Uneven Tyre wear: A guide to uneven tyre wear, its causes and its solutions.

Tyre wear maintenance

We have made for you a guide on Uneven Tyre wear, its causes and the mitigation to keep your family travels safe and relaxing.

Evolution of tyres

Car tyres have undergone vast evolution which resulted in tyres becoming

  • Safer
  • Predictable
  • Controllable, and 
  • Reliable

Tyre manufacturers and engineers work tirelessly around the clock to ensure that your tyres are safe. Just to ensure that you get the best tyre that keeps you and your loved ones safe. It is a known culprit for being the biggest contributor to accidents on the road.

Uneven tyre wear causes and its dangers

Poor wheel balancing and alignment

One of the leading causes of uneven tyres is poor wheel alignment and wheel balancing. It may come as a surprise to you. There are a lot of changes such as camber, caster and toe which are adjusted to ensure that wheels are aligned and safe.


A poorly balanced and aligned car is likely to spin out at higher speeds, especially on slippery surfaces. This increases the chances of accidents on the road so it’s best that you regularly check your tyre pressure. 


Moreover, having an over inflated tyre can also increase uneven tyre wear. This further increases the risk of a premature blow out as well.


Over-inflation leads to the tyre changing its shape albeit, in micrometers but it has a huge impact on the way tyre wear occurs. So if you have complaints regarding uneven tyre wear it is advised to keep your tyre inflated at recommended pressure.

Worn out suspensions

Worn out suspensions is also one of the biggest culprits behind uneven tyre wear. As suspensions wear out the vehicle body starts to change its impact on the tyre.


This leads to more pressure on either tyre or one side of the both tyres. Hence, it is advised to you that you get your suspension checked at the earliest convenience.

A worn out suspension is going to impact the drive-ability of the car, so tyres or wheels and suspension become a common weak link that can increase the chances of a fatal accident. 

Driving Style

It does not normally come into the mind, but driving style has a huge impact on the tyres. If you are a rash driver you are likely to put more pressure on the tyres which results in increased tyre wear.


It is recommended to slow down when it’s rainy. Try to ease your driving style, we advise you to just follow the road signs and follow them.

The road signs such as speed limits are designed to ensure that you remain safe even when the weather is bad and unpredictable.

Tips to overcome uneven tyre wear

1. Keep your tyre pressure in check to avoid tyre wear

Tyre pressure is critical to monitor. Too high or too low can have very fatal outcomes. It is vital that you remain in the safe tyre pressure zone to avoid falling victim to road accidents that can often turn fatal in a fraction of seconds. 

Checking your tyre pressure is going to ensure that you never find yourself in a position where you are exposed to chances of getting in a fatal car accident.

Tyre manufacturers cannot do the impossible and make the tyre. Hence, the rest is up to you to ensure that tyre pressure. If you are aiming for a higher quality tyre immediately then any online tyre shop near you can provide. 

2. Keep your tyres clean to ensure even tyre wear

Clean tyres are the best way to ensure even tyre wear. Here are some reasons why you should clean your tyres:

  • Increased driving efficiency
  • Prevention of breakdowns
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Increased safety and better performance
  • And most importantly, low and even tyre wear

Hence, this is the reason behind why car guys keep their tyres squeaky clean. 

3. Rotate your tyres after every 6,000 KM

In the old days, the real car guys would know that their fathers or whomever they learned from in the old days used to rotate tyres to ensure that there is even wear. This practice ensures that tyres are the safest at a given point in their lifetime. 

Doing this can also increase the life expectancy of the tyre. However, with the new generation this trend seems to be dying down and with its decline resulted in increased accidents on the roads.

Hence, it is better to keep this tradition alive if you want to follow in the footsteps of the ignorant. It is not like the old day anyway now you can get your tyres rotated without leaving the comfort of your house. 

4. Worn out tyres need to be changed

Worn out tyres must be changed at the earliest when it is realised that the tyre tread is slimming down. Although there is an active practice of 

It is essential that you take in consideration the wheel alignment and balancing, tyre pressure, suspension and driving style. Each of these characteristics of driving has an impact on the tyre wear. It is essential that you ensure that each of these attributes are considered to ensure the most even tyre wear.

If you can see visible baldness appearing in the tyre tread then it’s already quite late. It’s best if you get them swapped out as quickly as possible if you want your loved one to be safe and sheltered from a fatal accident.  

5. Avoid under-inflation at all costs

Under inflation can result in the tyre becoming weaker as the weight of the car is experienced by the tyres.

Under-inflation can weaken the tyre resulting in premature tyre blowout. If you are experiencing loss of steering control then it’s best that you refer to an online tyre shop to get your needs sorted as quickly as possible. 

Under inflation even in a healthy tyre is a risk that is not quite suitable for a family. Cracks and bulges are the biggest sign of a bad tyre. So if you don’t want that to happen to your tyre prematurely it is advised that you maintain the optimal driving pressure at all times. 


Hence, it is essential in light of the causes and dangers that you try to reduce accident risk associated with driving. Moreover, it is also vital to keep in mind the camber, Toe or caster of your wheels is very important to ensure safety on the road.

You can get your new set of tyres at the earliest possible time from Yalla tyre which is an online tyre shop in UAE that provides the best products and after sales service. 



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