Urgent Care Doctors – Its Benefits and Why You Need To Visit Them

urgent care

The Advantages of Urgent Care

Is there someone in your family who isn’t feeling well? Do you have a cold or the flu and need some home remedies but don’t want to wait in the emergency room for hours? You might be surprised to learn that there is a solution. Across the country, urgent care clinic are sprouting up.

These clinics are intended for people who are not critically ill but still require medical attention. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of urgent care clinics.

1. Urgent care clinics are an excellent alternative to the emergency room for minor injuries or illnesses.

Urgent care clinics are an excellent alternative to the emergency room for minor injuries or illnesses that do not necessitate hospitalization. There are a few reasons why someone might prefer urgent care over the ER.

For starters, urgent care is frequently less expensive than ER and, in some cases, much faster. Urgent care facilities are also typically smaller than emergency rooms, making them more comfortable and less overwhelming. Finally, because it is typically located closer to where people live and work, urgent care is often more convenient than ER.

2. Walk-in hours are available at urgent care clinics, and no appointment is required.

Urgent care clinics typically have plenty of walk-in time slots available, and no appointment is usually required. This makes it simple to obtain the care you require without having to worry about making a reservation or fitting the visit into your schedule.

schedule. Furthermore, many urgent care clinics have extended hours, allowing you to receive care even when your regular doctor’s office is closed.

3. Urgent care clinic staff are highly trained and can provide quality care for a wide range of medical issues.

Urgent care workers are highly trained to treat a wide range of illnesses. They are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and have years of medical experience. This makes them an excellent choice for those who require medical attention but do not want to wait for a doctor’s appointment or visit the ER.

Flu, colds, ear infections, and minor cuts and lacerations are some of the common conditions treated by urgent care clinics. Urgent care clinics that specialize in treating more serious conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, and broken bones are also available. Whatever your medical needs are, there is an urgent care clinic nearby that can assist you.

4. Urgent care clinics typically have shorter wait times and lower costs than emergency rooms.

There are several reasons why emergency room care can be expensive for patients. To begin with, running an emergency room is costly because it necessitates a large amount of equipment and personnel.

An ER must be equipped to handle any type of medical emergency, so it must stock a wide range of medical equipment and supplies. It also requires nurses and doctors who have received emergency training. All of this costs money, which is why ER services are frequently overpriced.

As a result, because the care provided at an urgent care facility is often less intensive and does not cost as much to maintain, it is often less expensive than a visit to the ER.

Wait times at urgent care facilities are also decreasing. One reason for this is that emergency room doctors are required to see every patient who arrives, regardless of their severity. This means they have less time to devote to each patient, which can result in longer wait times.

5. When your primary care doctor is unavailable, urgent care clinics are a great resource.

If you are unable to see your regular doctor, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you see a medical professional. Going to an urgent care clinic is one option.

Urgent care clinics are frequently open when your doctor’s office is closed. Which may be more convenient if you have family or work obligations. You could also try to schedule an appointment with another doctor at your family practice. Keeping the same doctor is usually recommended, but in an emergency, this rule may need to be broken.

Urgent care facilities can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. They have convenient walk-in hours and are frequently less expensive than going to the ER. Otherwise, seeing your primary care physician. Finally, if you’re looking for a low-cost option for your healthcare needs. An urgent care center may be the best option for you.

Top Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care Center

DOCS Urgent Care & Primary Care Fairfield sees patients for a variety of illnesses and injuries every day. Some of these are more common than others. The following are the top nine reasons for visits to urgent care facilities.

1. Cold and flu

Upper respiratory infections, which are most commonly associated with a cold or the flu, are the leading cause of emergency room visits. Because the symptoms of the two are so similar, it can be difficult to tell them apart. Going to an urgent care facility is advantageous in these situations because the doctor can prescribe antiviral medication to shorten the duration of the illness if it is the flu.

2. Sprains and strains

Sprains of the ankle, wrist, or knee are common reasons for urgent care visits. It can be difficult to tell whether a wrist or ankle injury is a sprain or a fracture on your own. An emergency room visit will determine the diagnosis and the best course of action.

People who lead active lives, such as regular exercisers, athletes. Those who work in physically demanding jobs, are more likely to suffer from muscle ailments such as strained hamstrings. Strains can occur for anyone who pushes themselves too far (for example, assisting a friend in moving large furniture one weekend! ), resulting in problems such as back or shoulder strains.

3. Throat discomfort

In some cases, a sore throat may indicate a cold, the flu, strep throat, or mononucleosis. While there is no cure for mononucleosis, a trip to the ER can rule out strep throat. Also, detect any secondary infections. Because strep throat is highly contagious and can worsen if left untreated, it’s critical to see a doctor for the proper antibiotics.

4. infections of the urinary tract (UTI)

The second most frequent bacterial infection in the body is a UTI. It should be included on this list of common urgent care conditions. It primarily affects women. Since a UTI typically does not go away on its own, it is advisable to consult a doctor to rule out other conditions (such as yeast infections or STDs) and obtain antibiotic treatment.

If a lady with symptoms can’t see her OB/GYN right away, she only needs to pay a fast trip to the urgent care center. In an urgent care clinic in Fairfield CT, a quick urine test will reveal whether symptoms are actually brought on by a UTI.

