Unbelievable Personal Finance Success Stories

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Who wouldn’t want to have a hundred percent foolproof financial plan for the future? Feeling the dire straits menacingly hanging over our heads like Damocles’ sword, we would like to earn, save, and invest our money wisely.

Our quest for smart money might help if we turned our attention to past examples of extraordinary success stories. We could find some bonafide inspiration for our financial endeavors from past and present millionaires. Who can tell?

You can’t neglect the management of your personal finance.

Personal resources define your bread and butter, your livelihood, and your means of sustenance. Suppose you wish to create a lifestyle you enjoy. In that case, you should pay meticulous attention to your financial strategy, covering the way you save, spend, and invest the capital you make. Managing money is present in everyday life, such as real estate finances.

Suppose you’re fascinated with unique investment opportunities in your neighborhood. Then, we suggest you contact your expert local real estate agent and learn about properties with a high return on investment!

Besides, you can’t discuss personal finances without mentioning home organization on a budget and considering first-class investment tips! Moreover, the complex concept of personal finances describes how we deal with insurance, such as life and home insurance.

In short, we must pay the bills for many services and amenities throughout our lives. If we wish to pursue our goals to live a decent life besides meeting financial deadlines and, god forbid, put aside a nest egg, we need to have a sixth sense to invest smartly. Or, we can learn from the following renowned people. You’re about to witness some genuine rise from rags to riches stories. So buckle your seatbelts, hang on tight, and take notes during this wild ride!

The taste of personalized coffee: Starbucks’ success

Everyone knows how Starbucks took the world by storm. Today, Starbucks turned into a company with a 100 billion dollar market value. But did you know that Howard Schultz, the company’s former executive, struggled with poverty in his childhood? Living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment part of a public housing project, he had to lend a helping hand to his family. To make ends meet, he had to sell his blood more than a couple of times.

After graduating from communications in college, he worked as a salesman. Still, he dreamt of a better future and employment at Starbucks. The company finally hired Mr. Schultz at the age of 29. The highly-motivated company representative experienced a moment of epiphany in Italy when he saw that a charming local coffee shop knew its customers by name. Fascinated by this revolutionary idea, Mr. Schultz pitched the idea to his superiors. However, they rejected him first. Our protagonist was disappointed, left the company, and created his own coffee venture, Il Giornale. Nevertheless, he soon ran out of capital and attempted, in vain, to get investors on board.

After a long struggle, a  group of businesspeople supporting innovative ideas credited him with confidence and the necessary starting funds. Mr. Schultz never gave up on his vision to replicate his experience in Italy. The rest is history. Lacking any original perspective, Starbucks went bankrupt. And guess who bought the company? Of course, it was our Howard all along. Subsequently, he rebranded his enterprise with the Starbucks name and extended his joint worldwide. The brand now has more than 30,000 stores around the globe. The conclusion is straightforward. Embrace new ideas, believe in yourself, and fight for your vision!

Real estate investments Golden Eagle International Group-style

Meet Roger Wang, the Chairman, and Founder of the Golden Eagle Int. Group! In his Forbes Voices of Success interview, he disclosed the secrets of his profitable property investment strategy with commercial buildings. According to him, high-income buildings in California real estate have the gross income multiplier concept at their foundation.

According to him, revenue multiplies ten times. If you can invest $10,000 in commercial property, its market value will be roughly $100,000. Mr. Wang gets real estate approximately 20 percent below market value. After a year of renovating the building, he can instantly double his investment. However, he didn’t practice house flipping. Instead, the intelligent investor chose to get into the rental game and bring value to his tenants by constantly improving his properties’ remodeling, restoration, and updating. As a result, he can charge them a reasonably higher rent.

Thus, the real estate’s value increased ten times (at least) using the income multiplier formula. Mr. Wang’s recommendation is never to believe you’ve reached success. Once you do, the game is over. Why don’t you give investing in commercial properties and renting them out a shot?

Invest in your skills as Larry Ellison did!

Larry Ellison is an ingenious investor, business magnate, Oracle Corporation’s co-founder, and chief executive officer. His philosophy is that America is the unfailing land of opportunity. Yet hard and clever work is paramount to success. Countless hardships marked his childhood, such as his parents giving him up for adoption when he was merely nine months old.

Nonetheless, he soon turned into a pioneer of the digital age. He had picked up his programming skills along various jobs. Then, he founded Software Development Laboratories, his computer  company, in 1977 using his own money (around $1,200.) Five years later, the company was renamed Oracle Systems Corp.

As a Silicon Valley software developer, writing programs proved a lucrative job for him. To such a degree, he mastered his profession that in 2014 he became the third richest man in America, with a reported 56.2 billion dollars behind him. Once on the top, he invested in real estate, primarily in Silicon Valley, Lanai (a Hawaiian Island), and Lake Tahoe, CA. Also, he had an eye for intelligent investments in Tesla, Theranos, and Kosmos Tennis.

Believe in yourself like Oprah Winfrey!

No list of spectacular success stories would be complete without “The Queen of All Media,” the host of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Few have suffered so many tribulations in life as Oprah did. Poverty and abuse haunted her throughout her childhood. However, she didn’t give in to grief and depression. She pushed herself, received a full scholarship, and graduated in communications at Tennessee State University. She won The Miss Black Tennessee Beauty Pageant in 1971 and started working at the local Black radio station.

Her many talents became apparent, leading to various TV channels and local talk shows explicitly asking for her contribution. Soon, she became the youngest and the first African-American female news anchor at Nashville WLAC TV. Then came the famous The Oprah Show, which premiered on September 8th, 1986, and aired for 25 seasons. And the rest is history.

Now she’s turned into a TV and movie star, author, and businesswoman, one of the world’s most exceptional influential personalities.

Final thoughts on personal finances

We intend to provide you with some guidelines for investing your money intelligently in these examples. These famous and wealthy people usually came from humble beginnings, but they achieved substantially more than your average Joe. How did they accumulate so much wealth? They managed their finances outstandingly by seizing the chance of a lifetime. They either implemented an innovation in their business strategy their clients felt important, or they invested their money in real estate. Consequently, they accomplished the American Dream by rising from rags to riches.


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