Top Ways to reduce stress during lockdown

In COVID-19 bringing uncertainty & challenges we will never face like this problem, it’s completely natural if your stress levels have gone up. Here are some ways to assist reduce stress.

In these uncertain times, you’ll end up anxious, stressed, and nervous about the longer term. Researchers have observed that enormous scale disasters like pandemics, tend to cause a rise in psychological state issues like depression, drug abuse, and behavioral disorders.

Ways To Scale Back Stress In Lockdown

Plan activities together with your family: The lockdown has given us the chance to spend time with our families which wasn’t possible earlier, due to our hectic lifestyle. However, spending an excessive amount of time together also has its drawbacks. Irritation, frustrations, and anger arise because we are restricted from going out.

Try and plan a fun and relaxing activities which the entire family can participate in, like board games, movies, arts and crafts, or maybe exercising. Children tend to urge irritable since they can’t leave and play, so engage them in activities like games or involve them in household activities. this may help keep them occupied also as ensure more helping hands for household chores.


Focus on Positive thoughts: In these difficult times, it’s very easy to specialize in the negatives and obtain stress. Instead, attempt to distance the negative thoughts and specialize in the positive aspects of your life. Consider keeping a gratitude journal and list down belongings you are grateful for. don’t overburden yourself with tasks to do; instead, set reasonable deadlines and check out to realize them. Reward yourself for your small achievements.

If you continue to feel increasingly stressed and overwhelmed by the present COVID-19 pandemic situation and your psychological state issues continue for days without recuperating, you’ll contact COVID-19 national psycho-social toll-free number at 080-46110007 or consult your doctor or psychological state professional.


Do The Items You Enjoy

Take your mind off your worries by ensuring you permit many time for enjoyable activities. this might include taking note of music, reading, gardening, spending time connecting with family and friends online, making your friends care packages, and writing letters. Try doing something creative or learning a replacement craft. Starting a project, like making a present for a lover, can provide a goal to figure towards and provides you an excellent sense of accomplishment when complete.

exercise for physical health

Exercise regularly

Physical exercise can help relieve tension and relax your brain. Tension makes the body weak and sometimes causes headache also known as the tension headache.If you feel very weak and there’s a lot of pain you can look for some good alternative medicines which can be used as pain-killers. Attempt to do some workout a day, albeit it’s just going for a (social distancing-appropriate) walk round the block or performing some star jumps in your backyard. There are many great online workouts available which are great for both your physical and psychological state.

Take a Deep Breath

It seems obvious that breathing is simply something we do, but most folks don’t use the breath as how of controlling our inner peace.

Before you eat a meal, specialize in performing some deep belly breathing to assist reduce anxiety and stress.

Try to use your inner breathing as how of controlling the hearth (anxiety and stress) just holding your tummy and breathing slowly and deeply into it throughout the day will assist you to feel more peaceful and helps keep our body during a more alkaline state – which is best for your immune health.


Read and write more To Reduce Stress

Write, read, and keep focused on anything that creates you positive.

Get some books out that you simply are aiming to read for ages. Learn the maximum amount as you’ll – there’s such a lot of free information out there to assist you to study and grow through personal development.

Maybe there’s a book you’ve got wanted to write down yourself? Now might be the right time.

Use telehealth as a choice to ask knowledgeable if your anxiety becomes unmanageable

Remember to succeed in out for help if your anxiety is reaching proportions that’s unmanageable without professional help.

Letting go of illusions of control and finding peace within the incontrovertible fact that you’re doing all of your parts to “flatten the curve” will definitely build mental strength to combat the stressful situation the entire globe is experiencing.



Incorporate the following pointers in your lifestyle to stay anxiety cornered and bridge over the lockdown period. Above all, stay indoors to guard yourself.


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