Top Workload Management Tools for Managers In 2022

workload management tools
workload management tools

Research has shown that increased workload is one of the prime causes of workplace stress. Along with triggering harmful and potentially fatal health effects, too much stress tank motivation stifles focus and kills morale. All such things can adversely impact the overall productivity, performance, and bottom line. That’s why a proper workload management tool is important. 

A heavy workload is considered one of the top reasons for reduced employee productivity. And when your entire team is struggling with baffling tasks and projects, its productivity may suffer adversely. As the project manager, you need to focus on reducing your team’s workload. Here you can use some proven workload management tips to increase the overall productivity.

In today’s post, we’re talking about the best workload management solutions that you can blend with effective workload management tips to eliminate unnecessary work stress. So that, your staff members can consistently produce their best work.

Popular Workload Management Solutions

Digital workload management solutions have come a long way since we relied on bulky excel sheets to plan projects and track them in real-time. Following workload management apps used by in-house and remote teams across the globe, enabling better communication, collaboration, and workload allocation than ever before –

1. TaskOPad

TaskOPad is a reliable workload management tool that comes with all the necessary features that can make project management easier for managers. These features are Kanban Board, quick reply, bulk export, bulk import, multiple timesheets, task management,  real-time document sharing, mobile access, etc.

In addition to this, TaskOPad can assist you to upload data right from the excel file. You can even use it to export your entire task list in excel and save it with ease. TaskOPad’s quick reply feature can enable you to send messages to stakeholders and team members within a single click.

Besides this, TaskOPad can enable managers to assign different tasks to the team members and take corrective measures if needed. Furthermore, it can facilitate team members to share important documents and attachments while working remotely. In a nutshell, TaskOPad is a reliable task management software that can facilitate project managers to boost overall team productivity.

2. Toggl Plan

Toggl plan is an amazing, feature-rich, and web-based workload management tool empowered with powerful capabilities. Apart from this, it can facilitate its users to create color-coded Gantt charts that can serve as timelines for different projects and maintain an accurate overview of the responsibilities of everyone even though they are working on several projects at a single time.

Moreover, Toggl Plan can assist you to know what your team members are on their platter and who can take some more work. Also, it contains a clear interface that does not require any coding ability. What’s more, it can provide you with a drag and drop functionality for easier and quicker task scheduling and resource assignment. 

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3. Trello

Trello is a workload manager tool although it is more likely to be a big virtual collection of sticky notes. It can also facilitate you to share files up to the size of 10 MB. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with different third-party apps like JIRA, Slack, Salesforce, Google Drive, etc.   

Adding to this, Trello can assist the project team leaders to automate all their daily tasks which they previously needed to do with a pen and paper. What’s more, managers can seamlessly export team data within a single click. Moreover, Trello can make it easier for its users to add a credit card or debit card via email. Even it can enable you to send files and attachments without the need of logging into the software.

4. is one of the popular solutions to manage workload. This tool can make it easier for you to save content across the web. Furthermore, you can save videos, article links, social media posts, cloud files, etc. You can even embed such links to RSS feeds, social media content, user-generated content, and captivating visual galleries on your website.

Apart from this, can offer you the option of saving content to a searchable link library. Moreover, you can add it directly to content collections and share them across the globe. Also, contains an advanced RSS Feed Reader to add RSS feeds and read them even offline.

5. Calendly

Calendly is a futuristic workload management tool that can provide you with a proper schedule in place. Such a schedule can help you plan what to do and when to do it. Moreover, Calendly can assist you to solve the bottlenecks of scheduling virtual meetings and video conferences while working with a remote team.

Furthermore, you can share the Calendly link via email or add the same on your website. Also, you can integrate Calendly with different third-party apps like Office 365, Outlook, Google Calendar, iCloud calendar, etc. to offer a seamless time zone detection for your invitees.

Concluding Lines

When you have the right team workload management system and you follow proper workload management tips, the work gets done while the team remains balanced and positive. Matching tasks to skill sets and creating achievable goals will keep your team members happy and motivated, and the ability to oversee individual availability ensures that work is evenly divided.


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