Using SMS and Email to Engage Your Customers in 2022

Email and SMS

Email is the most popular communication platform worldwide. But, Email is just part of consumer engagement. You need another communication channel to complete the communication package for business – SMS.  

 SMS is another powerful communication tool, when it is integrated with Email you can offer the strongest communication experience for customers. In 2022, Email and SMS will be the most preferred communication channels. Here in the article let’s see how to use & how effective both are to engage with consumers. 

What should you choose between Email Vs SMS?  

SMS has a higher open rate and click rate than Email. But it’s never a good idea to remove Email totally from the strategy. Effective SMS program is using emails, not just replacing them.

 Both Email and SMS are used for several kinds of communication. However, your consumers need both. The biggest way to know how to add SMS into the communication strategy is by thinking about how valuable is the message for business. And also find when should the message be delivered to the recipient. 

Then think about how many designs or graphics you need to send the message. Then figure out how do you like to let your consumers know about the message and by what channel. In a few situations, you need to depend on both SMS and Email. For example, if there are any security breaches, then you should inform customers via both channels. 

Sending a message from both channels needs to be driven by the engagement of the recipient. A retail promotion includes Email and SMS. However, you need to use engagement segmentation to find which channel your user is likely to go with. For a few, it can be complementary email or texts. And others receive one of them. 

Why Is Email to SMS Strategy Important for business?

At the end of 2024, more than 4.5 billion people might use email. That means if you are doing the email marketing correctly. We mean using trendy tills, following trends, and optimizing emails. Then, it can boost the traffic of your revenue, conversion, and website.

Over the past few years, SMS has become an effective communication channel. Texts are used to market to boost revenue and for easy customer service. Also,  60 percent of the customers check text messages in 1-5 minutes which is the best way to attract people’s awareness. Even the open rate and click-through rate of SMS are way better than the email or the Facebook ads. So, with Email to SMS services, you are creating a power bridge of communication between customers and business. 

1. Effective cross-channel promoting strategy 

While choosing the marketing channel to promote your campaign, doesn’t have to be one of them. It can be both SMS and Email. For instance, sending cross-channel promotional texts of discounts, and offers reach potential audiences. Choose a prominent Email to SMS service and segment the audience based on their interest in the different marketing channels. 

Send out detailed email messages with a CTA that directs readers to your website. You could send short &  sweet messages regarding what prospects can expect from the upcoming email with SMS. Through this strategy, you could use more content & words than the email subject line.  As there is no need to scroll, people can read it instinctually.

2. Keep the customers up to date 


Alerts and reminders help in keeping consumers engaged with your business.  And you must keep them updated with the crucial things too. 

Use SMS & email Marketing to inform your subscribers about any changes if your products or upcoming events.  So, more people can buy or book events. And you can also answer the questions about your updates or services.  That makes your customers feel involved and aware of changes to find the clarifications by themselves.

Also, alerts help with daily facets of utilizing the business. Like informing of deliveries or confirming orders and appointment reminders. With SMS alerts, you can make sure customers don’t lose a booking or delivery.  That is the best way to help with the confirmation emails which include full details of the purchase.

3. Quick responses

The best way to keep engaged with the customers is to be there for them whenever they need us. That’s where Email to SMS comes from. SMS messages lead to quick interactions that make them the best addition to important messaging campaigns. People mostly read emails yearly. But they might not respond or see the message quickly. For example, if you are sending an email regarding a flash sale. You don’t get the response right away.  

SMS offers quick communications, however, it might not support complex messages. With an email to SMS campaign, you can find the perfect solution to your problem.  Typically a text message is reacted to within 90 seconds. Whatever the offer you have if you need instant results, email marketing with SMS is the best way to rely on.

You can add more characters in the text messages than in the email subject line. Try to keep the SMS to 160 characters, so you don’t have any difficulties. Text and Email could be integrated based on your goal. If the business got any exciting announcements then send an SMS. That explains potential customers about the forthcoming email.

4. Amass feedback 

We all know polls and surveys can boost and encourage engagement from the customers. It promotes subscribers to interact with the text. This not only influences your content direction but also collects feedback regarding your company. This al’s makes people feel involved with your brand. These details will refine the engagement approach.

SMS messages are used for surveys, like making ratings or questions about the feature. Also, SMS reaches anywhere at any time which boosts response rates. 

When you like to collect in-depth feedback, email seems to be an easier way for customers to offer a comprehensive response. Supporting feedback requests by using an SMS to notify customers about upcoming email questionnaires boosts the response rates. And your Email doesn’t get ignored. 


Thanks to technology, now customers have too many communication channels to interact with brands. There is a trick to building everlasting customer relationships and engagements. You should send messages about how and where they like to hear from you.  Want to launch an Email to an SMS marketing campaign? 

Then don’t wait and start with email and SMS hassle freely, with GuniSMS Email to SMS services.  You could sign up for GuniSMS freely and then send messages within minutes. Do you have questions about the Email to SMS, let our experts solve them for you. Contact us today. 


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