USAA Auto Insurance: Why should you consider joining USAA?

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USAA offers all the standard auto insurance coverage you would expect from a major supplier, as well as several coverage options that are suitable for maintenance personnel:

  • Liability (injury and personal injury, required in most states)
  • Injury protection (PIP)
  • clash 
  • Comprehensive 
  • Medical payments
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist 

Additional coverages or confirmations that may be available to add to your policy, depending on your location:

  • Rental car reimbursement 
  • Help on the road
  • Ridesharing
  • Insurance without owners
  • Foreign coverage
  • Caravaning Policy (applies to you when borrowing or leasing vehicles outside of the United States while on personal leave or temporary military assignment) 
  • Forgiveness of accidents

USAA car insurance cost

Insurers offer unique rates based on individual factors, including your driving history, location, age, your vehicle and how you use it (business, personal only), typical mileage, credit score, and other factors. which may vary by the US. states. The amount of coverage you want to purchase also affects your premium.

Military personnel stationed abroad can benefit from reduced insurance premiums for vehicles stored at the base and special plans developed for deployed military personnel.

USAA auto insurance claims that those who switch to its auto insurance save an average of over $700 a year, but USAA only provides member rates. 

The USAA website does not offer options for self-selection as transgender or non-binary when receiving a citation.

USAA Auto Insurance Discounts

USAA offers a wide range of discounts to help lower your auto insurance premiums, although discounts may vary depending on your location: 

  • Youth Discounts: Good student and driving skills.
  • Loyalty discounts: Bundle (up to 10%), multi-vehicle, family membership (up to 10%), and renewals.
  • Safety rebates: Saved vehicle (up to 60%), mileage, good driving record, and safe driving.
  • Other discounts: The car is new, put in a garage at a military base (up to 15% with comprehensive coverage).

USAA also offers car rental discounts of up to 25%, which can be useful to military personnel on vacation or otherwise traveling overseas.

Your USAA coverage includes a “Subscriber Account” that may receive tax-free dividends annually in December, based on the company’s annual performance. USAA insurers can apply the allocation to their vehicle bill, receive it as a check, or send it to a bank account. The USAA Seniors Bonus provides an additional distribution for members who have served USAA for over 40 years.

Availability of USAA auto insurance

USAA operates in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and is open to:

  • U.S. military personnel on active duty, in the guard, or in the reserve
  • Veterans-separated and pensioners with an honorable margin
  • Contract cadets and midshipmen and officer candidates
  • Spouses, children, stepchildren, and relatives of those currently serving or honorably discharged veterans.
  • Widows and unmarried former spouses of qualified military personnel and veterinarians who married before or during the marriage

USAA is authorized to provide auto insurance in some countries overseas or can help you arrange insurance overseas if you plan to deploy internationally. In addition, USAA’s International Automotive Policy covers vehicles in transit and allows the vehicle to be registered at an international destination.

How to Get a USAA Insurance Quote

USAA offers quotes only to its members. If you are eligible, you can get a quote on the USAA website or by calling the provider’s toll-free number at 800-531-8722 or 210-531-8722.

How to file a claim with USAA

USAA auto insurance policyholders can file a claim on the USAA website, using the mobile app, or by calling the insurer toll-free at 800-531-8722. USAA states that by submitting a claim along with the app’s photo assessment tool, you can receive a repair estimate within four hours.

USAA has a list of preferred collision repair shops that it can provide. Repairs done at preferred stores include a lifetime warranty and most stores can arrange for Enterprise Rent-A-Car rentals.

Overall Satisfaction

JD Power does not list USAA in its official ratings due to USAA membership requirements but does rate the insurer. In all four JD Power surveys listed above, from customer satisfaction to customer experience, USAA scored higher than any other insurance company.

In the 2020 Auto Insurance Satisfaction Survey, it scored an average of 890, well above the average of 833 and higher than any other insurance company in all 11 regions.    

Auto claims

USAA has the highest satisfaction rate of any insurer in JD Power’s 2019 US Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Survey.

The USAA Auto Insurance Complaint Rate at the National Association of Insurance Commissions was 1.00 in 2019, which is the industry average. Most of the complaints related to unsatisfactory calculations or proposals and delays in handling claims. 

Digital services and shopping experience

The only exception to USAA’s top-level rankings is online retailers, where they scored below average and would have ranked lower if ranked. However, USAA has excelled in the overall shopping experience with purchase rates, so if you’re frustrated with digital purchases, try calling customer support.

In JD Power’s 2019 Digital Insurance Experience Study, USAA performed better than any other insurance company. With the USAA mobile app, you can access your ID card, request roadside assistance, and file a complaint. 

Financial stability

The financial stability of an insurance company determines its ability to fulfill its obligations to pay insurance claims. AM Best, a leading insurance rating agency, has awarded USAA it is the highest rating of A++ (Superior). The rating shows that USAA should have no problem paying your claim, even if your vehicle was damaged in a large-scale natural disaster.

Other insurance provided by USAA

USAA offers many types of insurance, including the following:

  • Motorcycles, motorhomes, boats, classic and collectible cars
  • House and real estate
  • Life and health 
  • Small business 
  • Pet insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Mobile phone protection

Compare Other Auto Insurance Reviews

USAA auto insurance is not for everyone. Membership requirements exclude a significant portion of the population. If you are not eligible for USAA membership, or if you are looking for a major supplier that serves the military, compare pricing with GEICO in particular. For these and more general needs, consider the following companies:

  • Allstate
  • state farm 

Final verdict

  • USAA car insurance offers good special features designed specifically for the military, such as discounts when your car is parked in a garage at a military facility.
  • The company scores highly in most JD Power insurance surveys and has an AM Best financial strength rating.
  • Limited membership makes it closed to civilians without a military family.
  • Potential customers cannot receive a quote without becoming a member.


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