Unleashing Massive Instagram Video Growth


Instagram, being the “King Of Social Media”, never fails to amuse its users with mindblowing features. One such amazing feature of Instagram is the freedom to post videos. Videos can be made creatively and the uniqueness shown by the users while making and posting a video on Instagram will reach masses within a short span. However, the many secrets to gaining massive Instagram video growth are still uncovered by many Instagram users. Many are still struggling to get considerable attention from the Instagram population for their videos.

Our Instagram experts have dedicated this entire write-up to assist you in unleashing the secrets behind gaining massive Instagram video growth. By the end of this blog, you will be able to have a handful of highly productive techniques that will assist you in growing the returns of your Instagram videos which can be inculcated into your Instagram growth plan.

Secrets Behind Unleashing Massive Instagram Video Growth

  1. Generate Unique Videos

Among the millions, one single factor that will make you stand apart from the crowd is staying unique. Creativity must be a mandatory part of your videos. It is highly advisable to take ample time to think of ideas for your videos. Once you curate the idea, it is also important to incorporate creativity while making the videos. Ensure to show unique videos to capture immediate attention from the audience. This will pave the way for massive Instagram video growth.

  1. Add Trending Audio/Music

Audio and music that is added to the video must be captivating. You can opt for trending audio that is being listened to and used by many people on Instagram. This will make your video to travel a long way in the platform. Another major advantage of using trending audio is that it will rapidly increase the visibility and reach rate as trending music is one of the widely searched tags by the audience. Making reels using trending music and audio will skyrocket your real Instagram reels views.

  1. Work On The Background/Theme

Background or the theme of your videos will make a huge impact on your success. The theme of your videos must be appealing and it must create a good feeling among the audience. Capturing videos in an unpleasant atmosphere will make the audience skip your content. Work on the theme and background as soon as you generate ideas for the content. Also, ensure that the theme or the background goes with the idea of the video content.

  1. Stick To Video Editing Tools

It is practically impossible to get the finest output without using video editing tools. Using tools to get the desired content can be preferred. If you are a beginner, you must learn about using these tools and start them right away. Using tools to get the anticipated output is legal on the platform. You will not be suspended and your account will not get banned for using video editing tools unless you indulge yourself in any illegal activities.

  1. Avoid Making Long Videos

Short videos are more attractive and will gain more reach when compared to videos of longer duration. The proximate reason behind this is the immense amount of content that is available for the audience to watch. They are attached to the notion of quickly viewing the videos and moving to the next content. Try making short videos unless your content can be delivered only with videos of longer duration.

  1. Keep It Vertical

Shoot videos vertically to keep the audience from getting distracted. When you shoot the videos horizontally and post them on Instagram, the audience might not be able to view the video in its entirety. Some aspects of the videos may be lost which will deteriorate the value of the entire video. So, always ensure that you keep your device vertically while shooting the videos.

  1. Add Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags for the videos are important. Be it a story or a post, ensure that the video goes into the social media platform with the right hashtags. Hashtags must be highly relevant to the video and must be capable of reaching a wider audience. General and brand hashtags can be used to gain the attention of the audience. Trending hashtags can also be placed while you are posting your videos. This will maximize the reach of your videos.


People who are trying to gain massive reach on Instagram must be aware of the fact that videos have immense potential to maximize your reach and engagement. While you are throwing the right video content on Instagram, you are at the advantage of gaining more attention which will lead to massive Instagram growth. The above-mentioned tactics will help you to gain massive Instagram video growth along with overall Instagram growth.


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