Top Untouched and Unexplored Destinations In the World

Unexplored Destinations In the World

Since we all know that travellers have scaled the tallest mountains and deepest oceans. The technology in our hands has made it easy for us to have access to the most remote places on Earth. Ideally, the best way to explore countries is through locals and their guidance. We often believe that we have seen all the wonders of the world but there are so many more places that no one has heard of. There are wonderful places around the world that have not been explored to their full capacity yet.

Considering how globalization has resulted in advances in technology and transportation, there are still certain places that are not easily accessible. There are certain places in the world that travellers love to explore, despite having limited access to the internet and infrastructure. Thanks to the internet, we have a way to list down all the unexplored places in the world. Once exposed to the world, these untouched places will become commercialized tourist destinations. However, it is a unique experience to explore these places and show off their beauty to the world.

Here is a list of some of the top untouched and explored destinations in the world. There may be some places that are not completely unexplored anymore but they are worth mentioning because of their beauty.

Unexplored Destinations places

  • Dominica Island, Caribbean 

Every single person who has visited Dominica Island has fallen in love with it. There are over 365 rivers in Dominica Island, one river for each day. Some rivers have a beautiful crystal blue colour from the runoff of minerals and some rivers are clear. For those who love to chase waterfalls, this Island is a beautiful place for waterfall lovers. Dominica Island is also the home to the second-largest boiling lake in the world and the island has about nine active volcanoes.

There are black sand beaches on the island that are black due to the residue of volcanic eruptions. It is known as the nature isle of the Caribbean as there are several hot springs, cold springs, wildlife and adventurous activities. A fun fact for all the movie buffs out there, Pirates of the Caribbean was shot on this island.

  • Playa Del Amor, Mexico 

If you are looking for a hidden gem in Mexico, then pack your bags to go to Playa Del Amor in Mexico. It is a hidden beach that is famous for romantic getaways or adventurous travellers to explore. It looks like a sandy cavern, situated in an isolated area of Mexico, with crystal blue water gushing in from the opening. However, it is not too hidden now since it has become a famous spot for visitors. Several tour companies have started organizing day excursions to Playa Del Amor. This crater-type formation was created due to underwater volcanic eruptions and resulted in a peculiar looking spot that people love exploring now.

  • Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Brazil

The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in Brazil is one of the most unique places in the world. It is spaced out over 1000 sq. km. of white silky sands with mini oases in the middle in turquoise colour. During the rainy season when the lagoons are at their fullest, you can find a variety of fish in the oases. The best time to visit this national park is between May and September when the lagoons are full and the weather is sunny. If you get in touch with tour companies, they will inform you on how to get to this paradise easily. Several villages around the national park are worth visiting and are easily accessible from the park. 

  • Island Ishigaki – Okinawa, Japan 

Ishigaki city, which is the southernmost Destinations city of Japan, is the hub of ferry transportation as there are several hotels and restaurants. The Ishigaki island offers beautiful beaches and serene snorkelling sites, surrounded by coral reefs. If you are a fan of hiking, the highest mountain of Okinawa is also located on Ishigaki Island. You can also catch manta rays in large numbers near Kabira Bay that makes a hot spot for snorkellers Destinations. The white, serene beaches are famous for tourists as they are equipped with all sorts of amenities. 

  • Matera, Italy

Matera is one of the most beautiful cities you will ever see. This southern Italian city is spectacular and so unique that it is definitely on everybody’s bucket list. If you are in Matera, you will mostly see caves everywhere. You will sleep, eat, and drink in a cave. Due to an increase in visitors, the number of hotels and restaurants have gone up that are carved out of caves. However, it is still unexplored by the majority of travellers. The people living in Matera can boast about the fact that it is the only place on Earth where people are living in 9,000-year-old houses of their ancestors. 

  • Puglia, Italy 

Puglia has a vibrant culture and rich history, which is unlike any other city in Italy. The myriad of green fields and shimmering blue sea makes a beautiful site to sip on incredible wine and munch on delicacies. Puglia is known to have the largest production of pasta and bread. It is also famous for the largest olive oil production. Additionally, if you are a fan of Italian food then Puglia is the place for you. Puglia is known to be the birthplace of many Italian foods. It is also one of the Destinations largest wine-making regions of Italy. 

  • Ladakh, India  

If you are looking to travel to a unique and awe-inspiring place, then Ladakh is the place to be in. Ladakh is known to be the world coldest desert and the landscape of the place is almost magical. It is a place where you can find dunes and glaciers at the same place. Most importantly, the people in Ladakh are extremely humble and there is a sense of spirituality in the air. Most people who have visited this place claim that it feels like a different planet altogether. There are several Tibetan monasteries in Ladakh that are worth visiting. Sometime in the recent past, a couple who celebrated their weddings with FNP Venues had gone to Ladakh for a pre-wedding photoshoot. The shoot was magical yet unique. 

  • Faroe Islands, Denmark 

The Faroe Islands is a remote island in the North Atlantic. With deep fjords and deep headlands, Faroe Islands are one of the most unique places in the world to visit. It is very diverse and about 77 nationalities are residing in the Faroe Islands. The tourism sector has grown in this area of Denmark over the years. Now the Faroe Islands are easily accessible, with a direct flight from Edinburgh, Reykjavik, or Copenhagen. 

  • Gurez Valley – Kashmir, India

One of the most serene and peaceful places in Kashmir, Gurez valley will give an experience of a real-life village. It is a perfect place to unwind and relax from the hustle and bustle of a busy life. People, who enjoy the busy streets of Bombay to the most lavish weddings in banquet halls in South Delhi, would like to take a break from all the chaos of everyday life. From rolling meadows to soft streams, everything is worth cherishing in Gurez Valley. 

  • Mancora, Peru 

If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind, Mancora is your destination. It is an ideal place for surfers and those who love beaches. Mancora is also famous for mud baths and hot springs. This is a place with sunshine throughout the year and offers white sand beaches to relax. The unrivalled ambience of Mancora is a perfect destination for tropical lovers. 

  • Oahu, Hawaii 

Being the third-largest island in Hawaii, Oahu is the destination for those who want to enjoy the hustle of city life and the laidback surf town. There are beaches on the island that are perfect for every kind of traveller in Hawaii. From activities such as snorkelling, surfing, parasailing to skydiving, hiking and biking, Oahu offers all kinds of touristic activities for travellers. 

  • Bled, Slovenia 

Bled is known to be the paradise of Slovenia. The Triglav National Park in Bled was nominated as one of the seven new wonders of the world. The national park has cliffs and pools that look like magic. You can also enjoy the thermal springs in Bled and eat by the lake with a beautiful view. 

  • Piha Beach, New Zealand

Situated on the rugged west coast of Auckland, Piha is a scenic black sand beach. One of the most famous beaches for surfing in Destinations New Zealand is Piha beach. Piha is not only famous for its beach but also its scenic view, waterfalls, and famous Lion Rock. Piha is also known as one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. 

  • Kamchatka, Russia 

The Kamchatka peninsula experiences cold, snowy winters and wet, cool summers. Fishing is the only economic activity in Kamchatka. There are numerous mineral springs, geysers, and forests to explore in Destinations Kamchatka. The central valley of Kamchatka lies between two volcanic ranges. This place is also rich in mineral resources such as gold and sulphur. 


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