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Dundee Blinds, There are many different types of Velux blinds. Which one is the best for you depends on the type of property, age of the building, and room size. Here are a few helpful tips. Choose a style that suits your personality and the room it will be installed in. Consider how the blind will be used and what its purpose is. Then choose the perfect material, style, and price. In addition, make sure that it’s easy to clean and maintain.

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If you want to install new blinds for your Velux windows, then you should get genuine VELUX blinds. They fit your roof window perfectly and come with brackets which are already attached to the frame. Dundee Blinds, They can be fitted in a matter of minutes, whereas non-branded blinds may require some measuring or cutting. A genuine Velux blind can simply be clicked into place in the brackets. Moreover, genuine blinds come with side rails so that they can be easily installed.

Easy to clean

Velux blinds are easy to clean. Dundee Blinds, The blinds feature an air filter, which is a thin foam-like strip. Regular cleaning is necessary to keep the air filter free of dust and grime. To clean the filter, rotate it in a cleaning position and remove it from the filter rail. You can then wash it with soap and water, and dry it completely before replacing it with the maintenance kit provided by VELUX.

Low maintenance

Velux blinds are specially designed to fit in VELUX roof windows and skylights. They are simple and minimalist in design, and are designed to be easy to fit. Blinds Dundee, They are also factory-sized to fit, so there is no need to measure or cut them yourself. To install Velux blinds, you simply snap them into place and fasten them with a few screws. Dundee Blinds, If you don’t have a Velux window, check its data plate for the sizing code.

Ideal for bedrooms

VELUX ranges include a wide range of venetian blinds, which are a great choice for bedrooms. These blinds are renowned for their elegance and sophistication. They are also extremely easy to maintain. You can simply wipe them down with a damp rag or a feather brush. Regardless of your personal preferences, VELUX blinds are sure to please. You can also opt for a motorised version, if you want to be more secure.

Ideal for children

Kids’ rooms are among the most used rooms in the house, so it makes sense to make them as comfortable as possible. Dundee Blinds, Blackout blinds from VELUX ensure complete light control, perfect for keeping the sun out on sunny days and ensuring a good night’s sleep for your children. You can find many different fun designs, including VELUX’s Kids Collection, as well as child-safe cordless options.

VELUX blackout blinds provide unrivalled blockage of sunlight

Velux blackout blinds are perfect for bedrooms, as they offer complete blockage of sunlight. These blinds are easy to use, and they can even make a room pitch black! Perfect for bedrooms, these blinds have a complete lightproof seal and are also easy to operate for children. Children can even operate them themselves without assistance. This makes them an excellent choice for bedrooms in the summertime.

Velux blackout blinds are easy to install, thanks to the Pick&Click system. They simply snap into place, so installing a new Velux window is as simple as replacing an existing one. They’re also very easy to install, thanks to their Pick&Click system, which means they don’t need to be cut to fit the window. Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll love the result.

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Velux blackout blinds are designed specifically for these windows. They come in many colours and styles, and can be adjusted to block out as much or as little sunlight as required. They are also available in soft, calming patterns, and feature designs featuring favorite children’s characters. No matter the look of your room, Velux blackout blinds are sure to add a touch of style to any room.

Velux insect screens offer 100% protection from bugs. These insect screens are made of durable transparent fabric that does little to interfere with your view. These screens are easy to install and come in different sizes and configurations. They are perfect for rooms that need both privacy and sunlight. It is also important to keep in mind that Velux blackout blinds come with a VELUX Insect Screen.

VELUX pleated blinds provide basic privacy

Velux pleated blinds are a good option if you need to block sunlight and ensure basic privacy in your room. They are available in 15 stunning colours and have three different types of operation. These blinds are not fixed at the top or bottom and can be positioned anywhere in the window. Unlike other types of blinds, they do not completely eliminate daylight and instead provide soft, diffused light. They are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and nurseries.

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If you want to add character to your room, then you can opt for Velux blackout blinds. These blinds come in a wide range of colours and patterns, which can add a unique touch to the room. If you want to add more privacy, then you can also opt for Velux roman blinds and pleated blinds. They are ideal for rooms with high ceilings, where you do not want direct sunlight to shine through the window.

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Velux energy blinds are similar to Velux blackout blinds but offer almost total darkness when closed. Their dual-pleated cloth and built-in aluminium honeycomb structure provide superior insulation levels. Velux energy blinds are ideal for bedrooms. They also reduce the sound of rain and hail. You can choose between blackout and pleated blinds. You can also choose between blackout and pleated blinds, which are a hybrid of the two.

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Choosing the right Velux blinds is important. There are many types available, and each has its own advantages and drawbacks. Some blinds block sunlight completely while others offer soft diffusion. Others trap warmth inside the room and prevent overheating. Velux blinds can be operated manually or by remote control. You can also buy special rods to open or close them. However, you should consider the size and operation of the window when choosing blinds for your Velux windows.