5. The red eye (Conjunctivitis)

Even though pink eye can resolve on its own, it is still a common reason for people to seek medical attention. Especially if there are other symptoms in addition to the pink eye. Because the cause of pink eye can be either bacterial or viral. Any potential prescription would need to be determined by a doctor to ensure the correct treatment. Antibiotics or steroids may be prescribed to aid in the healing process.

Feeling better quickly

Of course, we’d all prefer to avoid going to urgent care! However, if you or a member of your family contracts one of these common illnesses and live in Fairfield, Connecticut, one of our four easily accessible urgent care centers is never far away. Our goal is to get you feeling better as soon as possible.

Why DOCS Fairfield Urgent Care

At the DOCS Fairfield Urgent Care, we strive to serve every need our patients may have. We offer excellent health services to our patients who make an appointment or walk-in as part of our mission of providing only the best.

Quality Hospital Care

Our DOCS Urgent Care of Fairfield employees are professionally trained, board-certified health care providers. You can expect the highest-quality care everytime you walk into our Fairfield urgent care location. We treat a wide-variety of illnesses and injuries with the most efficient and friendly care possible. If you are dealing with an injury or illness, stop by our Fairfield urgent care clinic.

Chronic Urgent Care

DOCs Medical Group offers care management and care coordination services to patients with complex/chronic diseases. Our highly skilled team of PCPs and specialists can care for you within our organization. That means, not having to transfer out of DOCs to see a specialist, worrying your PCP got your records or having to repeat yourself to multiple doctors.

Affordable Urgent Care Treatment

Injuries and illnesses can be sudden and unexpected, but it shouldn’t leave you suffering both physically and financially. Our Fairfield Urgent Care treats non-life-threatening conditions and all the basic services you would receive in any emergency room, without the cost or wait times. Our Fairfield Urgent Care location provides expert walk-in care at an affordable cost.

Affordable, Convenient Walk-in Clinic in Fairfield

Receiving immediate medical health care should be simple rather than as large of a disadvantage as experiencing an illness or injury of any kind. At our Fairfield Urgent Care center, it is our priority to grant you the most attainable local urgent care along with being prompt with assisting you with any services you require. Our DOCS Medical Group network expands over 15 various locations, allowing for our urgent health clinic to always be ready to assist any adults or children with any and all accessible medical attention either may need for any non-life-threatening conditions.

Low-wait times and acceptance of most major health insurance plans are amenities we provide through our Fairfield Urgent Care walk-in center. During your annual wellness visit. Our trusted medical care health professionals will be with you every step of the way in order to help you with a quick full recovery.

As a leading health provider within Fairfield. We will always offer you affordable and reliable urgent care treatment and health services. Our offices hours are open weekday and weekend as we understand that illnesses and injuries can happen whenever, so an appointment is never required. We are prepared to be your dependable Fairfield medical health center.  Follow the directions to our office in Google Maps.

Some of the Urgent Care Provided in nearby NorthBay Area

Fairfield Allergy Testing and Treatment

Our local Allergist at DOCS Urgent Care – Fairfield provides professional allergy testing and health treatment services. Immunotherapy can help you develop a tolerance for these allergens and may help you gradually reduce your symptoms.

Physical Examinations for the DOT (CDL)

DOCS Urgent Care of Fairfield provides professional, efficient DOT / CDL physical exams to commercial drivers seeking to obtain or update their driving credentials. Physical services include vision, hearing, blood pressure, general body functioning, and other tests. A valid driver’s license, a medical history review, any prescription glasses or contact lenses, hearing aids if necessary, and a list of current prescriptions are all required materials for the physical.

Vaccinations & Flu Shots

The CDC Advisor Committee on Immunization Practices recommends annual flu shots for anyone over the age of six. During “Flu Season,” which lasts from October to May, the flu affects millions of people across the country. To help protect yourself and your family from the flu, visit our DOCS Urgent Care Facility for a flu vaccination.

Physicals (Annual, Sport, Camp)

If your child participates in recreational sports, community activities, or is going to camp, we offer physical services. A physical examination is a health check-up that ensures your child is safe while participating in extracurricular activities. Furthermore, our health center locations can serve as primary care facilities if you require an annual health checkup.

Tick and Lyme Disease Testing

Tick and Lyme disease can affect you or your loved ones who spend time outside from spring to fall. If you develop a fever/chills, headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness, nausea, or suspicious rashes after spending time outside, it could be a sign of Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease, if left untreated, can lead to serious health problems. Visit our clinic in Fairfield for lyme disease testing and treatment.

STD Screening

DOCS Urgent Care of Fairfield offers patients who make an appointment or walk-in confidential STD testing and health treatment, as well as a variety of services. Confidential testing doesn’t take long, and we can evaluate a large number of samples in our office.

Compensation for Workers

DOCS Urgent Care in Fairfield, CT provides employees with high-quality, on-demand medical care without the hassle, long wait times, and high costs associated with the emergency room. Send yourself or an employee injured on the job to DOCS Urgent Care of Fairfield as soon as possible for medical treatment. Our doctors and staff are dependable, making it simple and stress-free to obtain emergency medical care when you or your employees require it.


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