Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Plus Size Shapewear


There is hardly any woman out there who does not want an hourglass curve to flaunt. We women dream of a body, a figure that looks elegant and fits in smoothly in all of our desired dresses. These dreams however are sometimes hampered by our irregular diet and are not always fulfilled.  All of us, love our curves. There are occasions when we wish to wear a body-hugging dress of thin material or try something maybe a little bolder, and start to contemplate about a shape-wear or any clothing of that sort to further smoothen and highlight those curves we have.

It is absolutely fine and understandable if you wish to enlist a bit of help from some standard shape-wear for plus size figures, and trust us, the most appropriate plus size shape-wear is bound to make you feel powerful and confident to dazzle and conquer the world! Would not you want that?

However, finding the perfect shape-wear for a plus-size body can pose to be difficult – but we are confident that we can help you out through this and make your perfect body dream come true! You can also make use of some plus-size corsets which will give your outfit a magical look. Now you won’t spend hours searching through the pages of the internet for anything worth your time and money. Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

#5 Tricks to finding yourself the Best Plus Size Shape-wear!

1. Know your Measurements

First and foremost, take proper measurements off of your hips, your waist, and your bust with a trustworthy measuring tape. If required, take someone’s help while taking the measurements to make sure the measurements are accurately taken. Try not to move much while the measurements are being taken, it might lead to miscalculations.  Keep them ready and noted on paper when you are looking for the right plus size shape-wear for yourself. Do not forget to check properly the guidelines mentioned on the site and check the size-guide they have provided before you invest in plus wear.

Sometimes there are situations where your size is in-between two sizes, in such a case, it is advised to move a size up unless some extra information is provided on the size guide or the reviews tell you that the size comes up a little bit. Otherwise, do opt for the upper-range of your size. What happens if you buy shape-wears for plus size women, sometimes sizing down might give you extra lumps and bumps on your waist or back where you did not even have them initially, defeating the whole purpose of size wear, because it is too tight.

Remind yourself in case you have forgotten that your curves define you and make you who you are! They are beautiful, so don’t force and minimize them completely by investing in something so small that instead backfires and defeats your purpose!

2. Decide your Body Shape

All of us are blessed with unique bodies and unique minds. It is important to know which category of uniqueness you fall under in terms of body shape. Do you have an hourglass, pear, rectangle, apple? You are expected to know where exactly your body stores those extra layers of fat and where exactly would you like a bit more support to flatten those areas. For example, let’s say your hips are the region where your body tends to store the maximum amount of fat, you will not want a shape-wear that sharpens you oddly at that point just assume it creates a somewhat unnatural bump.

Always go for a  shape-wear that will smoothen what you’ve already had there and not work at enlarging your body shape somewhere else. The best kind of plus size shape-wear keeps in mind the needs of its customer(plus-sized women), so you know that you are not required to settle for wear that has not been formulated with your body shape in mind.

3. Keep a Check on Your Support Requirement

If you plan on going to a party, let’s say an event like a birthday party or someone’s wedding party, where you might be required to sit for a prolonged time, eating, or dancing, you might get a little uncomfortable if you decide on wearing a shape-wear of a super-high level of compression.

In other cases, if you are attending an event where you will be meeting friends you have not had a chance of seeing in the last ten years, you might be willing to take that chance of feeling a little uncomfortable to at least know that you are, in all probability, looking your absolute perfect of all times. It totally depends on you and your choice of choosing the shape-wear for yourself.

4. Note your Comfort

The most on-trend fashion statement is and was – Comfort. Before you buy any shape-wear, make sure you are comfortable with the quality of the fabric and the way it embraces your body. You do not have to step out of your comfort zone ever to make a style statement. Always remember your confidence should not sway at the cost of pulling up a fashion sense. If your shape-wear does not make you feel at home or is in any way undesirable, return it and buy something in which you can comfortably carry yourself around without any space for discomfort.

5. Choose Cotton blend Shape-wear

Please keep one thing in mind that shape-wears are essentially made of nylon and spandex, both of which are synthetic fabrics that do not breathe. This serves to be great for women living in colder climates, where you are required to retain as much body heat as possible, but for women living in warmer areas, it makes you more vulnerable to perpetual sweating. Fortunately, there exist brands that sell summer shape-wear, lighter versions of their nylon or latex products designed specifically with climate adaption in mind. You can also wear corsets to get that perfect waist below your clothes.

So according to your city’s climate, you can choose your shape-wear without having to worry about sweating.


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