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Velux blinds are easy to install. If you have a brand new Velux window, it is possible to install Velux blinds in your new windows or simply replace the old ones. Velux blinds are made to be easy to install and have a Pick&Click mounting system that eliminates any cutting or trimming. They can be easily mounted to side rails. If you have an existing Velux window, you can also choose the same blind for that window with the same mounting brackets.

VELUX energy blinds offer exceptional insulation levels

Velux energy blinds provide excellent insulation levels and can help you save money on heating bills. They have double pleated cloths with an aluminium honeycomb structure to offer exceptional insulation. These blinds are available in a wide range of colours and offer full blackout protection when closed. You can choose the style and colour that best suits your décor. Velux energy blinds are very easy to install and they come with a three year guarantee.

They also are compatible with manual and solar powered VELUX roof windows. They provide the perfect finishing to your skylights. VELUX blinds are designed in partnership with leading trend experts and come in a variety of fabrics. Consumer can choose from stylish and classic designs to match your home’s design. You can save money on your energy bills while maximizing the beauty of your home. You can also save on your home insurance by installing Velux energy blinds!

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Velux energy blinds offer exceptional insulation levels in a range of rooms. Their custom design options make them perfect for a variety of settings, from home offices to workspaces. They can also be customized to fit different window styles. Velux mounting brackets come standard with each style, making installation a breeze. You can choose any combination that best suits your interior design scheme. A few examples of customisation options include the use of different colours and fabric types.


Velux energy blinds have many benefits, including increased insulation, improved privacy, and reduced light pollution. VELUX Awning Blinds and Roller Shutters can reduce passive heating in your home and provide total darkness for your bedroom or relaxing space. You can also use VELUX Awning Blinds and Solar Powered Blinds to reduce the amount of solar gain or heat loss into your home. This can save you money on heating and electricity bills.

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Velux interior blinds feature an insulating layer on the reverse side of the window to minimize heat gain in the room. The use of argon gas, which is an odorless, colorless, and inert gas, is another feature of these blinds. They minimize condensation by using an argon gas or a special Low-E coating. They also prevent evaporation by minimizing condensation.

Cleaning VELUX blinds

Getting the windows of your Velux roof clean can be a challenging task. Cleaning Velux windows requires a soft cloth and detergent. When cleaning areas with hard water, you should use a detergent without abrasives to avoid streaks on the glass. Always use a diluted solution to wash the window, then wipe away the excess water. Follow these steps to ensure that your Velux windows are free from debris and stains.

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The best way to clean Velux blinds is by using a sponge dipped in lukewarm water. This will remove small layers of dirt. While you prefer to use a sponge, try dampening it with a damp cloth. If the dust is too stubborn to wipe away, you can use a microfibre cloth dipped in soapy water. If soap is not available, you can also use a small amount of laundry detergent or vinegar. Whatever you choose, make sure that the suds are suitable for the fabric of your blinds. Don’t use bleach as this can ruin the blind’s fabric.

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The best way to clean Velux windows is to regularly clean the blinds. The blinds are easily removable. And the best thing about them is that you don’t have to hire a professional to install them. And cleaning them is as simple as following the instructions on the blinds’ labels. You can choose from different designs and colours. As long as you like the look and feel of the Velux blinds, you can choose from the many styles and colors of Velux window blinds.

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VELUX blinds are great for many reasons, from offering unrivaled UV and heat blockage to excellent insulation. There are many options available, so it is important to choose the right ones for your needs. You can also select from different types of blinds, depending on your preference and budget.

Benefits of Velux Blinds

The benefits of Velux blinds are numerous and varied, allowing you to choose the best style and color for your home. They are easy to install and come with aluminium side channels that allow you to place them at any position on the window. The room darkening blinds have a double-pleated honeycomb structure and an interior aluminum coating to filter incoming light. These are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms and provide glare-free protection from the sun.

There are three main types of VELUX blinds: manual, electric, and solar. Most designs are available in all three types of operation. Most owners match their blinds to their windows, so electric blinds are suitable for manual velux windows. Similarly, solar blinds require a ZOZ 228 fitting device, so you need to order this separately. A roller shutter provides extra security and helps reduce the sound of rain or hail.

If you are planning to install Velux blinds, you should follow a few tips before purchasing them. First, remember that each type has unique measurements. If you do not have precise measurements, Velux blinds are sized at the factory and are installed with a few screws. You can find this information on the data plate on your Velux window sash. Once you know the exact measurements, you can purchase and install the blinds yourself.

You can purchase high-quality skylight blinds that will filter out the light and provide protection from the sun. These skylight blinds are available in several styles, including Venetian, light filtering, and cellular. The VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO system allows you to control the amount of light that enters the room. This system can even be installed without a professional. You can choose the color and design of the blinds that best suits your needs.







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