Useful Packing Hacks For Moving

Useful Packing Hacks For Moving

Congratulations! You finally found your dream house. After working hard all these days you finally managed to find a house that appeals to your senses. Not until and unless you move to your new house your work is not over yet.

Packing, one of the tiresome tasks to get your house shifted. If you are not the kind of person who likes to sit and pack, then it will be best if you can hire a packer and mover. The moving team will come and pack all your household items for you and shift them to the new address.

If you are one of those who likes to spend money carefully you may want to pack things yourself. This will require a lot of patience and strategy. Packing can be a boring task and tedious, and a bit annoying too.

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Here, are a few tips to help you with the packing part of the whole household shifting. These tricks are sure to reduce your house relocation stress and bring down the packing expense.

Rent moving boxes

The first and foremost thing to do before you start with the packing is to get enough packing materials. When you are starting with the stuff all your things in the boxes, for a few days avoid all the boxes lying around the place.

You can get all the packing boxes for free or at a small price. If you can have a rough idea about how many boxes you will require, you can tell the stationary store nearby to help you collect a decent amount of cardboard boxes.

Waiting for the packers to come and pack things for you can cost you extra. When you can get free boxes, why waste money. If you don’t get enough packing boxes, you can rent reusable plastic boxes. This is a smart alternative. It depends where you are staying. In metro cities, you can get an ample number of rental bins. These packs will reduce the cost to 50%.

These boxes are not like corrugated boxes, they are not just waterproof but also cushion-proof. You can also ask the packing and moving service providers to use recycled boxes. They can sanitize it for you.

Vacuum space bag

Packing blankets and pillows can be very tough to pack. They are so fluffy and take up so much of the space. To avoid that you can use a vacuum space bag. This equipment is used to suck out all the air out of the bag which you used to pack your blankets.

Once you pack your pillows, blankets, goose jackets in the bag attach a vacuum space bag to remove all the air from the bag. This will compress the bag making it lightweight and easy to carry. They are a bit expensive but the work done is worth the cost.

There are DIY ideas that can be used to get the job done. By adding an ordinary garbage bag, rubber band, and a vacuum cleaner, you can get the work done at a much lower cost.

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Organize the boxes smartly

When you sit to pack, you may get muddled as to where to start with the packing process. Gathering items, packing them, and labeling can take a lot of time. If you have organized the household items, things can become easier when it comes to relocating.

Things can get even simpler if you have made a checklist in advance. Not knowing how to create a detailed checklist can lead to a lot of confusion. You can try another alternative.

If you are not a pen-paper person you can always get a picture of all the items going in a box. Just a click from your smartphone seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? Name the box and image the same name to avoid confusion when it’s time to move.

You can take the help of new apps for organizing things. If you are too much of a gadget person all this will seem simple.

Peeling the sticky end

Have you tried pin-pointing the sticky end of the tape? How frustrating it can get. This is one of the challenging tasks to get into once you start with the packing. It can get more annoying once it tears off into stringy shreds, instead of long tidy pieces.

There is a simple way to solve this problem. Locate the sticky end and attach a toothpick as a marker. This will make the taping of the boxes easier. Horizontally place the toothpick on the sticky side of the tape. Make sure that it is half an inch away from the end.

Fold the tape end under the toothpick to cover it. Doing this can make taping much simpler.

Cheaper packing alternative

Packing peanuts and bubble wrap are great materials to pack items. They are quite expensive, aren’t they? Another alternative is the use of towels, blankets, and sheets to protect fragile items. If those boxes are not clean enough, you may end up having tons to wash them after unpacking.

In that case, what to do?

If you have a paper shredder you can use the shredded clutter as the fillers in the boxes. When packers and movers come you can share this clutter to help with the packing. Instead of throwing these away, they can be recycled to make shock absorbers.

To avoid a big mess you can stuff the shreds of paper in a polybag and use it to pad the boxes or fragile items. Tie the knot to prevent the shreds from spilling out. This could make a good alternative to make fillers for your cardboard boxes.

Lets’ look at another alternative: plastic bottles. Yes, clean plastic bottles of different sizes can be used to pack odd-shaped things for proper shifting. Without packers and movers, it will be difficult to shift things without any damage. You need to be extra careful while shifting things in confined boxes.

Organize small items

Even if you are hiring packing and moving services, keeping things organized makes things easier. To organize small items it is best to plan a transparent move. To do so, transparent ziplock bags are ideal to pack small yet important stuff.

Important documents, furniture screws, cords, and other such items can be protected by keeping them in ziplock bags. You can use and reuse them according to the need. Having them can add an advantage to your packing.

Most of the time we pack things but forget where we placed them. Keeping them in transparent bags makes it easy for you to recognize and place them in their assigned places. Organizing small items are very tricky, displacing a single item can cost you a lot. In that case, you can group it with the device and gadget and place them in the bags.

Prepare problem-solving kits

After shifting you may need certain things such as clean towels and soap for at least washing your hands. Prepare a few kits that can solve problems as you proceed with the shifting. The kits can be prepared using transparent containers. Keep them in large suitcases so that, bare essentials are at your fingertips:

Weekend kit

This kit includes all the items that you would require for a few days after leaving your old house. This will include toiletries, medications, and clothing.

Bed & bath kit

Toilet paper, sheets, towels, toiletries, and other such stuff need to be included in this kit.

First aid kit

A very essential kit that should in every home, a first aid kit. Even if you don’t have kids and pets at home it is important to have one at home at all times. Band-aid, bandages, antiseptics, cotton roll, etc can be added to the box which can come in handy in case of any accidents.

Prevent bottles from leaking

Leaking bottles are another point of concern when it comes to shifting. Liquid items in the kitchen and bathroom can leak while you are relocating and destroy other boxes as well. A small trick can save you a lot of headaches.

All you need is plastic wrap. Yes, a small leaf-sized wrap will do the trick. Remove the cap, place the sheet of plastic, and put the cap back. You can use it while packing small shampoo and oil bottles while traveling. Use this trick when you are packing for relocation.

These small tricks and hacks can make things simple amidst all chaos. If you are not prepared for the mess, then most probably end up making mistakes. Being prepared in advance keeps you ahead of others and has control over the situation.

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