U-Haul or Penske, Which one’s the best?

U-Haul or Penske
U-Haul or Penske

There has been a forever long debate concerning the best truck rental company. Out of all the truck rental companies, “Uhaul,” and “Penske,” are a level above. These companies go neck to neck with each other in terms of services. They have competitive prices and provide quality service for the money paid. But still, one has to be better than the other, right? We can make some comparisons between truck rental companies and find out which one makes the cut. We can compare them based on the following parameters:

  • Quality of Service
    • Both the companies provide excellent quality of service. However, Penske beats U-haul when it comes to overall service quality.
  • Price
    • Price is one of the significant factors when choosing a rental company. We all have a budget and have to stick to it. If you have to move to a local area, then U-haul is a better option for you as they provide service at cheaper rates for local moves than Penske. But if you have to move a long distance, Penske is the clear choice as they are way more affordable than U-haul when it comes to long-distance renting. 
  • Availability
    • When it comes to availability, U-haul bests Penske. U-haul provides service from more than 21,000 locations in the US and Canada, whereas Penske has only 3200 service locations worldwide.
  • Different truck options
    • U-haul provides seven different options for varieties of trucks to rent. Whereas Penske only has five truck options to choose from. U-Haul has a Pickup truck, a Cargo van,10 foot, 15 foot,17 foot, 20 foot, and 26-foot truck options. At the same time, Penske has a Cargo van, 12-foot, 16-foot, 22-foot, and 26-foot truck options.
  • Discounts
    • U-haul doesn’t have an attractive discount scheme. Penske provides various discount offers to its customers.
      • AAA discounts—12% or more on truck rental
      • Military discounts—10% off truck rental
      • College student discounts—10% off truck rental
      • Seasonal/promotional discounts—varied savings
  • Price for Distance 
    • Penske provides its customer with great unlimited mileage on long-distance moves. U-haul has a limited mileage scheme for long-distance moves, and you will have to pay higher surplus charges if you exceed the distance limit.
  • Quality of Trucks 
    • When it comes to the quality of trucks, Penske has better and superior quality trucks. They have upgraded their trucks which are better than that of U-hauls.
  • Customer Reviews 
    • When renting out trucks, one must check the customer reviews before doing business with any company. Upon research, it has been found that Penske has overall good reviews for its quality of services and prices compared to U-haul, which has average reviews.

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