Undergraduate Courses to Study at Teesside University

Teesside University

One of the public universities with its main campuses in Middlesbrough in the northeast of England is Teesside university. This university currently holds more than 21000 students studying various graduate and undergraduate courses. The number of graduate students studying here is approximately 15000, and the undergraduate is about 5 to 6 thousand. Students from all over the world are welcome to study at this university in their desired and interesting subjects.

International students applying to this university do not have to worry about their accommodation and other arrangements at this university. Teesside University has several halls, hostels, and flats to accommodate the students. Students that have freshly completed their secondary education can apply to the undergraduate courses for a brighter future. You may also need the help of consultants to help you out with the subjects and admission procedures. Start the hunting for the undergraduate courses you want to study here so that you can move on to the next admission steps.

Dig deeper into this article to get detailed information on the undergraduate courses offered at Teesside University.

Top 7 Undergraduate Courses to Study at Teesside University

For pursuing a degree at any international institute, you first need to know which subjects you want to study. As selecting the course is the initial step of the application procedure, so you need to look for the available undergraduate courses you can apply for. If choosing a course still confuses you, you can always consult the education consultants to find out what is the best for you.

Following are the undergraduate courses you can apply for at Teesside University England.

1. Accounting and economics

No business or enterprise can run without its finance department, and this value is increasing every year. Due to these higher demands for financial advisors and consultants, people consider accounting and economics as one of the fields to study. The study abroad consultants in Islamabad are the trustworthy help for students wishing to pursue this undergraduate degree in international universities like Teesside.

2. Computing and cyber security

One of the undergraduate subjects students must consider at Teesside is computing and cyber security. Studying this subject not only helps you get familiar with the networking and security techniques and issues but much more. This subject will also provide you with industrial exposure, which will help you develop a strong CV. These skills learned and industrial exposures during your studies will help you fit into a better place after completing your studies.

3. Law

If you want to pursue your degree in the legal profession, then you can opt for the law degree at Teesside University. Studying this course will not open opportunities for a brighter future, but you will also learn the ways to find facts and causes of issues. Studying this course will also help you understand the effective and efficient ways to resolve a social issue without discrimination.

4. Media and journalism

To help you boost your critical thinking and creativity, the Teesside university offers you a wide range of subjects under media and journalism studies. Studying this subject at this university will help you become an expert practitioner of the field, allowing you to learn subjects like.

  • Film and television production
  • Journalism
  • Media and communications
  • Media production
  • Sport journalism

5. Criminology

The study of crime, its types, major reasons, and control methods is known as criominology. Studying this undergraduate degree at Teesside will help you explore the crimes and their causes that happen on a global level. Furthermore, during your studies in criminology, you will be able to explore and understand social behaviors that result in crimes. You can also study other courses, like criminology and sociology, criminology with law, etc.

6. Human resource management

Human resource management is important to study for the people that want to learn and understand the human resource in an organization. The human resource management course at Teesside will allow you to discover the different behaviors of humans within the organization and the factors resulting in these behaviors. Moreover, this course will teach you skills and methods that will help you become the best business partner.

7. Business management and enterprise

The young generation is more towards business than they are in other subjects and to continue their careers in business, they need to learn some skills. Business management and enterprise are undergraduate subjects that will help students learn some business skills. Due to the higher demand for this subject in the applicant, it has become tough to get admission. If you are looking to apply for any undergraduate courses in this university, feel free to hire the services of study abroad, consultants in Islamabad for successful admissions.

Start your application process today!

If you are aiming to pursue your undergraduate studies in the UK. Then it is the right time of the year to start your application. Get the help of the people that can give you the best educational advice and support. So, make sure to hire the services of the consultants when thinking to apply for studies abroad.


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