Tour Activities in Mangalore

Tour Activities in Mangalore

Mangalore is a famous tourist attraction. Tour activities in Mangalore is really famous and should be enjoyed by all. Some of them are mentioned below.

Tannirbhavi Beach

Tannirbhavi Beach is one of the city’s most popular beaches. With its golden sand and cold, fresh air, the coastline is energizing, and visitors are drawn to the area’s natural beauty. The beach is a famous tourist destination with adequate seating and other amenities, and it is regularly busy on weekends and public holidays. While swimming in the sea is not advisable, one can participate in one of the beach’s water activities. There are rescuers on duty to keep an eye on things and help in an accident, but visitors should be cautious while entering the water.

The beach has only recently gained popularity due to modern amenities such as proper restrooms, parking spaces, lifeguards, and various food stalls. In addition, for the safety and convenience of the tourists, concrete benches and sheds have been built, as well as tall light towers.

Surathkal beach

The quiet little busy town of Mangalore is beautifully trapped between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, in the prime port city of the Dakshin Bharat state of Karnataka. Portland is surrounded by numerous clean, remarkably well-kept beaches, which attract many tourists. This pleasant metropolitan city is also home to some of the country’s most prominent Engineering Colleges, and vacationers primarily use the NIT Surathkal as a reference position to reach the beach of Surathkal, strewn with stunning rocks, just 5 kilometers from Mangalore. Come down here to enjoy the bliss of wandering along the pristine sands and adrenaline-pumping adventure sports.

Mangala Devi temple

Mangaladevi Temple is located in Mangalore, Karnataka, and is dedicated to Goddess Adi Parashakti. Mangalapura was the name given to the city, which later became known as Mangalore or Mangaluru. People think that worshipping Goddess Mangaladevi can bring you success and fortune in any new endeavors and shield you from negative influences.

Kudroli temple

In 1912, Sri Narayana Guru consecrated this temple for the Billava community, who were barred from entering any other temple in the vicinity. Lord Shiva, Gokarnanatheshwara, is the deity in this temple. The neighboring temples and the main temple are built in the Tamil Nadu style, with murals depicting numerous mythical legends. The temple includes a large compound with marble floors and several fully equipped air-conditioned wedding halls. The temple is lavishly lit during Dasera, and the entire Kudroli road is lined with booths offering food and gifts.

Kadri Temple

This temple, built-in 1068 AD, has a traditional Hindu architectural style based on the Vijaynagri type. It is placed at the foot of the Kadri hills, and Manjunatha is the main deity. Because it is situated on a hilltop, the temple is surrounded by caverns. Prehistoric cave paintings can be seen in these caverns. Kadri was previously a Buddhist hotspot. However, Buddhism fell out of favor, and the Natha Prantha, a new religion, arose in its place. They were followers of Lord Shiva, and their followers were referred to as Jogis. The temple has undergone numerous renovations, with the current construction dating from the 14th century.

Lord Parasurama is also connected to the temple in some way. This temple is reported to have been tasked with finding Lord Shiva a new home named Kadrivana. Lord Manjunatha resided here with his various desires, and the temple was built here with the help of Vishwakarma.

The Kashi Bhageerathi Theerth is located behind the hilltop temple. The water is said to come from the Bhageerathi River in Kashi. Devotees traditionally pay their respects here before entering the temple.

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Cuisine in Mangalore

Cusine offered by Mangalore restaurant is unique and should be tasted.    

Ice Cream at Ideals

Tourists should enjoy ice cream at the Ideals, Mangalore. This ice joint is famous in Mangalore and southern India. Every shopping day for locals and tourist end here at Ideals in Mangalore. 

Golli Baje

Mangalorean cuisine’s Goli Baje, also known as Mangalore Bajji or Mangalore Banda, is a popular snack. These are supplied as an evening tea-time snack in most Karnataka Tiffin centers. All-purpose flour, often known as maida in India, makes goli baje. As a result, they’re also known as maida bonda.

Fish Curry

Mangalore port brings in various types of fresh fish to its shores. You can enjoy a fresh fish curry at a different restaurant prepared in Kannad style. 

Some Outstation Destination From Mangalore

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Dharmasthala – 75 Km from Mangalore

Dharmasthala, also famous as the Land of Charity, is a lovely temple town with a mix of heritage, culture, and religion. It’s a prominent pilgrimage place for the Shaiva, Vaishnava, and Jaina communities, and it’s located on the banks of the Nethravathi River in Karnataka.

Dharmasthala Temple is a famous pilgrimage site that hosts the ‘Lakshadeepa’ – a light festival in November and December. Another popular feature is the Bahubali statue, which is 39 feet tall and was carved out of a single stone. The abundance and spreading aromas of culture and spirituality in Dharmasthala’s air add to the natural beauty bestowed by its position.

Kukke Subrahmanya Temple – 105 Km Mangalore

The Kukke Subrahmanya Temple is a well-known Hindu temple in the Indian state of Karnataka. Lord Kartikeya, the Lord of All Serpents, is worshipped as Lord Subrahmanya here, and the temple offers unparalleled tranquility and peace. It’s in the center of Subrahmanya village in Dakshina Kannada, and it’s bordered on all sides by a lush environment. Moreover, the temple is overlooked by the mountain Kumara Parvatha, which adds to its magical allure. Geographically, Shesha Parvatha, a six-headed cobra-shaped mountain close to Kumara Parvatha, appears to guard the temple.

The Kukke Subrahmanya Temple is the abode of ‘nagas,’ and pooja or prayer is performed here for Lord Subrahmanya and the serpent ruler Vasuki. Devotees also believe that taking a holy bath in the Kumaradhara Thirtha and Madesnana eliminates ailments such as leprosy. Skin disorders are said to be cured here, according to devotees. The shrine is also thought to be the final destination for anyone suffering from any of the ‘naga doshas.’ This is the best spot to perform Sarpa Samskara Pooja, Ashlesha Pooja, and other Naga Dosha Pariharam (remedy) rituals. Many devotees from all across the country come to the temple for this exact reason.

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