApps face detection and recognition features offer best-in-class face similarity. The AI Facial Recognition System is a video analytical solution with structured video monitoring and a control approach. For any company or organization considering QuikieApps face detection for productive people and network maintenance, the video content observation and facial recognition process is a perfect platform. Businesses and organizations have never placed a greater emphasis on human identity. The advantages of applying sophisticated Video Analyses to leverage digital identification have led to increased security, efficiency, good communication, and enhanced client satisfaction. Safety and monitoring, personnel management, product management, services, automation systems, and data modeling are all areas where our AI Video Analytics and Facial Recognition System provides visual intelligence.

Benefits of Face recognition

  • Will speed up the investigations.
  • Operational and Business Intellectual ability can be derived.
  • Notifies the Presence & absence of people.

Smart Attendance System

Smart Attendance Systems become essential for companies and employees to know the login and logout timings. The smart attendance system especially becomes important in academic institutions like schools or colleges, bearing a significant portion of the responsibility for their safety. Providing for the protection of its kids gives the school administration and parents peace of mind and improves the institution’s market reputation. When parents are aware that a school is preemptively worried about the security of its students, they are more likely to enroll their kids there. QuikieApps Smart Attendance System is based on this approach. Several well-known school systems have already adopted this system. We also hope to include this beneficial safety habit in your schooling institutions.

Social Distancing Monitoring 

Self-isolation and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic become important. Companies must flexibly update their safety requirements to prevent Coronavirus transmission and adhere to new safety precautions as public places, and private companies. National security and healthcare organizations worldwide are offering guidelines to help companies reopen responsibly while also preserving their healthcare systems’ capacity to manage the sickness domestically.


The importance of video analytics solutions in safeguarding citizens and preventing disease spread has never been greater. QuikieApps system along with Video Analytics solution exposes an efficient methodology to the most significant public health use instances, allowing campuses, workplaces, and office properties of all styles and sizes to broaden the application forms of their established video analytics solutions.

Crowd detection 

QuikieApps Crowd Detection video analytics solutions calculate the number of individuals in a small area in live time and set off an alert system when a certain percentage of people is reached. Crowd detection is helpful for public video surveillance in which the number of persons present must be tracked for public safety or quality of service. QuikieApps crowd detection video analytics solution, commonly used in street safety, big industries, and universities, can instantaneously detect unusual crowds and send out actionable alerts. With user-defined general policies, you may set the violation thresholds based on the number of persons in the audience you designate.


Benefits of crowd detection 


Boost Public Security:

Monitoring population levels in public locations such as subways, concert venues, conference halls, and retail malls is vital for maintaining public safety and directing staff resources.


Collect data to promote the market:

Collect basic information on foot traffic in a workplace or public place and utilize it to create proper marketing, service offers, and store hours choices.


Maintains the quality of service:

Organizations can discover bottlenecks, congestion, and use rates by tracking usual and peak occupancy and utilize this knowledge to improve personnel levels and other business operations.


Notify the staff right away.

Staff may be alerted instantly through email or SMS when numbers surpass specified criteria.

Object Tracking

QuikieApps software takes a series of initial object detection methods, creates a unique identifier for each of them, and then follows the identified objects as their movement across frames in a movie. Object tracking, in other terms, is the problem of accurately recognizing objects in a clip and understanding them as a series of trajectories. Surveillance, human contact, diagnostic devices, road traffic tracking, and human influence detection are all uses of object detection and traceability in machine learning. Suppose the FBI wants to use citywide security cameras to follow a criminal fleeing a car. 

The basic steps of object tracking are:

  • Object detection is a technique in which an algorithm identifies and recognizes an object by forming a frame around it.
  • You are attributing each object to a unique identifier (ID).
  • Keeping track of the identified item travels between frames and recording the pertinent data.

ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition

The term ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) refers to image analysis technology recognizing license plates and converting them to digitized information. QuikieApps ANPR system’s functioning is made up of two main key components. A camera collects photos and data in it. The webcam is crucial because it must record pictures suitable for ANPR. The most excellent ANPR results are obtained using cameras specifically developed for ANPR. ANPR systems interpret the plate text from a group of collected photos and determine the plate type. Picture normalization and improvement, detection of the automobile in the image, and finally identifying the plate on the frame are all processes in automated recognition. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithm completes the process by recognizing individual letters and converting them into electronic textual data. 

Parking Management System 

Parking has always been a problem in metropolitan areas, with many people finding it difficult to locate parking spots in public locations, particularly malls and departmental stores. This results in increased fuel usage and repeated traffic congestion issues. Other than that, factors such as rising customer demand for comfort and luxury and more incredible rivalry among OEMs to offer driver assistance features are driving the market for innovative parking systems. Video analytics solutions of QuikieApps included an intelligent parking system, which allows for continuous surveillance of all vehicles in a parking lot. Any suspicious conduct may be recorded before a visitor reaches the store’s premises and necessary steps are taken. Using object counting, the parking manager can determine how many parking places have been filled and how many are empty. The information gathered from video surveillance may also enhance the overall shopping experience. The data collected can reveal peak traffic hours and the median hours invested by a customer during his visit, among many other things. This will allow the retailer and parking staff to plan ahead of time for peak hours.

Smart City Solutions 

The demand for smart city solutions has arisen due to rapid urbanization. According to experts throughout the world, smart cities will be the future facilitators in boosting accelerating financial growth and the quality of life for inhabitants.


The smart city solutions from QuikieApps are built with innovative urban solutions from traffic control to resource optimization to e-governance, intelligent lighting technologies, residential and buildings efficiency structures, and smart healthcare.


QuikieApps Video analytics solutions aim to create future cities that encourage economic growth, enhance facilities and the ecology, and digitally optimize public assets. A brilliant city comprises many connected devices that gather and share data via an extensive network that spans the whole city. These intelligent devices communicate and work together to make residents’ lives easier. Cities rely on computing skills to control traffic flow, improve utility management, and offer automated infrastructure and social. With the support of numerous sensing devices, QuikieApps Video analytics solutions have significantly improved many processes in data collecting and analysis.

Why Choose QuikieApps, for your Video Analytics Solutions? 


QuikieApps’s revolutionary, complete video analytics platform is built for flexibility and scalability with economical reliability, performance, and user-friendliness, allowing people, corporations, and communities to discover the worth of their footage. QuikieApps Video analytics solution can convert video into meaningful insights using artificial intelligence and supervised learning for quick video viewing and discovery, as well as proprietary QuikieApps technologies, real-time alerts, and quantifiable video analytics.


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