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As everyone knows that USCIS (U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services) is a platform for helping people to immigrate to the United States of America. There are a lot of things to know about its working process and timings.

Helpful and authentic information about uscis case status is very important for new applicants. In this article, we will review major and minor notifications.

Notifications, emails, and their meanings

Every program and site have their own ways of notifying their users and applicants. The same is the case with USCIS. There are different ways that they notify their applicants.

So, applicants can have misunderstandings about these emails. Therefore, the discussion about them is very essential. Moreover, you have multiple options to ask for the things, but we will review the major notifications. Let us dive in.

Received Case

This is the initial stage of your application and case. In this step, you will receive two emails and they will inform you about the approval of your case.

Further, USCIS might put an email in front of you to sign up for a uscis account. As a result, it would track your case status and receive electronic notifications.

Case accepted by the uscis lockbox

Secondly, if you receive this email or notification, it means they are working on your case. Furthermore, they inform you about your uscis case status online.

Fingerprint fee received

If you want biometric verification and you mentioned it in the form, you would have to pay fees. This notification means that the $85 Biometric Fee has been received and applied to the filing.

Uscis Case status updated and showed fingerprints

While applying for the case/application, you provided fingerprints. These fingerprints are very essential. So, they inform you by sending this email about the verification of fingerprints.

E-mail for additional evidence

Whenever you upload documents for uscis case status, you need to provide your scanned documents. Unfortunately, you may miss important documents. Therefore, they send you this notification for documents. Moreover, you can provide within 30 to 40 days.

Mail for additional evidence

As you have sent them documents for verification and proceeding, so this is their response that they have started working on your case.

USCIS case activation

Congo! This notification means that there is no need to provide further details. So, you just need to be patient.

What to do if I receive that my case is on hold?

This means that your case is on hold. And uscis is reviewing and transferring your case to some agencies. You need to ask for things by mailing them your information. On the other hand, you can take help from receipt number login.

Get ready for the interview

Now, it comes to appear in the interview. You need to visit the USCIS office. They will ask about some information. So, you need to provide them accurate information. Further, this number (1-800-375-5283) is for more information.

My Case is Scheduled for an interview

This is a call from their side. Further, this mail is for informing you of the timings of your interview.

Uscis case for approval and recommendations

So, this status is generally for N-400 cases. When someone wants to be a member of the United States of America, the N-400 means someone is becoming a US Citizen, the alien file may need some attention or work on correcting errors before the Naturalization Oath Ceremony to become a US Citizen.

Approval of the case

Congratulations! here is the email that everyone waits for it. It is the cream of your hard work.

Your card

Here is your card delivery and you just need to pick your card from the USCIC office. So, visit the uscis office and grab your card.

 The United States Postal Service picks a card

The uscis staff has placed the documents and postal services have picked up the documents. Therefore, you are free now and receive your documents.

Card to the mailbox

In this section, documents are delivered and they can check the rest of the things in their mailbox.

Uscis case to the Department of State

Department of State (DOS) receives your forms and reviews them. After that, they pass them and mark them as authentic.

My Certificate of Naturalization

It means that your certificate is ready. Now, you are eligible.

Final words about USCIS case status

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