Treadmill Exercise Stress Test

Treadmill Exercise Stress Test

The stress test is a kind of exercise that determine how how how your heart functioning during some kind of hard work.

Basically this type of test help to the doctor to diagnose at the different type of hearts condition. Treadmill exercise stress can also help the person for long life if its reports and test are normal.

There are a lot of people in this world who required a treadmill stress test for proper diagnosis, how their body functioning such as breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, and heart rhythm.

A few people also involve in arthritis that can easily improve from arthritis with the help of exercise stress test. In fact, doctors always recommend this kind of therapy.

Now let’s understand what we talk about, in this article we are going to explain what should we do before the treadmill stress test as well as how to prepare ourselves.

First of all, we need to know one thing why should we do an exercise treadmill stress test.

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Why Treadmill Exercise Stress Test?

The treadmill stress test is required because helps the doctor to identify how actually heart is functioning, and how much oxygen the heart pumping through the blood to the body at the time of exercise.

During this test, doctors identify how the patient actually feels. Is he/she feels chest pain as well as other symptoms?

This exercise stress test is also beneficial for you because the doctor diagnosis the level of your health. Especially you are going to start a new exercise schedule.

Basically, this test helps the doctor to learn what exactly your heart functioning, and how much your heart capable to face blood pressure and distress.

Let’s understand!

How to prepare yourself for an exercise stress test

At the beginning of the test, your doctor I will ask to know about the history of your medical. Make sure tell to the doctor about all medical history honestly. Maybe the doctor can ask about your habits of cigarettes, chest pain, and short breathing.

If you are suffering from arthritis and other diseases you can honestly say to the doctor. After all these questions examination. they can take your blood sample during walking on a treadmill.

Generally, doctors want to know the blood glucose levels in the body. Always keep in your mind before going to the treadmill stress test.

  • Always bear loose and more comfortable clothes before going to the treadmill exercise stress test. In fact, your whole experience should be comfortable during the stress test.

Before going to the treadmill stress test your doctor will give you some suggestions which are given below.

  • Avoid eating smoking and drinking alcohol or beverages like coffee tea and others
  • No need to take any medicines before five hours of a treadmill stress test.

During the treadmill stress test, if you feel some kind of pain, immediately report to the doctor.

Some important things you need to follow up on after the treadmill stress test.

After the test makes sure to take the rest for some time and also drink some water if your blood pressure getting raise.

After few days your doctor will give you the report of a treadmill stress test. Usually, this test found the cholesterol level in the arteries and veins that’s why heart rhythm gets high.

If you feel better after the exercise treadmill stress test then keep maintaining your fitness level.


In this article, we have covered what exactly to do before the exercise stress test. We have also covered the process after the exercise test. These all information are given with well researched and also given by our experts. Make sure to take proper rest after the exercise stress test.

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